Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best Damn Photographer PERIOD

Renowned photographer Andrew Thomas Clifton (Evolutionvintage. com) has just come off the campaign road with Barack Obama, and will be shooting in Atlanta on various projects from August 10-20th. For booking information and rates and services email: . Mr. Clifton is only booking a small amount of shoots due to his availability in Atlanta so inquire now.

He will be shooting my Ninja RL of NEXT soon, to add to his wonderful collection of pics. I can't wait to see these pics - RL has been growing his hair and beard out, at the gym 2 times a day *whew*. I felt bad droolin over him the other day, lol. Naw, you look good Babe! =)

Drew, can't wait to get in front of your lens =)

"Invest in your career if you want to be the best" - Andrew Thomas Clifton

MARIO is Heaven Sent =)

In a previous post I spoke on how MARIO was in town and the joy my heart felt spending time with him once again, lol. While at dinner he told me about him and Keyshia Cole (Oakland stand up) doing the remix to "Heaven Sent"; here it is!

I'd also like to go on the record and say that the tracks I previewed that night of his new up and coming tracks is KILLER! MARIO has grown and matured into such a fine young man since first meeting him Thanksgiving 2004; heck, each time I see him I am impressed with his level of intellect and conversation. The connection we share is amazing, lol..ok, the connection is something in my mind but hey it feels good dammit, LOL. So yea, check it out!

Heaven Sent Remix w/ Mario

Like For Real?

This is so bad, it's not even a Ghetto Mess - its just ........

I can't find the freakin words..LOL She can't even move, like really. If she turns too fast her hair will come apart and ...... *sigh*

More info about the party and other pics can be found at

Monday, August 04, 2008

I have a crush on Karrine Steffans

Ok, its an inside joke, simmer down! Ya'll know I'm only bi sexual on Tuesday's..Ha!

CathrynMarie @KarrineSteffans I have a crush on u =)...LOL

KarrineSteffans Cathryn, stop being fresh!

@KarrineSteffans girl..stop frontin, u know u want me too..LOL..naw, u look great in ur vid tho! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!

=) AGAIN, relax, I was teasing a fellow Twitter because he said he had a crush after watching her new video blog - which I must say is the ish!

If you're not on Twitter, get your ass on there! is on there nightly choppin it up w/ us. Check out her new video blog tho. If you're in ATL, be sure to check out the info for her "Dirty 30 Birthday Party". Click link for video

Oh damn, Tuesday is almost here =)..LOL follow me on Twitter

O'Reilly speaks on Luda & Obama

Now you know O'Reilly couldn't WAIT to speak on this! I still say Luda is WRONG, WRONG, WRONGGGG (I'm a HUGE Lda fan). I don't see how he is helping the cause with his song at all. I understand freedom of speech but this is on the grounds of disrspect. And wtf hasn't he said anything yet? Tsk!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What It Is In The 21st Century

Though she bought $100 worth of items, Crissy paid just $25.30 with all her coupon discounts. Inside Edition

Okay, I guess I'll share this w/ everyone since everyone has been talking about the economy & coupon clipping! Clipping coupons DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN OLD MAID! It means you're smart!! Get w/ the times, coupon cutting is what it is in the 21st Century..LOL

Oh and if you're in TX, I would suggest shopping at HEB! DON'T SLEEP on alllll of the free things you can get! Their meat is fresh and all of their veggies are fresh also. Plus they have a chef in the middle of the store cooking GREAT food! DON'T SLEEP!!

"Pasta is always free, I haven't paid for pasta in years," says Crissy Thompson.

Crissy Thompson tells INSIDE EDITION she can feed her family of five on "$10 dollars or less on a good week."

Crissy's grocery bills were so low that her husband Joe thought something was fishy. "Once she did a $300 actual grocery trip for 2¢, nothing has topped that since."

According to Crissy, "He thought I was doing something illegal."

However, Crissy wasn't doing anything illegal and says you can do it too, calling coupon clipping "incredibly easy."

Here's how it works:
- She looks for manufacturers' coupons that she finds online and in the Sunday papers.
- Then, she combines them with already low in-store sales.

It all adds up to super savings!

"I've cut out a minimum of $200 a week," says the smart shopper.

Looking at a receipt from a recent shopping trip, INSIDE EDITION notes Crissy bought $100 worth of groceries, but she paid only $25 dollars!

"Not a bad day," says Crissy.

To show how easy it is to lower your grocery bill, INSIDE EDITION went with her on a trip to the supermarket.

"Cereal on sale for 2 for $5; I have coupons for two dollars off a box, so it will be 50¢ a box."

One of Crissy's best budget-busting examples happened when she actually made money on the purchase of two bottles of vitamins using a $6 coupon.

"So I'm essentially spending $3.40 and getting $6 taken off my total."

Using her method of combining coupon savings with in-store sales, she bought $50 worth of groceries but only paid $4! Best of all, she says her family is not deprived; they eat the same store brands as everyone else.

Crissy spends about 2 hours a week cutting coupons, but she says it's well worth the time. For more of Crissy's shopping secrets, visit her website:


Thought this was rather tight

I'm a TWITTER whore

I find it HARD to explain what is to my pals, my homie Ainz of SHColletive just joined Twitter and I keep telling him to step his Twitter game up, lol! It only works by you adding people and following them. Unless of course you are KarrineSteffans aka Ms Video Vixen and chooses not to follow people but still interacts heavily with people.

Cathryn, after that Pizza Hut pasta I know ur ass caught the itis! about 13 hours ago from twhirl

LOL. Cathryn, didn't we have a talk bout the "C" word? Geez! LOL. about 13 hours ago from web

No, no, no Cathryn! We have to come up with a pretty word for it! LOL. LOL. Potty mouth! about 13 hours ago from web

Some may have doubts, but it really is her and she is MAD chill - just don't say "cunt"..LOL

She isn't the only person I interact with on Twitter, the list goes on, such as J Dakar of and J Top entertainment blogger Necole Bitchie of and Mr Kanye West.

Lets not get into some of my favorite Twitter pals: (long time pal before Twiter, Its Ms Kitty ya'll, lol),,,,,,, and

Personally to me, I think of Twitter as an AMAZING Marketing outlet not to mention a HUGE AOL chat room that moves slower, lol. Think of it as updating your MySpace and/or Facebook status every minute and checking out what others have to say but without having to click on so many things to see what exactly is new with them. No smoking mirrors, just as is!

Another one of my fav Twitts was recently featured in todays paper, Houston Chronicle, speaking about Twitter. I'm rather happy for him, as I recall the day he told us and the day he had his photo shoot, in which he was on Twitter the whole time, LOL.'s story can be found online and at your local news stand. Here is a small portion of what he had to say =)

"You have to put yourself out there and prove yourself that you're in it for the long haul and not just some Twitter spammer who follows everyone," said Chris "@chrispitre" Pitre, a 24-year-old marketing associate.

Pitre considers himself a mix of twitter types. His consistently sunny tweets such as "up and at 'em, lots to do today," or "When all else fails, put on some Beyoncé," easily make him a St. Crispin. But his regular appearances at local tweetups — and then his tweets about these tweetups — make him another of Stevens' Twitter archetypes, the "hipster."

Pitre, who has more than 220 followers, is so entrenched in Twitter culture that he came up with his own label, the "TV Guide," to describe his favorite Twitter activity: summarizing some of his favorite TV shows in 140 characters or less.

"I let you know what's on TV," Pitre said. "What I missed, what I didn't want to miss, what I caught and hated, what I caught and liked. . . ."

Read More HERE and maybe you'll get a better understanding of the site