Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: “Unfinished”

Clit Chronicles by Cathryn Marie: “Unfinished” (literally)
Written March 2009 for a guy I was talking to & never finished or edited….

The moment he said he “didn’t care”, I knew I wanted to share the rest of the night with him. My girl friends and I were just expressing how we longed to be with a man whom we could be happy with and about. You know, a man you can tell any and everyone about without secretly feeling like his dirty little secret? I was going to keep it a flirting situation until those words left his lips – the soft lips that they are. With the position he is in and for him to say that, I knew his ongoing quest to share intimate time with me was not a quest to gain because he could giving who he is; it was a quest all about ME and everything he communicated to me was real.

Heading back to my place after a night out on the town, I helplessly lost myself in the sweet enfold of his mesmerizing kisses; we stood in front of my door for 20 minutes captured in the moment. Truly the sweetest moment of lip locking ever shared between a man and a woman. Once entering my residence, we knew what we were there for but it wasn’t a rushed situation. Allowing ourselves to feel one another out before commencing into what was evitable to happen within moments; we sat on the edge of the bed and conversed about simple things – meaningful things. I cannot recall the last time I looked a man in his eyes for so long, I wanted him to feel my alertness and know how sincere I was about every thought filtering through his brain and transported through his lips. I was in total awe.

Making the first move, he once again, told me how beautiful I was. The words sent chills through my body because it’s how he made me feel; Halle Berry had nothing on me right now. He formed his lips and placed sweet, tender kisses on the right side of my neck, wasting no time to hit my spot and begin the process of operation-get-the-kitty-wet. Somewhere in between him kissing my neck, gripping my breast and kissing my lips, he managed to remove my jeans; that boy good!! My heart began to race when he wrapped his forearms around the back of my knee caps and pulled me towards him to the point where my naked ass was at the left corner edge of the bed. Pushing my legs upward towards the ceiling fan and dropping to his knees, he performed mouth-to-pussy restitution on my love box; definitely brought her to life. The passion he feels for music is the same passion he used in his lips while making love to my pussy. Each slurp sent chills through my body. Each tongue thrust sent a warm sensation through my body. Not knowing how to feel, hot or cold, he turned up the intensity when he got real sloppy with it and introduced my stump to his tongue; heaven. What was he doing to me? He topped the pleasure of happy sensation by once again telling me how beautiful I was; he was right, I had been messing with idiots before.

Never one to be selfish and unappreciative, I felt it was my duty to bless him with some of the best head he would ever have; at the end of the session, he cosigned and said it was the best! Getting up from the position he had me in, I gestured for him to lie on the bed. Comply with my order, he lay across the bed and I proceeded to remove his pants and boxers; words cannot express how my mouth watered with delight and joy. His dick was long and I made a promise to myself I would find a way to have it hitting the back of my throat until you could no longer see the shaft. Allowing the fluids in my mouth to build up, I wanted his dick to slide in and out of my wet mouth because soon it would be in a sea of juices in my pussy; couldn’t short change him. Snuggled between his legs that he had slightly open, I used no hands and gave it to him straight, no chaser; sucked his whole dick until it was completely in my mouth. Quickly sliding back to the head of his dick, I rolled my tongue around the tip and advanced into a flirting game with it. Peeking up at him, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open moaning, “oh god”. I had him right where I wanted him. I think I surprised him when I once again took all of his manhood and played hide and seek in my mouth, but this time sticking my tongue out and stretching it until I reached his rocks. Making my lips form as if I am imitating a fish, I rolled my tongue on his shaft as I made my way back up for air. Continuing this numerous times, I wanted him to beg me to stop – indeed it was too much for him to handle or perhaps he just wanted to feel my vagina walls closing in on his dick now. Whatever the reason was, I moved around from my position and sat on my bum and I watched him walk across the room to retrieve a condom. His body was beautiful; his dick bouncing up and down with each step had me wanting to taste more of it.

Quick with the removal of the condom from the golden package, he rolled it on his dick, made his way on to the bed and blessed me with another positive energy kiss. I didn’t want to break the kiss but I wanted to give him the goods! I laid my back against the comfortable mattress and he kissed the kitty again; he really wanted her to purr. Fitting between my legs, I felt an out of body experience the moment his dick pressed against my lips and forced its way inside my pussy. I wanted to scream, moan, yell, holler – anything! He hadn’t even done anything and it was already exceptional loving; I guess it’s true when they say sex is 90% mental because in my mind I knew he would be the best I’d ever have.

His slow thrusts and strokes in my pussy enticed me, it was like he was talking to me in sign language and was telling me my pussy was good and he wanted to savor each moment. I wasn’t made at him for it either. Peeking between my legs to look at the magic in play, I felt my clit throbbing with happiness. He didn’t just hit one spot, he did moves that allowed him to focus on the right, move to the left and then directly in the center. As much as I loved what he was doing, I really just wanted to suck his dick until he came in my mouth; I wanted to taste him so bad it killed me.

Wanting to try a new position, he motioned for me to get on my stomach as he then slid his Mandingo. Gripping my ass with the palm of his hands, he pushed force on my rare; making my vaginal opening spread some. Once inside, I felt him in my stomach – this was some good pain!