Monday, October 18, 2010

Clit Chronicles: The Fourth Hole

The Fourth Hole
Clit Chronicles by: CathrynMarie
October 18, 2010

Hosting pleasure parties were some of my favorite things to do. The stories exchanged with the ladies and turning them on to new toys is such an exciting and dominating adventure – dominating in a sense of I was in control of the room and the women listened to and fed off of the things I would turn them on to. Generally the nights are filled with selling of products, wine and laughs amongst women who are seeking to increase their sex lives – this one particular night things got really interesting.

The alcohol settling really good into our systems, one young lady asked me what the freakiest thing I had experienced thus far. It didn’t take me long to reminisce on an act that most of them had probably never heard of – I had them on the edge of their seats wanting to live their lives through mine as I started out with, “I walked into a candle lit room in an unfamiliar setting and witnessed a nice 8 inch, thick, cock sticking through a black wall with a punctured hole and a pair of plum size balls meshed together.” Baffled looks upon their faces, they could not understand how or why a man would stick his dick through a wall with a hole in it – before I told them why, I had to share the act.

Once inside of the room, I didn’t take the time to question the scene, I quickly walked over to the thick delight displayed and got on my knees. Using my right hand, I formed a fist around the base of the dick. Sticking my tongue out, making circles around the tip of the penis, I teased him making him guess my next move. Laying my tongue out flat, I placed his dick on my tongue before proceeding to making a wave like motion with my happy go lucky tongue. Bringing the top of my mouth to greet the bottom, I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck it lightly. Wanting to just get my mouth watered up, I didn’t suck it too hard, concentrated more on squeezing my cheeks around his muscle causing my mouth to be flooded with juices. With a mouth full of saliva, I parted my lips from around his dick, and shoved it deep into my mouth until my lips were pressed up against his lower pelvis. Gagging on his dick he began to thrust his body back and forth, causing his dick to find a new home in the back of my throat. Caught up in the moment and wanting to take more of his dick, I forgot I had a wall between the two of us until I found my forehead banging up against the soft padded black structure.

Moans of satisfaction escaped his mouth, he repeated over and over for me to keep at it. Spit began seeping out of my mouth, as I continued to deep throat his dick, I pulled back for air after about ten minutes of pleasuring his cock. Watching my saliva drip down his balls turned me on. Grabbing for his balls and massaging them with my left hand, I began to stroke his hard rock with my right hand. Putting extra attention into my wrist, I stroked his dick in a back to forth, side to side motion. With each stroke, I went faster. Putting more attention to the hand full of balls I stuck my head down and began to flick my tongue at the base of his balls; the moans of continued and increased.

Enjoying the moment but wanting to keep things intriguing, I stood at the position I was at and started removing my articles of clothing; blue jeans and blue thong to be exact. Turning around so that my ass is now facing the wall, I bent over, scooted back and hiked my bottom on the wall in an area just above his dick. Reaching under me, I grabbed for his dick and guided it up towards my pussy just long enough for him to take over and commence in the act of tearing it up. Tipping on my toes and wrapping my hands around the back of my ankles, I slightly bounced my ass up and down for him, becoming active in the game tag the pussy.

Tighten my pussy walls around his dick each time he entered had him speaking in tongues with each stroke. I could hear his knees pounding against the black wall – this only meant he was getting deeper in my cunt. The black wall began to shake. Placing my palms on the base of the floor and applying pressure to them, I met his hard, quick thrusts and fucked him back.

Twenty minutes of wall banging sex, he told me he was about to come and wanted me on my knees. Quickly turning around and falling to my knees I assisted him with completing his mission by stroking his penis with my right hand. Not using any technique this time, I just wanted to make him explode. Not much time went by before I had a personal face mask on; covering the bottom portion of my chin and mouth. Grunts from the other side of the wall assured me he was content with the final outcome of our mysterious session.

The ladies were in awe and disbelief with my tale of freaky sex. They wanted to know where this place was and who did the mysterious dick belong to. I got a kick out of telling them that the adventurous night was shared with my husband right inside of our own home. I informed them that he had transformed our guest room into a room of dominate toys with candles, dildos and other goodies that made for a night filled with pleasure. He had come across my hidden toys, including the black wall that stands waist high with two legs. I informed them that snapping the Glory Hole wall in to place with the included supplies is a unique way of satisfying their mate. Most of them had never heard of the Glory Hole but by the end of the night, they all left my house with their very own Glory Hole kit.