Monday, January 26, 2009

No Really, There ARE Good Men Out There!

Tonight one of my engaged pals made a comment tonight about "the 142" (yea, I named my new weight, ha) and said he'd "hit it from the back"..AREN'T YOU ENGAGED!?!? Shouldn't such flirting and comments stop? I'm just, lol. Hell, I've never even been with dude, so why would he pick NOW to try to make a comment like such? He was probably kidding but I didn't even reply to see if he was or not, it just reminded me that he is the SECOND engaged pal of mine to make a comment like that. Last week it was "I'll blow yo back out" and "I have 2 hit that again before I get married" HUH? lmao

Before my faith in ALL men is totally shot, I decided to think of all of the men that keep me focused and reminded that there are GREAT men out there and women shouldn't think that all men are dogs. I'm a chick who has been hurt by the best of them but it has not made me give up on one day finding TRUE love =)

This is just off of the top of my head so if I forget any of my amazing friends, PLEASE forgive me LOL...Please note that these are NOT a list of men that I want or been with lol...cept 4 maybe 2 hahahaha

MR New York

If you're on twitter or someone REALLY close to me, you know allll about Mr New York! Known him for almost 8 yrs but really got to know him last year; we've had some GREAT time together. I'd so ask him to marry me, lol. He is gorgeous, funny, successful, shows me he cares in his own way and does da damn thing in...ummm, yea LOL...It helps that he works for a MAJOR Black Magazine and is NOT in the industry BUT it's not what makes him.

Crisco Kidd

Heart pure of FLIPPING gold..No seriously! I adore and respect no man more than him, he is amazing. The way he gives back to his community, friends and family is breathe taking. He puts in 200% at the job and he is GREAT at what he does, yet always trying to better himself. I respect all that and more about him. He is the most unselfish man I have ever met, most recently cutting his hair off during a hair drive to donate to those with cancer. Plus he is FIONEEE as fck LOL

Robert Lavelle

Known as RL to most =), yea, that dude from NEXT lol. He's sensitive and caring to a woman's thoughts. When you're feeling down, he is most def someone you can call & cry to. Although he is who he IS, he is NOT that person; he doesn't have an ego or come across better than you. Every woman wants to feel like an equal and by golly geez whiz, I bet he'd make his woman happy with his attentiveness. Plus he is SILLY as all shits! LORD, he has NO sense what so ever LOL

J Dakar

The most dashing man I've come across. I recall seeing him in New Orleans, it was from a far but he DEMANDED attention. His exquisite demeanor filled the room - sounds funny yet its true. Two weeks later, I'm online bullshitting and I'm in awe that I see him online. It was a moment that I wouldn't have given him a second thought from seeing him at Essence, it was just a casual, "Damn, who is that" type of things but when I saw him online it was like "damnnnnnnnnnnnn" LOL. He is very successful yet very humble and down to earth, an honest man who comes off as a best of both worlds type of man. Yeah, HOT =)

Ainz Neal

Super man! ha! Ainz is the coolest muthaflipper in the world! He's TALL (which all women love, lol) and very handsome - my favorite thing about him is his friendship and knowing that he does the manly things in relationships. ANY woman would be lucky to have such a gem. He is funny as all hell. Most important, he is responsible and takes care of his business in situations most men would say "blah" to! Mama loves her Ainz!! =)

Aaron Arnold

Him taking a chance, giving up a great position and starting over to become Diddys intern is a move I'd do. I've never been one 2 settle for a job and will work a job I like no matter the pay, because I know I will work my way to the top & be in a better position before its all said and done with. He is my first role model, ever in life and a dear friend. He is smart, a power mover and an asshole, LOL..jokes! That's just how real he is, he can be the laid back Double A every day but can joke around with the best of them. He would make any woman happy, as he has the ability to be her best friend and her lover - I lucked up & got the great friend in him.

Joey Digital

An elite, young black man who grinds and sees progression. He is a business man like no other, very confident and follows through to make certain each project is satisfactory to his customers or clients. I believe the same display would be something he brings into a relationship; making sure his woman is always happy! I'm not mad at that, PLUS, he has a cool twitter shirt =)

Ali Muhammad

The family man, most women wished they were married to. Aside from his business adventures, Ali is an amazing man because he speaks highly of his beautiful family on a regular. I don't know his wife, yet I'm quick to ask how she and the kids are because you know they are his life, they are what makes him happy and motivates him to go out and handle his business. A supportive backing is something needed in a relationship and it displayed in his.

Anthony Gilbert

I feel like I know him because his blogs are so personal, yet they are sports blogs lol. He is easily a man that would be open with a woman, something we LONG for lol. It also helps that he is very handsome, ha! Naw, lol he's a sports journalist, and an amazing writer - can you life with a writer? I bet he writes nice little notes and stuff, in sports form lol. He easily has something we need, and its the getting to know a person and it being easy. And did I mention he's a sports journalist? LOL Never a dull moment with him, ESPN on every morning and good conversation; I can dig it =)

okay, this list could go on and on LOL. My ninja Wil Sylvince, Perry (Vision), Poncho, Chris Classic, etc etcccccc!!

Overall ladies, there's NO need to settle and there's NO need to feel like you want to show men a lesson and go be a ho. There are indeed GREAT men out there and if you sit down and evaluate yourself, you'll find the man that fits what YOU ARE and not what you WANT! Maybe you're not supposed to have a man with hella money, rims, and a 6 figure job - maybe you're supposed to be with the man who has a regular 9-5 and has some of the qualities the men listed above have. I wish I could take one thing from each man and build my perfect man, how cool would that be? LOL