Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clit Chronicles: Naughty Play w/ The Officer

Fraternizing with an officer of the law was not scheduled on the plans for the day but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t say that I was more than pleased with the actions that corresponded between me and The Man.

Wasn’t quite sure why I was being pulled over; registration and inspection tags were up to date. Pulling into a vacant parking lot off the main road, I obeyed the siren alerts. Once parked, I reached over for my insurance forms and license before he approached me. Standing at my window, he informed me that I was being stopped for not coming to a complete halt at the stop sign; I did a “California Stop”.

Taking my information and taking a moment to size me up, he stated that he was going to his cruiser to run my information. On his walk back to my window, he walked around my car as if he were inspecting it. Approaching my window, he informed me that my front passenger light was slightly cracked and should get the shield fixed soon. Uncertain what he was speaking of, I requested permission to step out of the car to inspect the minor damage myself; indeed I had damage that I was unaware of. Bending over to get a closer look, it slipped my mind that I was wearing shorts that were short enough to possibly show the frame of my ass if bent over. The officer took notice of the sight before his eyes and let me know he liked what he saw.

Making it clear that he wasn’t trying to be rude or abuse his power, he told me he wanted me. Flattered and appreciative of his honesty, giving him what he wanted only seemed like the right thing to do.

Surveying my surroundings, a rush of thrill and adventure took over my body as I faced my car, placed my hands on top of the hood and stuck my ass out in the air. He began to touch my body with his right hand, moving it slowly across my rear and making his way up towards my waist. Joining in with his touch me tease me game, I swayed my hips from side to side, acknowledging I was more than satisfied with what was going on and where it was going. Gripping my waist with both hands, he forced my body to jerk back and forth, causing my ass to hit the front of his pants. With me bent over in front of him, he slid his right hand up to my breasts,, fondling them with aggression and passion.

Leaning in towards me while caressing my breasts, the officer kissed the back of my neck. The equipment around his waist got in the way of him really getting into it. He swung me around, pushed me back against the car, causing me to arch my back. Lowering him-self to where his face was met at my stomach. Raising my shirt up, exposing my stomach. Greeting my abs with tender kisses, he found his way to my belly button. Running his tongue around the center of my stomach, he slid his right hand up to grope my right titty, pinching my nipple in the process.

Making his way back down, he grabbed my waist with both hands, massaging my abdomen area with his thumbs. Adjusting his position, he took a step back and ran his right hand across my inner left thigh. Strokes from my thigh to my pussy got me excited and really turned on. I wanted to fuck him right then and there.
Wrestling through my shorts, past my thong and finally to my treasure, he stuck two fingers inside of my pussy. Shoving his fingers deep inside of me, I moved my hips and started fucking his fingers back. Getting deep inside of me, I didn’t want this moment to end; my pussy was getting really wet. He took his fingers out of my pussy and brought them up to my mouth. Graciously sucking my sweet juices off of his fingers, I slurped each finger separately.

Taking his fingers from my mouth, he reached down with his right hand for his baton and removed it from its holster. Pushing me back down against my car, he lifted my left leg back on top of the car, pulled my shorts to the side with his left hand and began rubbing his law enforcement club on my pussy. Holding the handle of the baton, he rubbed the side of it up and down my pussy before turning it sideways and pressing the bottom of it on my pussy. Forcefully attempting to stick the baton inside of me, he wanted to use the black club as a dildo and get me off. Not cooperating with him, the baton’s corner only found its way inside of me while the rest of it kept sliding out each time he tried to push it in. Possibly my pussy being to wet or the baton just not being made for such sexual acts, he tossed the baton down and began kissing me.

Lifting himself up off of me, he began to remember where he was and his title; he had a shook look on his face. Here he was breaking the law and engaging in public sexual relations with a stranger. He instructed me to fix my clothing as he adjusted himself and picked up his baton.

Walking me back to my door, the kind officer informed me that he would let me go on a warning, this time. He then passed me his business card and told me to stay in touch, making certain to let me know it was more than a sexual connection with us. Not convinced with what he just stated, I was leery on contacting him but I did; it’s been 3 years since that day and countless side of the road, handcuff sexual encounters since then.