Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Vote!

This morning I was watching "The View" and Sherri Shepard announced that she was still undecided. I was on twitter and posted said information - lets just say that the replies were something else.

duriechee @CathrynMarie Sherri still black?

TheJennTaFur @CathrynMarie WHAT? I do not value her opinion at all but that really is surprising to me that there are still people who are undecided =(

mdsteelergal @cathrynmarie Ok, plz don't tell me that. I mean, I know this is petty, but her non-decisiveness is about to make me chg my VIEW of her! :-)

mdsteelergal @cathrynmarie I mean really. What more is there to know? Do you want to stay where we are, or move forward? Progression, not recession.

The replies above suggest that being a black woman, Sherri shouldn't be undecided & should just KNOW who to vote for. The last two are pretty wide open - suggesting possibly with only days left she should have some idea - which I can agree with. I do not however agree with everyone assuming every black person should be voting for Obama. It urks me that people talk to me like Obama is who I should be voting for - its like being in high school and having that peer pressure. (Please see SHERRI SHEPHERD IS THE DUMBEST BLACK WOMAN ON EARTH)

EyanJ @CathrynMarie i'm still undecided too

JDakar @CathrynMarie She's not the only one

I was someone who wasn't feelin Obama mainly because of this bull crap Robin Hood theory he has; take from the rich, give to the poor. Come on now - how does that show UNITY & HOPE? Obama "fans" say "the tax increase will only affect the upper class" - I live in a city where EVERYONE is tryin to GET IT. Everyone is in "the industry" - say you become that Puffy or that Jay Z - you worked your ass off to get there and now its taken away from you. People aren't thinking about his theories & what he is trying to do because he is some type of Rock Star. None of that money is going to you lower class people - yes YOU (lol).

TheflyGirl @rahiemshabazz Martin, Malcom, Rosa, Medger, Emmitt, Harriett, Nat, Thurgood, Sydney, Jackie...Enough reasons for you

Really? What in the hell has Obama done to put him in the category as these people? Hell, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton have fought for African American rights more than Obama has - what has he given back besides run for office? The people listed above were not politicians, they are people who have fought for black people. Obama's Robin Hood theory is NOT catering to any of the lower class - a class most of the people listed above took a stand for. *blink*

Ben Stein said it BEST last night while on Craig Ferguson show

I know I probably piss people off with my thinking - oh well. I mean, when it comes down to it I submitted by vote last Thursday (did I mention I voted along side Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets *woop*) & it was straight Democrat - I'm not rich, so its what I am. My boss, a lady who is very well in the upper class, stated that she was voting for Obama because she didn't want to be the one vote who didn't vote for the black man - this was stated after I asked her if she were worried about being taxed up the ass by the man who is Senator to the State w/ the highest tax (10.25%).

sugarlips I don't buy this "undecided voter" B.S. I think people are just afraid to voice their true opinion.

CathrynMarie @sugarlips I totally agree w/ that. the ? if who r u voting 4 is too public now & its pressure if ure not rollin w/ "majority"

sugarlips @CathrynMarie exactly. I think it's the answer to avoid the debate, cuz ppl can't keep their mouth shut

CathrynMarie @sugarlips very tru. Im tellin u, we grew up n an era when you nvr asked a woman her age or asked who someone is voting for. lmao

It's just days left to cast your vote, if you haven't already, don't let majority or pressure be your deciding factor. I am COMPLETELY proud of the change Obama has ignited thus far - rather it be people voting for the first time to vote him in or out, it is indeed a great accomplishment alone. McCain actually all that bad, I don't think he plans to be EXACTLY like Bush, but he may favor some likeness. He is placed in that box because he's a Republican and we were screwed by a Republican for 8 years.

Everyone says it, but I don't think they MEAN it - so I'm going to say it and MEAN it! WHOM EVER YOU VOTE FOR, IT DOESN'T MATTER! Just continue to keep this momentum going and get out there and vote. Don't let someone else get in your head and decide for you.

Defsounds God damn it, Why does everyone I meet think they're an Obama Campaign expert. STFU about it already <== that ish is sooo true, LOL.

Most of ya'll are "Joe The Plumber's" Stop frontin!

LOL @ Joe being a no show 2 the McCain rally today - had John lookin an ass.

“Joe’s with us today. Joe, where are you?” McCain called the into the crowd, “Where’s Joe? Is Joe here with us today? Joe, I thought you were here today (pause) All right, well, you’re all Joe the plumber, so all of you stand up and say – I thank you" - John McCain - source

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everything Chamillionaire

My homie E, over at is havin "HATER" difficulties - I know he would probably be posting this right now, but until he gets back up, I'm going to go ahead & post it here! Cause the world needs to know - true we don't get the same people readin our blogs but hey, I have learned that my blog is viewed by more Houstians than I thought, LOL. :)

Shout out to my Favorite Houston Rapper - Chamillionaire. Here is a bulletin he just posted a few moments ago - I think I need to be n SA this weekend, LOL.

Paul Wall, Cham & Trae

You can hear a new exclu​sive song with Lil Keke,​ Lil Flip,​ Trae,​ Big Pokey​,​ & Trae on J-​MAC'​s Black​plane​t page by loggi​ng on to the link below​.​.​.​

http:​/​/​www.​ black​plane​t.​ com/​your_​page/​video​s/​view.​ html?​vid=​27970​85

Chami​llion​aire & Famou​s will be back in San Anton​io for TONY PARKE​R'​S "​GAME TIME LIVE 09 Tourn​ament​ this sunda​y.​

The winne​r will recie​ve $500 dolla​rs and will get to play spurs​ all-​star Tony Parke​r Live.​ Team Tony ( Tony Parke​r,​ Manu Ginob​li,​ Tim Dunca​n,​ Rober​t Horry​,​ Micha​el Finle​y,​ Bruce​ Bowen​)​ will compe​te again​st Team Chami​llion​aire ( Chami​llion​aire,​ Quest​ion,​ Bun B, Play & Skill​z,​ Baby Bash,​ Paul Wall)​

Speci​al invit​ed guest​s:​ Luda,​ Paula​ Deand​a,​ Megan​ Goode​,​ Big Gemin​i,​ Laure​n Londo​n,​ Trey Songz​,​ Chris​tina Milli​an,​ .​.​and more.​.​.​.​.​

This event​ is open to the Publi​c.​ SEE YOU THERE​!​!​

I think I'm going to start a new blog and call it EVERYTHING CHAMILLIONAIRE - I don't think you guys understand how much I love this dude! Today, on his blog he posted some shit that had me dying!

Party Like a BARACKSTAR ....

If you can PLEAAAAASE go out and VOTE on or BEFORE ...NOV 4TH.......DON'T SAY YOU WILL AND THEN NOT the words of Slim Thugga YOU TRASH if you do that....

Here are some responses to recently asked questions....

I didn't say I HATE Mcain supporters...I was using Mcain supporters with a lot of HATE in them as an example of something that bothers me....

NO I don't cosign or support Barack....because he's BLACK....I support him because I believe he is the best choice......I have been watching this election for a long time before it was even popular to most people and have managed to form my own not undecided like I was during the early stages of the Hillary vs. Barack campaign..... aint knockin anyone for havin their own opinion....

Yes I think KOBE is and will be better than Michael .....thats my opinion though....

Yes I think the use of online video and the growth of mobile camera phones has turned the music world into really ENTERTAINMENT with a capital E .... Youtube got Rap lookin' like WWF.....its amazing how much back and forth goes on within video blogs.... Crazy.

Yes I meant what I said about Houston (and a fight go with that...*Pimp C tone RIP). Someone told me that some people didn't take my response to the "IS HOUSTON DEAD" question too kindly but ......... So What!! If you mad about my opinion then GET IN LINE behind whoever else is......

NO... im not dissin anyone on part 5 ......aint nothin significant happened for me to have to diss someone......and I ain't lookin forward to havin to do anything like that........But thats all ima say about that because I don't want anyone to get it confused like I wont come with it at a moments notice if provoked...

No....There will be no more "ROLL CALLS" and no more "ANSWER MACHINE" songs on future ones..... all new ideas on the next....

Please don't spam my email with any nasty messages pretty sure there are nosey people at the label that have access to this page.....even though I read the messages I would bet that im probably not the only one reading them.... I could change the passcode but aint really nothin to hide so I dont care... I never respond to them anyways....and to people I do respond to ....I might go back and forth with you a couple times but I cant be holdin everyday conversations ....I aint got that much time to be goin back and forth with people....well not until I put up (Dont ask because when I feel like its ready is your answer)

Peace......yall know the number.... 832.514.4730

And for everyone overseas I have international numbers also....

United Kingdom - +442030514121

Spain - +34911878054

Italy - +390662207197

France - +33170612713

Ill give ya'll more information and announce the date for Mixtape Messiah 5 next week....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


by: CathrynMarie


It started out as something casual has turned into something favorable and exciting. The distance between states hasn’t seemed to be an issue, in fact I am okay with it because the time apart has given me the opportunity to get to know you and miss you more. Not to mention flying out to different locations to meet up and enjoy one another’s company has been adventurous.

Our first trip to Los Angeles, you surprised me with a knock at my hotel room door as I was getting dressed to go out and dance. Admiring you from the peep hole in your gray suit turned me on. Your light skinned complexion and alluring eyes drew me in and left me stuck on my tippy toes for seconds longer than I should have. Opening the door in a rush and running back into the bathroom, I was not fully dressed and was not completely sure that you seeing me in such an enticing position would be smart. You yelled for me to come out and moments later, granting your request I was fully dressed and greeted you with a hug. Not wanting to waste anytime, I grabbed my purse and insisted we head out – you had other plans though.

Suggesting that we have a few drinks in your room before heading out, I appeased you as we walked down to your room. Once entering your room, you pulled 5 pint size bottles of Belvedere from the inside of your suit jacket and proceeded to give me one while placing the others on the dresser and then continued to get undressed in an effort to put on something more comfortable for the club. Awaiting you to complete this switching of clothes, I found myself engaging in a great conversation with you – learning more about you. Within this conversation you mentioned that you were a Capricorn and I made a joke that I was wearing my Capricorn thong that night, although I am a Sagittarius. It had to be the Beleve kicking in because if I were in my right frame of mind, I would have known that such reference would only suggest an invite for you to see – of course you wanted to see. Standing over me as I sat on the edge of the bed, not only did you lift my white skirt up and look at my black based, white printed Capricorn thong, your right hand took a journey past my thong as your index & middle finger slide it to the side, allowing your ring finger to roam across the skin of my kittee. Swaying your finger back and forth, rubbing my clit, I could do nothing but relax and enjoy the sensation that was coming over my body. Opening my legs further apart for you, it was then that you took it upon yourself to move In closer & lower so that you could bless Ms. Kittee with tender kisses on her lips. Lying back completely on the bed now, I guided for you to take my panties of completely as I savored the moment. With my panties off, it was as if you were free to explore all of my love below, grabbing my legs and hicking them up with your forearms, you pulled me into your face and buried it deep inside of her. I could feel your lips wrap around my clit after grazing your tongue from the bottom of my kittee to the top. With your lips hovering over my clit, it was then that you extended the tip of your tongue and generously hurried it back and forth over my clit like the energizer bunny. The quick motion of your tongue put your glands to work which caused extra saliva to build up and drool outside of your mouth, the extra wetness from your mouth made it more pleasurable – that was until you decided to slurp the saliva and my clit at the same time, oh the joy!!

Never to be one out done and anxiously wanting to make you feel good, I pushed your shoulders which caused you to lift up. Motioning for you to stand up straight, I expeditiously worked my way to unbutton your jeans, pull them and your boxers down until I laid my eyes on your package. I had to pause for a moment, the thickness and length threw me off, a friend this size is not something you come by on a regular. Its one thing to be long but thick, thick is rare; overseeing the veins on the shaft of your man hood excited me more and I couldn’t wait to dive right in. Taking my time, I started out with teasing the head with my tongue, traveling in a clockwise motion; I continued to do this for a few seconds before throwing you off and promptly shoving it in my mouth. Taking it in fast and rising back off slow, I moved my tongue like a worm on the backside of your penis until reaching the tip and sucking it fast and hard. Once again, sliding it deep into my mouth, this time I took my right arm and wrapped it around your waist, applying force so that I had all of you in my mouth. Loosening up my jaw as you hit the back of my throat; I stuck my tongue out and searched for your dangling apples. Upon finding them, I proceeded to flicker my tongue back and forth licking your jewels below, while bobbling my head allowing your package to play around in the back of my mouth and your grinded your hips and pushed your shaft deeper in me. Not allowing the gagging noises stop my goal of pleasing you, I continued to do this for a few moments, the moans you let loose assured me that you loved what I was doing.

Sliding my tongue back up and rubbing it on the base, I cocked my head to the left working my tongue on the right side of your dick as I slowly pulled you from the deep position you were in but not letting him free. Head still cocked and now pressing my lips together and working my jaws to build up saliva, I glided him in and out of my mouth slowly so that I could partake in the nectar taste of your bodily fluids. Facing back right, I felt I had teased you enough and decided to French kiss my way to the crown before planting a final kiss on top.

Looking up at you and noticing baby sweat beads up top of your forehead, we gave one another that look – the “we’ll continue this after the club” look. Freshening up before getting dressed again, I couldn’t help but want to purposely get really drunk that night so everything with us was 10 times better than it would be sober. And that’s exactly what we both did………

To be continued :)