Sunday, August 09, 2009

Definition of GAY!

So yesterday someone posted a comment about if a man likes anal, he is gay. It has bothered me for some time now that people REALLY believe that. Last time I checked, being gay had to do with having an attraction to the same sex and not a particular sexual position. I'm going to need someone to find me this information that says only gay's can have anal sex, because obviously I missed this memo. How did anal become a gay persons thing but oral sex means you're straight? LOL Like really, who wrote this rule book? Most importantly, why do people insist that it is true?

Lets break down what being gay really is...shall we?

Back in the day, "gay" meant to being happy, jolly, carefree, etc..its a word that described an emotion. Moving light years forward, and the same carefree, uninhibited attitude, we have persons who were into sexual things that weren't conventional; homosexuality...attraction to the same sex

A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex.
A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.


Now don't read more into this note, its honestly just how I feel and nothing to do with my personal life. Being an erotica writer I feel there is nothing wrong with people doing any and everything to reach their peak of climax. Now unless someone can show me otherwise, I'm going to need simple minded, judgmental people to go sit on it! Too be honest, I'd be happy if people were just able to live their carefree, sexual lifestyle without the need to explain it or hide it. A great reason HIV and AIDS grow each year can be credited to people who are apart of the downlow family.They're afraid to live their lives and just hide it. Hiding it cause them to lie to themselves and others, causing them to put up a front, which causes more harm than good.

The real question is, Does it really matter who turns the next person on? Should we really care? Pansexuality and Polysexual people are being birthed daily in this day and age also.

Do what makes you happy sexually - hell, explore other things too. Stop living in fear to stick your winky in the shooter because you're afraid of being labeled! If you feel like you're gay for trying it, then maybe you are lol ..There is nothing wrong with being gay, accept it if you are and be jolly :)