Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Home For Clit Chronicles

Hi, my name is Cathryn & I write about sex .. LOL okay, so I just launched a new tumblr page, as I am in the process of writing a book... soooooooo - if you have tumblr, follow my new page ... don't forget to share :) I intend to keep the page entertaining & do giveaways of sexual items during this process.. www.clitchronicles.tumblr.com

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: Unspoken Chemistry

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: Unspoken Chemistry
March 18, 2012

There was nothing to talk about. There wasn’t even time to set the mood with music. We both knew what we desired, leaving time only for us to claw one another’s clothing off. The fire shared between the two of us was met with each sexually stimulated kiss. His full lips overlapping my bottom lip. His tongue wandering through my lips, meeting up with my tongue allotting our saliva together form a bond of the souls meeting with our mouths.

Laying me on the edge of the bed, he removed my volleyball shorts, which were worn with no under garments. Before his lips met my pussy, his breathe was felt on my clit as he whispered, “What a pretty pussy!” Without further hesitation, Anthony wrapped his left arm around my right thigh, bringing his left hand around my waist down to my clit. With his index and middle fingers, he pressed upon my vagina, allowing the lips around it to meet his face – that’s when he spit on it. He knows the extent of how much I love when he does that, so he spit on her again. With the same affection he shared when our tongues danced, he conveyed the same energy while sucking on my clit. With my body squirming and trembling from the pleasure coming from between my legs, Anthony took it a step further and slid his right index finger into my opening. The constant stimulation from his mouth kissing my pussy and his finger contributing to my natural juices overflowing out of the hole he was focused on. My body squirming quickly turned into air thrusts and grinding motions towards his mouth, probing him to once again spit on my love box.

I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to taste myself on his lips. Sitting in an upright position, leaving him to rise up, I cuffed the bottom of his chin with my right hand and kissed him passionately. Sticking my tongue out and licking all over his lips, he caught the drift of what I was doing and whispered for me to continue to lick my juices off of his lips. Spying a missed drop in the corner of his mouth, I pressed my lips against his, slid my tongue in his mouth, pulled away just a bit and embarked on my wetness on the side of his mouth. Like any man with a mission, my touching moment was broken up by him finding his way back between my legs to continue his feast until I reached my peak.

Feeling satisfied and eager to please him, using my right hand, I lifted his head from between my legs, took his left hand in mine and guided for him to stand up. Standing in front of me with his boxers on, I proceeded to pull down the material standing between me and his glorified package that I knew awaited me. With my palms placed on his thighs, I opened my mouth wide and welcomed his dick to the back of my throat. He proceeded to grip the back of my head with his hands, pushing his dick deeper within my opening. Easing up a bit, his dick laid on my tongue in the middle of my mouth where I then clinched my jaws together and began sucking his dick midway, all the way to his tip. Each time his tip met my lips, I would improve the grip formed with by my lips; squeezing and sucking on his mushroom tighter. Allowing my mouth to fill with more saliva as I maintained my position of pleasing him orally, I would swallow his whole dick in an effort to make myself gag on his manhood. With my eyes watering from taking all of that force in the back of my mouth, I looked up at him which prompted him to encourage me not to stop by again gripping the back of my head, this time allowing his fingers to get tangled in my hair as he tugged on it.

Pulling his dick out of my mouth, he motioned for me to get on all fours with my rear end facing him. Complying with his request and before getting comfortable in position, I felt his let palm grip my left butt cheek and his tongue sucking on my lips from the back. Getting lost in the feeling of satisfaction was quickly interrupted when I felt myself being elevated. Anthony was surely introducing me to something new, as he bent his knees, wrapped his forearms around my thighs from the back, pulled me towards his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his neck, before once again getting lost and devouring my pussy with his mouth. Completely enjoying what was taking place, I realized that I was upside in his arms with my legs around his neck, with his penis staring right in my face – I returned the favor and began giving him head while in a headstand position. Gripping the back of his thighs made easy for me to push his dick deep into my mouth as I sucked his dick upside down. The sensation coming from his end was far too much too handle after another seven minutes or so of this experience – perhaps it was the new position but I found myself sliding down and demanding he service me with his dick.

Knowing when to be submissive and listen to me, Anthony reached for a condom, slid it on and found his way to my opening as I lay on my back to greet him with my warm vagina. Shoving his dick deep inside of me, I cannot recall the last time I felt so much passion – it was as if his energy was being pushed off on to me. Uttering how much I missed feeling his dick inside of me, only seemed to give him super-hero powers and when I told him that my pussy belonged to him, his strong thrusts stopped briefly only for him to switch positions and have me doggy-style, where he continued to give me long strokes of love. Sliding his left index finger in my rear, while giving me his dick, I would back my ass up towards him in an effort for his finger to get deeper in my exit hole. Taking his dick out and slapping it on my ass, I continued to back my ass up towards him, hoping he caught on that I wanted to feel his dick in my ass. Forcefully pushing his penis back inside my vagina, he removed his finger for my ass and proceeded to spit on my rear opening, when he then slid his index and middle finger into the now wet opening.

The passion that ensues within two people whom which share an increased of sexual attraction, admiration and appreciation is what we were experiencing for the next fifteen minutes. He continued to fuck me with great passion from the back, while I maintain my position on all fours, never sliding down or running away – his dick fits my pussy so well, there was no need to run. When he told me he was coming, I clinched my walls around his dick to where it was a tight grip that he felt – somewhat like when I sucked the tip of his dick. His moans echoed throughout the apartment; music to my ears yet discomfort for my neighbors. Anthony always knows how to make each experience different – each time we have sex, it’s nothing like the last time. Which is why words are never spoken once the mood is set – only passion speaks and boy does it speak volumes …..

As long as we know that we want to be together, we will be fine; we’re a work in progress.