Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Chamillionaire ft Luda!

Tonight on Twitter, Chamillionaire announced his new single was on his web site:

Download first song off of Venom "Creepin (solo)" featuring Ludacris on

That's right, featuring LUDACRIS *side note* Luda will be in Houston next week - DAYUM, it JUST hit me, Luda will be in town TWO days before the 97.9 Car Show to do a PARTY event - do I smell a possible feature on the Boxx Stage? I've been saying that the Car Show is WACK but if my favorite Houston rapper, Cham, can pull off havin Luda on stage and do this hot new single - OH MY STARS! Man, I'm getting excited just thinking about it! *screams* Okay, I don't even know if it's going to happen, I'm just over thinking and wishing! I LOVE Luda & I LOVE me some Cham!

Chamillionaire - Creepin' (Solo) featuring Ludacris

Download Creepin - mp3

Mixtape Messiah 5 - November 23rd, Car Show day. Check out his SWAGGER LIKE US freestyle on his site or Download here - MP3

LOL @ this video

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mr. Funny Man

Last Saturday night I get a phone call from my buddy, Wil Sylvince, he informs me that he was "near" my city the other day.

CaT: Oh, you were in Dallas, cool?
Wil: No, I said near your city, not in it. I was in Houston.
Wil: Oh, yeah, I had a show out there on Tuesday.
CaT: *screams* WTF?? A SHOW WHERE?!
Wil: Bam Bou with Ali
CaT: *screams* WIL!! you're lying? I go to Bam Bou, was just there for Ali's bday last week. WHAT!?!?
Wil: I'm sorry, I thought you were in Dallas still

So yea, I was HOT!! Even more of a slap in the face is I called Ali in May & tried to work on getting Wil out here - SO HE AND HIS MANAGER KNOW I FUCKS W/ HIM!! Okay, I'm clam! :) I still love me some, Wil! I don't know how I came across this video on YouTube today, of him, but gosh he is funny :) LOL @ "You can't even write your writing!"

In case you missed him in Feb after Super Bowl on Def Comedy Jam - here he is!

Wil on MySpace --- Wil on Facebook --- Wil on YouTube ---Wil on Twitter