Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Home For Clit Chronicles

Hi, my name is Cathryn & I write about sex .. LOL okay, so I just launched a new tumblr page, as I am in the process of writing a book... soooooooo - if you have tumblr, follow my new page ... don't forget to share :) I intend to keep the page entertaining & do giveaways of sexual items during this process.. www.clitchronicles.tumblr.com

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: Unspoken Chemistry

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: Unspoken Chemistry
March 18, 2012

There was nothing to talk about. There wasn’t even time to set the mood with music. We both knew what we desired, leaving time only for us to claw one another’s clothing off. The fire shared between the two of us was met with each sexually stimulated kiss. His full lips overlapping my bottom lip. His tongue wandering through my lips, meeting up with my tongue allotting our saliva together form a bond of the souls meeting with our mouths.

Laying me on the edge of the bed, he removed my volleyball shorts, which were worn with no under garments. Before his lips met my pussy, his breathe was felt on my clit as he whispered, “What a pretty pussy!” Without further hesitation, Anthony wrapped his left arm around my right thigh, bringing his left hand around my waist down to my clit. With his index and middle fingers, he pressed upon my vagina, allowing the lips around it to meet his face – that’s when he spit on it. He knows the extent of how much I love when he does that, so he spit on her again. With the same affection he shared when our tongues danced, he conveyed the same energy while sucking on my clit. With my body squirming and trembling from the pleasure coming from between my legs, Anthony took it a step further and slid his right index finger into my opening. The constant stimulation from his mouth kissing my pussy and his finger contributing to my natural juices overflowing out of the hole he was focused on. My body squirming quickly turned into air thrusts and grinding motions towards his mouth, probing him to once again spit on my love box.

I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to taste myself on his lips. Sitting in an upright position, leaving him to rise up, I cuffed the bottom of his chin with my right hand and kissed him passionately. Sticking my tongue out and licking all over his lips, he caught the drift of what I was doing and whispered for me to continue to lick my juices off of his lips. Spying a missed drop in the corner of his mouth, I pressed my lips against his, slid my tongue in his mouth, pulled away just a bit and embarked on my wetness on the side of his mouth. Like any man with a mission, my touching moment was broken up by him finding his way back between my legs to continue his feast until I reached my peak.

Feeling satisfied and eager to please him, using my right hand, I lifted his head from between my legs, took his left hand in mine and guided for him to stand up. Standing in front of me with his boxers on, I proceeded to pull down the material standing between me and his glorified package that I knew awaited me. With my palms placed on his thighs, I opened my mouth wide and welcomed his dick to the back of my throat. He proceeded to grip the back of my head with his hands, pushing his dick deeper within my opening. Easing up a bit, his dick laid on my tongue in the middle of my mouth where I then clinched my jaws together and began sucking his dick midway, all the way to his tip. Each time his tip met my lips, I would improve the grip formed with by my lips; squeezing and sucking on his mushroom tighter. Allowing my mouth to fill with more saliva as I maintained my position of pleasing him orally, I would swallow his whole dick in an effort to make myself gag on his manhood. With my eyes watering from taking all of that force in the back of my mouth, I looked up at him which prompted him to encourage me not to stop by again gripping the back of my head, this time allowing his fingers to get tangled in my hair as he tugged on it.

Pulling his dick out of my mouth, he motioned for me to get on all fours with my rear end facing him. Complying with his request and before getting comfortable in position, I felt his let palm grip my left butt cheek and his tongue sucking on my lips from the back. Getting lost in the feeling of satisfaction was quickly interrupted when I felt myself being elevated. Anthony was surely introducing me to something new, as he bent his knees, wrapped his forearms around my thighs from the back, pulled me towards his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his neck, before once again getting lost and devouring my pussy with his mouth. Completely enjoying what was taking place, I realized that I was upside in his arms with my legs around his neck, with his penis staring right in my face – I returned the favor and began giving him head while in a headstand position. Gripping the back of his thighs made easy for me to push his dick deep into my mouth as I sucked his dick upside down. The sensation coming from his end was far too much too handle after another seven minutes or so of this experience – perhaps it was the new position but I found myself sliding down and demanding he service me with his dick.

Knowing when to be submissive and listen to me, Anthony reached for a condom, slid it on and found his way to my opening as I lay on my back to greet him with my warm vagina. Shoving his dick deep inside of me, I cannot recall the last time I felt so much passion – it was as if his energy was being pushed off on to me. Uttering how much I missed feeling his dick inside of me, only seemed to give him super-hero powers and when I told him that my pussy belonged to him, his strong thrusts stopped briefly only for him to switch positions and have me doggy-style, where he continued to give me long strokes of love. Sliding his left index finger in my rear, while giving me his dick, I would back my ass up towards him in an effort for his finger to get deeper in my exit hole. Taking his dick out and slapping it on my ass, I continued to back my ass up towards him, hoping he caught on that I wanted to feel his dick in my ass. Forcefully pushing his penis back inside my vagina, he removed his finger for my ass and proceeded to spit on my rear opening, when he then slid his index and middle finger into the now wet opening.

The passion that ensues within two people whom which share an increased of sexual attraction, admiration and appreciation is what we were experiencing for the next fifteen minutes. He continued to fuck me with great passion from the back, while I maintain my position on all fours, never sliding down or running away – his dick fits my pussy so well, there was no need to run. When he told me he was coming, I clinched my walls around his dick to where it was a tight grip that he felt – somewhat like when I sucked the tip of his dick. His moans echoed throughout the apartment; music to my ears yet discomfort for my neighbors. Anthony always knows how to make each experience different – each time we have sex, it’s nothing like the last time. Which is why words are never spoken once the mood is set – only passion speaks and boy does it speak volumes …..

As long as we know that we want to be together, we will be fine; we’re a work in progress.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: “Unfinished”

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: “Unfinished” (literally)
Written March 2009 for a guy I was talking to & never finished or edited….

The moment he said he “didn’t care”, I knew I wanted to share the rest of the night with him. My girl friends and I were just expressing how we longed to be with a man whom we could be happy with and about. You know, a man you can tell any and everyone about without secretly feeling like his dirty little secret? I was going to keep it a flirting situation until those words left his lips – the soft lips that they are. With the position he is in and for him to say that, I knew his ongoing quest to share intimate time with me was not a quest to gain because he could giving who he is; it was a quest all about ME and everything he communicated to me was real.

Heading back to my place after a night out on the town, I helplessly lost myself in the sweet enfold of his mesmerizing kisses; we stood in front of my door for 20 minutes captured in the moment. Truly the sweetest moment of lip locking ever shared between a man and a woman. Once entering my residence, we knew what we were there for but it wasn’t a rushed situation. Allowing ourselves to feel one another out before commencing into what was evitable to happen within moments; we sat on the edge of the bed and conversed about simple things – meaningful things. I cannot recall the last time I looked a man in his eyes for so long, I wanted him to feel my alertness and know how sincere I was about every thought filtering through his brain and transported through his lips. I was in total awe.

Making the first move, he once again, told me how beautiful I was. The words sent chills through my body because it’s how he made me feel; Halle Berry had nothing on me right now. He formed his lips and placed sweet, tender kisses on the right side of my neck, wasting no time to hit my spot and begin the process of operation-get-the-kitty-wet. Somewhere in between him kissing my neck, gripping my breast and kissing my lips, he managed to remove my jeans; that boy good!! My heart began to race when he wrapped his forearms around the back of my knee caps and pulled me towards him to the point where my naked ass was at the left corner edge of the bed. Pushing my legs upward towards the ceiling fan and dropping to his knees, he performed mouth-to-pussy restitution on my love box; definitely brought her to life. The passion he feels for music is the same passion he used in his lips while making love to my pussy. Each slurp sent chills through my body. Each tongue thrust sent a warm sensation through my body. Not knowing how to feel, hot or cold, he turned up the intensity when he got real sloppy with it and introduced my stump to his tongue; heaven. What was he doing to me? He topped the pleasure of happy sensation by once again telling me how beautiful I was; he was right, I had been messing with idiots before.

Never one to be selfish and unappreciative, I felt it was my duty to bless him with some of the best head he would ever have; at the end of the session, he cosigned and said it was the best! Getting up from the position he had me in, I gestured for him to lie on the bed. Comply with my order, he lay across the bed and I proceeded to remove his pants and boxers; words cannot express how my mouth watered with delight and joy. His dick was long and I made a promise to myself I would find a way to have it hitting the back of my throat until you could no longer see the shaft. Allowing the fluids in my mouth to build up, I wanted his dick to slide in and out of my wet mouth because soon it would be in a sea of juices in my pussy; couldn’t short change him. Snuggled between his legs that he had slightly open, I used no hands and gave it to him straight, no chaser; sucked his whole dick until it was completely in my mouth. Quickly sliding back to the head of his dick, I rolled my tongue around the tip and advanced into a flirting game with it. Peeking up at him, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open moaning, “oh god”. I had him right where I wanted him. I think I surprised him when I once again took all of his manhood and played hide and seek in my mouth, but this time sticking my tongue out and stretching it until I reached his rocks. Making my lips form as if I am imitating a fish, I rolled my tongue on his shaft as I made my way back up for air. Continuing this numerous times, I wanted him to beg me to stop – indeed it was too much for him to handle or perhaps he just wanted to feel my vagina walls closing in on his dick now. Whatever the reason was, I moved around from my position and sat on my bum and I watched him walk across the room to retrieve a condom. His body was beautiful; his dick bouncing up and down with each step had me wanting to taste more of it.

Quick with the removal of the condom from the golden package, he rolled it on his dick, made his way on to the bed and blessed me with another positive energy kiss. I didn’t want to break the kiss but I wanted to give him the goods! I laid my back against the comfortable mattress and he kissed the kitty again; he really wanted her to purr. Fitting between my legs, I felt an out of body experience the moment his dick pressed against my lips and forced its way inside my pussy. I wanted to scream, moan, yell, holler – anything! He hadn’t even done anything and it was already exceptional loving; I guess it’s true when they say sex is 90% mental because in my mind I knew he would be the best I’d ever have.

His slow thrusts and strokes in my pussy enticed me, it was like he was talking to me in sign language and was telling me my pussy was good and he wanted to savor each moment. I wasn’t made at him for it either. Peeking between my legs to look at the magic in play, I felt my clit throbbing with happiness. He didn’t just hit one spot, he did moves that allowed him to focus on the right, move to the left and then directly in the center. As much as I loved what he was doing, I really just wanted to suck his dick until he came in my mouth; I wanted to taste him so bad it killed me.

Wanting to try a new position, he motioned for me to get on my stomach as he then slid his Mandingo. Gripping my ass with the palm of his hands, he pushed force on my rare; making my vaginal opening spread some. Once inside, I felt him in my stomach – this was some good pain!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Clit Chronicles: The Fourth Hole

The Fourth Hole
Clit Chronicles by: CathrynMarie
October 18, 2010

Hosting pleasure parties were some of my favorite things to do. The stories exchanged with the ladies and turning them on to new toys is such an exciting and dominating adventure – dominating in a sense of I was in control of the room and the women listened to and fed off of the things I would turn them on to. Generally the nights are filled with selling of products, wine and laughs amongst women who are seeking to increase their sex lives – this one particular night things got really interesting.

The alcohol settling really good into our systems, one young lady asked me what the freakiest thing I had experienced thus far. It didn’t take me long to reminisce on an act that most of them had probably never heard of – I had them on the edge of their seats wanting to live their lives through mine as I started out with, “I walked into a candle lit room in an unfamiliar setting and witnessed a nice 8 inch, thick, cock sticking through a black wall with a punctured hole and a pair of plum size balls meshed together.” Baffled looks upon their faces, they could not understand how or why a man would stick his dick through a wall with a hole in it – before I told them why, I had to share the act.

Once inside of the room, I didn’t take the time to question the scene, I quickly walked over to the thick delight displayed and got on my knees. Using my right hand, I formed a fist around the base of the dick. Sticking my tongue out, making circles around the tip of the penis, I teased him making him guess my next move. Laying my tongue out flat, I placed his dick on my tongue before proceeding to making a wave like motion with my happy go lucky tongue. Bringing the top of my mouth to greet the bottom, I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck it lightly. Wanting to just get my mouth watered up, I didn’t suck it too hard, concentrated more on squeezing my cheeks around his muscle causing my mouth to be flooded with juices. With a mouth full of saliva, I parted my lips from around his dick, and shoved it deep into my mouth until my lips were pressed up against his lower pelvis. Gagging on his dick he began to thrust his body back and forth, causing his dick to find a new home in the back of my throat. Caught up in the moment and wanting to take more of his dick, I forgot I had a wall between the two of us until I found my forehead banging up against the soft padded black structure.

Moans of satisfaction escaped his mouth, he repeated over and over for me to keep at it. Spit began seeping out of my mouth, as I continued to deep throat his dick, I pulled back for air after about ten minutes of pleasuring his cock. Watching my saliva drip down his balls turned me on. Grabbing for his balls and massaging them with my left hand, I began to stroke his hard rock with my right hand. Putting extra attention into my wrist, I stroked his dick in a back to forth, side to side motion. With each stroke, I went faster. Putting more attention to the hand full of balls I stuck my head down and began to flick my tongue at the base of his balls; the moans of continued and increased.

Enjoying the moment but wanting to keep things intriguing, I stood at the position I was at and started removing my articles of clothing; blue jeans and blue thong to be exact. Turning around so that my ass is now facing the wall, I bent over, scooted back and hiked my bottom on the wall in an area just above his dick. Reaching under me, I grabbed for his dick and guided it up towards my pussy just long enough for him to take over and commence in the act of tearing it up. Tipping on my toes and wrapping my hands around the back of my ankles, I slightly bounced my ass up and down for him, becoming active in the game tag the pussy.

Tighten my pussy walls around his dick each time he entered had him speaking in tongues with each stroke. I could hear his knees pounding against the black wall – this only meant he was getting deeper in my cunt. The black wall began to shake. Placing my palms on the base of the floor and applying pressure to them, I met his hard, quick thrusts and fucked him back.

Twenty minutes of wall banging sex, he told me he was about to come and wanted me on my knees. Quickly turning around and falling to my knees I assisted him with completing his mission by stroking his penis with my right hand. Not using any technique this time, I just wanted to make him explode. Not much time went by before I had a personal face mask on; covering the bottom portion of my chin and mouth. Grunts from the other side of the wall assured me he was content with the final outcome of our mysterious session.

The ladies were in awe and disbelief with my tale of freaky sex. They wanted to know where this place was and who did the mysterious dick belong to. I got a kick out of telling them that the adventurous night was shared with my husband right inside of our own home. I informed them that he had transformed our guest room into a room of dominate toys with candles, dildos and other goodies that made for a night filled with pleasure. He had come across my hidden toys, including the black wall that stands waist high with two legs. I informed them that snapping the Glory Hole wall in to place with the included supplies is a unique way of satisfying their mate. Most of them had never heard of the Glory Hole but by the end of the night, they all left my house with their very own Glory Hole kit.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Clit Chronicles: Dominate The Night

Dominating The Night
Clit Chronicles by: CathrynMarie
July 9, 2010

Sex with a married man is always the best sex; the thrill of being a mistress and knowing he is fucking you better than his wife gets me excited. Sexual encounters with married men allow them to be assertive and in control; Dominatrix like. Overtime the controlling and sexual mannerism had evolved into something unexplainable, something that I had to always have.

Meeting with my regular John one late evening and our usual location, the Red Roof Inn, room 112, the night was sure to be as equally grand as the previous nights. Knee-high leather boots with draw string lace up the front, accompanied with a body hugging, black plastic dress and red cape, is my ideal attire. Walking through the door, I did not see him anywhere. Making myself comfortable, I shut the door behind me and placed my black bag on the semen filled comforter supplied by the sleazy Hotel. I rustled through my belongings, searching for the night’s treats when out of nowhere a firm hand wrapped around my throat from behind. Gripping harder, he squeezed his right hand around my throat, while bringing his left hand to meet the finger tips of his right hand, and resting his left palm on the left side of my neck. The element of surprise baffled me, but only for a brief moment. The rush of thrill overtook my body as he jerked me from left to right, leaving me to feel helpless and in his control.

Flinging me towards the bed, he reached down with his left hand and tossed the cover back off the bed, along with my belongings. Throwing me down on the bed, I let out a whelp of fear filled with passion. Hovering over me on his knees on the bed, he reached down with both hands and once again began choking me; this time letting grunts of anger seep through his mouth. Climbing on top of me, with his legs placed on each side of my hips, he informed me I was late and he was not satisfied with this. Aggressively removing the top buttons for my red cape around my throat with his right hand, he pulled the back of my hair with his left hand causing my head to jerk back off balance. Tugging my head forward to look up at him, he continued to pull on my hair, grabbing a larger fist full of it.

After much effort, he unsnapped the three buttons that connected my cape and proceeded to slap me across my left cheek. He begged for me to repeat that no one could fuck me the way he did; doing as instructed, I was then met with another slap across the face. Placing both hands around my throat again, he rocked my head back and forth, side to side, causing me to gasp for air and drool a little. My weakness turned him on more as he wrung my neck harder and repeated once again for me to yell that no one could fuck me the way he could. Unable to comply with his request this time, due to lack of air, I mouthed it. Looking me in my eyes, he laughed at me, he knew I was out of it and was helpless; or was I?

Reaching up with my right hand, I grabbed for his chest and fondled around until finding what I was searching for – his nipple. With the little strength left in my body, I pinched his nipple as hard as I could. With his attention now on his aching right nipple, he let loose of my throat, grabbed at his nipple, looked down on me and slapped me once again. Both arms free, I shoved him off of me and attempted to get up. Sitting up on my knees and removing my cape from around me, I didn’t realize he had gained his composure and was right behind me. Wrapping his whole left arm around my neck, he slapped my ass with his right hand and whispered that I was his for the night and there was nothing anyone could do to save me. Not wanting to be saved, I encouraged his roughness and told him to fuck me hard.

Left arm still around my neck, he continued to smack my ass, calling me his whore and slut with each hit. Pulling me forward to where my ass is in the air, he smacked it some more and told me how much he loved my fat ass. Applying force in his arm, he hauled me backwards and laid me flat on my back, leaving my head to hang off the hotel bed. Pulling me by the hair and neck, he pulled me completely down on the floor, grabbed me by the shoulders and told me to get up and bend over on the bed. Once in position, he told me not to move as he grabbed a fist full of my hair with his left hand and slapped my ass with the right. Making certain I understood what he said, he wobbled my head back and forth and repeated his previous statement.

Sliding the tail of my black dress up my ass, he proceeded to run his index and middle finger down the crack of my ass, stopping at my vagina. Using those same to fingers, he pulled my red thong to the side, climbed behind me, tugged on my hair and began grinding on me from behind. Releasing my hair, he took a step back and got down on his knees behind me. Slapping my ass with both hands, the force caused me to loose my stance; he ordered for me to get up and back in position. Once back in placement, he took his right hand and cupped my pussy. Repeating this maneuver a few times, he stopped to grab my ass with both palms, slap it and assist me back into position again by lifting me up by my cunt.

Forcing his dick into the opening he made available for himself, he rammed his cock deep inside my pussy. Taking a few strokes and thrusts while inside of me, he grabbed my hair and told me to take it all. I began to bounce my ass back and forth to assist his dick with hitting my walls. Quickly removing his dick from my pussy, he raised me up, turned me around and sat me down on the bed. Pulling at the top of my thong, he pulled it up towards the front of me, telling me to bite the brim of it. Complying with his order, my red thong stretched to my mouth, causing my vaginal lips to creep out on the sides of it. Standing in front of me, he slapped me across the face with his right hand and told me to pull harder on the thong. Pulling back harder with my teeth, using forcing from my head, I yanked it harder; my pussy began to get moist.

Using both hands, he grabbed the sides of my thong near my mouth and pulled them apart like the hulk ripping his shirt off of him, causing my pretty red thong to tear into halves. Once separated, he grabbed the torn pieces from the bottom and the top, applying all of his force once again, which lead to my thong being ripped into fourths, leaving only the waist band wrapped around my torso. Finishing what he started, he ripped the remainder of my thong from around my body and flung it across the room.

Lifting me up by my pussy with his right hand and left hand behind the back of my neck, he dropped me back down on the bed. Supporting the back of my neck still, he shoved his two fingers inside of my pussy and began to fuck me hard with them. The pain that I endured below caused my eyes to water, but I couldn’t ask him to stop because I was enjoying it too much. Taking his two fingers out, he pushed all four of his fingers close together and shoved all four inside of me. Fucking me harder and faster each time he went in and out, he told me to take it like a good bitch.

After about three minutes of finger fucking, he took his fingers out and slapped me across my face with my pussy juices. Shoving his fingers inside of my mouth he told me to open wider so he could stick his hand deeper in my mouth. Sticking my tongue out, I welcomed his hand and attempted to lick my taste off of his fingers.

Savoring in the moment, he told me I was a good girl. He felt I had enough of his abuse because my eyes were watering but I told him I wanted to more; I needed to be his bitch all night. He told me he didn’t want to fuck me anymore, just wanted to get his frustration out before going home to fuck his missionary, boring, yet safe wife. Understanding that this was on his dime, I listened to his words and allowed him get his things together so that we could part ways.

Giving him applicable amount of time to leave the hotel, I followed behind him not too far. Allowing him to reach our place of residence first, I drove home anticipating a night of my ear against his bedroom door as he fucked my safe, missionary, yet boring twin sister; his wife.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clit Chronicles: Naughty Play w/ The Officer

Fraternizing with an officer of the law was not scheduled on the plans for the day but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say that I was more than pleased with the actions that corresponded between me and The Man.

Wasn’t quite sure why I was being pulled over; registration and inspection tags were up to date. Pulling into a vacant parking lot off the main road, I obeyed the siren alerts. Once parked, I reached over for my insurance forms and license before he approached me. Standing at my window, he informed me that I was being stopped for not coming to a complete halt at the stop sign; I did a “California Stop”.

Taking my information and taking a moment to size me up, he stated that he was going to his cruiser to run my information. On his walk back to my window, he walked around my car as if he were inspecting it. Approaching my window, he informed me that my front passenger light was slightly cracked and should get the shield fixed soon. Uncertain what he was speaking of, I requested permission to step out of the car to inspect the minor damage myself; indeed I had damage that I was unaware of. Bending over to get a closer look, it slipped my mind that I was wearing shorts that were short enough to possibly show the frame of my ass if bent over. The officer took notice of the sight before his eyes and let me know he liked what he saw.

Making it clear that he wasn’t trying to be rude or abuse his power, he told me he wanted me. Flattered and appreciative of his honesty, giving him what he wanted only seemed like the right thing to do.

Surveying my surroundings, a rush of thrill and adventure took over my body as I faced my car, placed my hands on top of the hood and stuck my ass out in the air. He began to touch my body with his right hand, moving it slowly across my rear and making his way up towards my waist. Joining in with his touch me tease me game, I swayed my hips from side to side, acknowledging I was more than satisfied with what was going on and where it was going. Gripping my waist with both hands, he forced my body to jerk back and forth, causing my ass to hit the front of his pants. With me bent over in front of him, he slid his right hand up to my breasts,, fondling them with aggression and passion.

Leaning in towards me while caressing my breasts, the officer kissed the back of my neck. The equipment around his waist got in the way of him really getting into it. He swung me around, pushed me back against the car, causing me to arch my back. Lowering him-self to where his face was met at my stomach. Raising my shirt up, exposing my stomach. Greeting my abs with tender kisses, he found his way to my belly button. Running his tongue around the center of my stomach, he slid his right hand up to grope my right titty, pinching my nipple in the process.

Making his way back down, he grabbed my waist with both hands, massaging my abdomen area with his thumbs. Adjusting his position, he took a step back and ran his right hand across my inner left thigh. Strokes from my thigh to my pussy got me excited and really turned on. I wanted to fuck him right then and there.
Wrestling through my shorts, past my thong and finally to my treasure, he stuck two fingers inside of my pussy. Shoving his fingers deep inside of me, I moved my hips and started fucking his fingers back. Getting deep inside of me, I didn’t want this moment to end; my pussy was getting really wet. He took his fingers out of my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. Graciously sucking my sweet juices off of his fingers, I slurped each finger separately.

Taking his fingers from my mouth, he reached down with his right hand for his baton and removed it from its holster. Pushing me back down against my car, he lifted my left leg back on top of the car, pulled my shorts to the side with his left hand and began rubbing his law enforcement club on my pussy. Holding the handle of the baton, he rubbed the side of it up and down my pussy before turning it sideways and pressing the bottom of it on my pussy. Forcefully attempting to stick the baton inside of me, he wanted to use the black club as a dildo and get me off. Not cooperating with him, the baton’s corner only found its way inside of me while the rest of it kept sliding out each time he tried to push it in. Possibly my pussy being to wet or the baton just not being made for such sexual acts, he tossed the baton down and began kissing me.

Lifting himself up off of me, he began to remember where he was and his title; he had a shook look on his face. Here he was breaking the law and engaging in public sexual relations with a stranger. He instructed me to fix my clothing as he adjusted himself and picked up his baton.

Walking me back to my door, the kind officer informed me that he would let me go on a warning, this time. He then passed me his business card and told me to stay in touch, making certain to let me know it was more than a sexual connection with us. Not convinced with what he just stated, I was leery on contacting him but I did; it’s been 3 years since that day and countless side of the road, handcuff sexual encounters since then.