Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm so HAWT, lol

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Im a walking advertisement:
Snoop Dogg Flash Drive around my neck, Lupe Fiasco "So Uncool" button, Aqualeo air brushed wife beater, Burger King burgers for everyone in line, PARTY 93.3 Post cards on the burger bags, Perfect Holiday santa hat and my million dolla smile that shines sooooo bright!! Ha!!

Thankkkkkkkkkk You CiCi!!

Upcoming Contest I'll be Doing...

So, my boss - who is ohhh so creative - has this idea, right? I guess she's been readin Essence magazine or something and they have this dating thing - 30 dates in 30 days. Its 5 women going out with different men in a course of 30 days or something. Voters get to pick the woman's outfit for the date and I think even get to buy the fit. What does that have to do with anything you ask, well My Boss wants ME to do the 30 dates in 30 days..LOL. Its actually a GREAT marketing idea for the mall - we do the marketing for the mall that her husband owns. So picture me rockin different fits from the clothing stores in the mall and then going on radio or calling into radio the next day talking about the clothes and the date in general. Thats HAWT!! I just dont think I can do 30 dates tho - lol. And who in the hell is going to want to date me? This heffa wants to take life sizes pictures of me and put in the mall, LOL. Shes doing 50 much!! Naw, but next month - its on!! Stay tuned guys!! I think Im going to talk her down to like 7 dates or something - I will have NO TV time if I do that man!! Ya'll know I LOVEEEEEE my TV!!! :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008



E. Ness

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Message from E. Ness Booking Team:
E. Ness is now taking spot dates at rates lower than usual. This is a special for MySpace.Com. - Get back with me ASAP to secure a date .. dates are going fast, and places are packed to get a glimpse of Making The Band and Bad Boys E. Ness . Have Bad Boy in the bldg. Promoters get at me!

E.Ness Booking
E Ness MySpace

Make The Switchhhhhh!!

Yooooo - in case ya didnt know, PARTY 104.9 is NOW Party 93.3! Since the switch its been GREAT changes!! They are now reaching 100,000 homes instead of the small 30,000, not to mention muh fuckas in LA, Beaumont and Port Arthur can hear them now - MAJOR!!

The PARTY crew:
The Mexicanz in the Morning w/ my girlllllllll Cristal Bubblin
Crisco Kidd aka My Saturday Love Thang :)
Memphis 10 aka My Favorite Person in Houston!!
Kiotti aka Ya Baby Mamas Favorite Rapper, lol
DJ Coolaid
DJ Rockwell aka He be lyinnnnnnnn :)
DJ Real
Blazeeeeeee n da streets
CiCi aka the chick who won't email me my beautiful pic, lol
Kennan aka My Brother :)

Soooo Ummmm - MAKE THE SWITCH!! Listen ONLINE PARTY 93.3 and hit them on MySpace -

Be sure to catch the PARTY crew EVERY Saturday @ Sharpstown Mall - I'm always throwin something that has the radio involved - not to mention Crisco Kidd broadcasting LIVE inside of Studio 93.3 - YES a Radio Station INSIDE of the MALL!! Check it out!!

I HELLA love da Town!!

Can someone in the Bay pleaseeeeeeeee send me an "I Hella Love Oakland" tee?? Thanxxxxxxxxxxx!! - Cathryn Marie - 7500 Bellaire Blvd #922, Houston, TX 77036!! You're MUCH

The "He"....

Just want to take a second to reconize the most gorgeous man in the freakin's backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :)

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If you're in Houston - and you have some culture to your spirit, check out this event!! My precious, Elisabet, has an art show displaying her beautiful pieces! Saturday, Feb 9th @ 6pm @ La Strada - 322 Westhiemer Rd, Houston. For more info contact - 713.377.3032 or visit or

Love Ya Elisabet :)