Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aaron Arnold on VH1 on Sunday!

Aaron Arnold

The MAN pictured above is someone I have written about before (Previous, Aaron Arnold post), he is someone I HIGHLY respect and damn near Idolize, lol! Before he blows up (even more) and chicks do a Mike Jones on him, let me be the first to say, "Aaron is MY Husband" *snaps fingers* LOL! He is my Morris Chestnut, my Michael Ealy, My Denzel; beautiful creature and a delight to follow!

Anywayyyyy (let me stop drooling, lol), as a previous assistant of Mr. Diddy, Aaron will be on VH1 this Sunday on a special that features some of Diddy's past Assistants. This is a special that comes on before the preimere of Diddy's upcoming VH1 show, "I Want to Work for Diddy". *sidenote* as someone who had thoughts of applying for the position when I 1st heard about it, after watching the previews, I must say I'm glad I didn't - LOL. Diddy puttin them thru boot camp, I'm too fat for all of that ish, son! Like for real, for real!

July 24, 2008 (Atlanta, GA) - Music Is My Business CEO, Aaron Arnold will appear on a 30-minute"special preview" of VH1's new show "I Want to Work for Diddy," this Sunday, July 27th at 10:30pm. The Vh1 special highlights some of Diddy's past assistants, their experiences and how they used such experiences to transcend their careers. Aaron will also appear sporadically throughout the series which airs on August 4th. Times for the preview show are as follows: Sun, 7/27@10:30pm (premiere), 1:30am, Mon 7/28@11am, 9pm, 12am, Tues, 7/29@12:30pm, 6pm, 11pm, Wed 7/30@2:30pm, 1am, Thurs 7/31 @11:30a, Fri, 8/1 @1:30pm, 12am, Sat, 8/2@11:30am, 6:30pm, Sun, 8/3@4pm, 12am.

2008 has been a groundbreaking year for Music Is My Business. Recently CNN recognized the budding CEO as a "Young Person Who Rocks" which highlights people under 30 across America who are "next" and having an impact locally, nationally and/or globally. Aaron discussed everything from building brands in corporate America to how the Music Business can sustain itself. View the interview @

Music Is My Business is a fully integrated music company, which houses three components: MIMB Music, MIMB Television/Film, and MIMB Brand Management. Music Is My Business’ elite client roster includes: ESPN, Heineken, The United Nations’ World Food Organization, MTV’s Making The Band, Platinum Selling Artists, Danity Kane and Grammy Award Winner Bryan-Michael Cox.

To learn more about Music Is My Business, please visit


It's been a second since I've taken time to vent and express anger! Allow me to do so at this moment! Now before I EXPOSE and literally cause dude to want to end his sorry, pathetic life - I'm going to just vent!

Okay, so around March, or so, I requested some work to be done by someone, paid in full and all. I'd hit him and be like whats up with my stuff and he would say he was done and I'd receive it on this date which turned into him saying I'd get it this day. Ok, its JULY going into AUGUST now and I don't have SHIT! So I hit him a while ago and asked for a refund, he said something about sending a check - ninja, is that how you were paid? NO!

This past week, actually this last 2 months, he has dicked around another friend of mine and I had to go bad on him (just a little) and so now I'm like fuck dude. He always has some excuse and I can only assume he has some new breezy and he is letting the pussy affect those who have done right by him business wise and screw us over. So I tell him to hit my homie he screwed over and I tell him to get me my money - sent a paypal link cause I'm not trying to have no check. I know yo ass is broke so I'm not trying to have no check bounce! He emails me back and tells me about some other friend of mine owing him money and to get the money from him and I'll have my money, not to mention monthly service fees I'm supposed to have. WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THE NEXT MAN OWING YOU MONEY HAVE TO DO WITH ME? BAD BUSINESS!! And as far as monthly fee's, you never gave me invoices of such, so don't come asking for them now because you run your business like a moron!

So he gives me invoices and they pretty much total what he owes me and he's like call it even! NO! It's down to PRINCIPLE now! You're not going to get off that easy, Pal! You've owed me a refund forever and now when monthly fee's total up you want to throw that at me? NOT! Sounds real simple, on my end, but I this ninja must learn he can't screw over people. So you give me my money back and I will in turn pay you for your services! You can not take it upon yourself to STEAL from me and then say "well you owe me this". NO! I am a woman of my word, and he knows this, so you get off your lazy tail and pay me and I will gladly pay what I owe you! Mainly because you took me on a ride for so long, you need to know you can't get over on people! And you will NOT get over on me!

NOW! This young man KNOWS how I am and I am someone you DO NOT want on your bad side! It is VERY possible for me to make this short, lazy, 33 yr old-livin-off-his-brother-for-2-years-as life a living hell. PAY ME MY MONEY, son!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tony Rock

So this past Sunday I went to the Improv to see Tony Rock, he's so dreamy! LOL! Naw, dude is mad cool! I believe we are going to have babies together one day, LOL! I really dd tell him I wanted to have his babies tho, ONLY because its an on going joke with me and someone in his team. I think he said ok, LOL! =)

PS - he is VERY funny, btw! oh and FUCK the Improv for overcharging both of my home girls! Dumb fucks! Thanx and see you soon, Improv LOL

Pure fuckin COMEDY!

That nigga said you shoulda died as a baby - shoulda been a still born baby! WHEW!! COMEDY!!
Thanx Drew =)