Friday, July 11, 2008

Vote For Lamman!

I've known of Lamman Rucker for some years now - LONG before the Tyler Perry movies! I'm talkin about As The World Turns, All of My Children, Half & Half, BET Lets Talk, Law & Order, etc...LONG before Tyler Perry! It also helps that Im cool w/ his roommate, Poncho Hodges (please see last post)! The mere fact that the man knows I exsists lights my world...LOL! ANYWAY- he is featured in Essence's - Do Right Men section! Go check him out and VOTE for him! STOP DROOLIN Hos! LOL -

LAMMAN RUCKER, early 30's

HOME BASE: New York City


DOING RIGHT: When he’s not burning up the silver screen in Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns or starring on stage in the Negro Ensemble Company’s drama WEBEIME, this Pittsburgh-born thespian speaks nationwide about the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness with BET’s Rap-It-Up Campaign. Since 1998 the organization has provided testing initiatives, speaking forums and school events reaching millions across the country. “There is a staggering number of people in our community who we are losing to this disease,” says Rucker. “I believe that a big part of being an artist is social responsibility and activism.”

WHY HE LOVES BLACK WOMEN:“Their resilience. Black women have such a tough spirit about them.”

ROMANTIC MOVE: “I knew my lady [at the time] had a stressful day and was feeling really tense. She came home and I didn’t let her touch anything or do anything. I cooked her dinner, rubbed her feet and prepared the bathroom, and made sure it smelled nice before we took a shower together.”

HERO:Paul Robeson.

HOBBIES:Playing pool and board games, debating, and studying and practicing Capoiera (a Brazilian mix of martial arts and dance).

MOTTO: “To whom much is given, much is required.”

Michael Jai White, Poncho Hodges and Lamman at Why Did I Get Married Movie Release

Check out the poll results on Essence - rather sad, aye? LOL

Are you still searching for your Do Right Man?
Yes, I am still looking 90.2%
No, I've found him 9.7%

Nas' reply to Jesse Jackson

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

SHAQ jumps Escalade

This is the funniest video EVER!

The Young Man in the video is Actor Poncho Hodges - one of my bestest "Buckos" ever :) lol....

Poncho's MySpace

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Terrence Howard - Essence 2008

YES - Terrence Howard has an ALBUM coming out! The album has a Country, Soulful sound to it - VERY unique. You'll have to be one with an OPEN mind to completely enjoy and understand it but overall it is good music that he produced himself - he plays most of the instuments on the album. Take a listen on his Mypace page to check it out. I forget when the actual album drops but this was one of my favorite Essence moments - having personal time with one of my favorite actors. He was very social and spoke what ever was on his mind, lol. Mad respect to him!

Me & Terrence
My Cousin, Jen & Terrence
Terrence Howard writes BACKWARDS!! From LEFT to RIGHT!!
"To Oddesy, Thank You Terrence Howard"

Essence 2008 - HUMOR!

Ok, so trinity 5 7 performed at Essence Festival in the Wal Mart parking lot on Sunday, along with Mary Mary. Here is a clip of their biggest fan dancing! My sister, in pink and friend, in white, are his background dancers....LOL

"You Got It?" LOLOL
The Old Man & Mary Mary
Trinity on Stage
Daddy Knowles workin the sound
Hot Ghetto Mess- Picnic Table set up in the fuckin parking lot!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

He's Backkkkkkkk!

First freakin 2 lines in this shit had me on the floor! I soooooooooo love Cham!!

"The break is over ..... guess whos back from vacation".... -Chamillionaire - Cha-Milli Remix