Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clit Chronicles: Me, You and THEM

Clit Chronicles by CathrynMarie
Me, You and THEM

Last Saturday of each month, a few friends and I host the biggest house parties known to man. We encourage our guests to bring their own liquor, dress comfortably and let loose. Four different rooms with four different themes – the Red Room equipped with a red light bulb was a get away location for women to mix and mingle. The Blue Room with a blue light bulb in tow featured a repeat of videos on the big screen. The black light bulb, Black room was where couples would mingle with other couples, while the Purple Room catered to persons who single status. Never before have had the opportunity I participated in all four rooms but tonight I wanted to get my Christopher Columbus on and discover new things.

Starting my night off in the Blue Room, I witnessed my favorite porn star on the screen; Cherokee. I took a seat on the leather couch and paid attention as I waited to view her signature move that she performed on her women lovers. Watching her push her latest conquests legs far over their head to the point to where they are literally standing on their shoulders, and pussy pointing directing towards the ceiling, does something to me. The grunts and moans from the other parties on the couch sitting next to me and across, assured me I was not the only one turned on by Ms. Cherokee feasting on the young lady’s vagina.

The gentleman sitting to the left of me reached over with his right hand and placed it on my left thigh. I glanced over at him, I was so caught up in Cherokee I didn’t notice him really. The full lipped, nicely toned, caramel man had invaded my space and I was open to the possibilities of a great outcome. Sliding his hand up my leg and spreading my legs apart. I positioned my body, leaning on the arm of the couch, putting more weight on the right side and turned towards him allowing him to put his hands further up my skirt until he found the gold he was searching for. I purposely wasn't wearing any panties; I wanted to make things easy for whomever I decided to play with tonight. He stuck his thumb in my pussy, turned it sideways and began moving it in and out. I wanted him to get in deeper, so I lifted my right leg up and rested it on his right leg. With him still using his right thumb and fucking me with it, he took his left hand and started rubbing my clit. I found myself moving my hips, letting him know that I enjoyed what he was doing, and pushing my body in towards him each time he stuck his thumb inside my cunt. He removed his thumb from my opening, but keeping the clit rubbing going. He brought his face down closer to my pussy and began to suck it - almost felt like he bit it. I don't know how he managed to get my whole pussy in his mouth, but his mouth covered my love, lips and all. He managed to put his tongue inside of me and turned me on as he started licking my walls. He took slow, deep strokes with his tongue, pushing it deep inside me every now and then. The sensation of him rubbing my clit and licking my pussy the way he did was too much for me; I came all in his mouth. He removed his hand, but continued to suck my pussy, he was sucking it as if he was trying to suck it dry; I just couldn’t take it anymore. He finally came up for air and had a look of satisfaction over his face.

Feeling satisfied and ready to be penetrated, I adjusted my clothing, smirked at my generous mate and made my way to the Red Room.

Once inside of the Red Room where the party was already going on, I witnessed five sexy women sucking, licking and sticking. Standing back and just watching them spread throughout the queen size bed – one on one, sixty-nine action and a body linkage of three women; one on her back with a girl on her face, pleasing her orally while being taken care of orally by another. The young lady, who was sucking on the clit of the girl on her back, was doing so on her knees, fully naked; pussy in the open just waiting for someone to stick their face in her. Taking steps towards the bed, I placed my right hand on her right ass cheek, gripping it firmly. Alerting her that she would no longer be left out of the party, I ran my index and middle finger across her pussy, then bringing it to my mouth and savoring the taste on my fingers. Kneeling on the bed and closer to her, I applied pressure on her ass, spreading her pussy open more and commenced to diving face first into her pussy. Licking from her clit up towards her pussy lips, and then sucking on them tenderly, I massaged her lips with my lips and french kissed her cunt. Pulling my face from between her ass cheeks, I proceeded to ram my right index and middle finger inside of her pussy; in and out, in and out. Stimulating her ass with my left thumb, her moans became louder, causing her to lose focus of the pussy she was sucking. Replacing my thumb for my tongue, I ran it across her asshole area, making circles around her opening. The sensation became too much for her. She shifted positions and completely ran away from me, dropping her hips to meet the mattress. Taking that as a sign to move around and find some dick, I left the Red Room and headed to the Purple Room.

In the singles room, there was a whole lot of poking, sucking and more sucking going on. It was no holds bar inside of this room, I noticed a man in the corner on his knees pleasuring another man with his mouth. It didn’t seem to faze anyone and I surely wasn’t going to allow it to bother me, I made my way to the bed, finding an opening around two other three person groups. I just wanted to lie and get off on what the others had going on.

I lay across the bed spread, opened my legs and began to rub my pussy; it caught the attention of one man who was standing tall, receiving head from a female who was on all fours getting fucked in the ass by another man. My laying next to them turned him on. He ran his fingers through the young lady’s hair, locking his fingers around the back of her dome and forcing his dick further in his mouth; that turned me on. Dropping her lower jaw to fit his Mandingo dick further to the back of her throat, she began to slobber effortlessly all over his dick. Her saliva dripped from his dick down to his balls. Never taking his eyes off of me and my self pleasuring, I gave him a smile, while still rubbing my pussy and cuffing my breast. He was literally fucked her mouth, causing her to gag on it; she couldn’t take it.

Pulling his dick out of her mouth, giving her the opportunity to focus on the massive ass ramming job she was involved in, he began stroking his dick while smiling at me. The look on his face quickly changed, while he continued to stroke the base to the head; he was about to cum. Rubbing my pussy, I wanted to cum with him. He bent his knees and gripped his dick hard, stroking faster and faster – turning me on. Just as he was about to come, he stepped back in front of the girl who was sucking him off moments earlier and completely let loose right on her face. I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, she was not expecting it. Her eyes were closed, as she was enjoying what the guy behind her was doing.

Getting my composure, I smiled and walked past my new friend and made my way to the Couples Room. Passing the Blue Room along the way, I peeked in and noticed my Caramel love was still in their watching videos. He was finger fucking some big titty chick on the couch next to him. He lifted his head when he noticed me watching, I winked at him and motioned for him to come towards me. Obliging my request, my Husband walked towards me. I grabbed his hand and we walked into the Black Room together.

Three other couples were in there already, bed completely taken. We found a spot on the floor, next to the bed and made it our spot. He had me lie on the floor, spread my legs open and began rubbing my clit. He pulled my titties out of my bra and began to suck on my right one, while firming gripping the left. Out of no where, I felt an extra set of hands, they were inside of my pussy, beating my walls up with each vicious stroke. My Husband began kissing me in my mouth; the thought of my being turned on by someone else seemed to arouse him some. The guy down low discontinued the fingering session. My Husband then made his way on top of me, pushing my legs up in the air and sliding his dick inside of him. Ten-inches of love filled my pussy to make the perfect fit. Taking slow strokes at first, hitting the bottom of my pussy, and then sliding his dick back out only leaving the tip of his dick inside of me. Pausing from his strokes, I gripped the head of his dick with my walls. Picking up the pace and working his pelvic, the long strokes from his thick dick filled my cunt once again.

The gentleman, who was fingering me moments ago, stood to the left of me and began stroking his dick over my face. Grabbing the dick in front of me, I took charge and began sucking on it. I started out with an open mouth suck, letting my mouth get moist a little before I started sucking it hard and slow. Continuing to keep up with the dick inside of me, I kept up with his moves and fucked him back with each thrust. Sucking the dick in my mouth real hard, while jacking it off with my left hand, it took no time for him to cum; he came all in my mouth. I allowed his nut to run out of my mouth, down my chin, to my neck until finally resting on my breast.

Watching the nut lay on my breast, my Husband pulled his dick out of me and began to jack it off. Reaching for my head, he propped me up and rammed his cock inside of my mouth, telling me to suck him off like I did the other guy. I did him one better. Taking his dick to the back of my throat, I allowed him to fuck my mouth the way I say the guy in the Purple Room do to the other girl. Deep into my zone, savoring and devouring my man’s penis, he was about to let me taste him. Slurping each drop from his dick, I gulped and swallowed every drop that escaped his penis.

I came, I saw, and I conquered each room tonight. Experiencing something new with my Husband and loving every moment of it; next months party will most certainly be hard to top, but I’m sure we can.