Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Longer a Virgin

A knock at the bedroom door, I didn’t even hear him come through the front door. Too distracted and caught up in my home work, with an abundance of casual sex texting play between me and him, time had slipped by me. Lying across the bedroom floor on my stomach, with my Economics and History books spread around me, he walked through the door with a smile on his face. Clearly by the gazing and sultry look in his eyes, tonight would be the night – it would be our first time taking it there and doing the naughty things shared via text message; our first time ever, both virgins to this deed and ready to do grown up behavior. Rolling around on to my side, I greeted him with a return smile before lifting myself up to embrace him with a hug. He kissed me in my mouth, while groping and squeezing my breast through my printed tee. Lifting me in the air, I wrapped my legs around his waist and returned the love influenced kisses.

For what seemed like 10 minutes, we savored the moment before I pulled away and motioned to get down. Walking him over to the bed, while searching for the remote control, I invited him to watch a little television as I attempted to clean up my school books and freshen up a bit. Propping his feet on the bed, he told me to take my time, informing me that he had been waiting for this moment far too long to try to rush any moment of it. Making my way to the bathroom, I picked up my books and placed them on my dresser and headed to the nearest facility. Once inside, I removed my pants and underwear, searched for a bath towel and proceeded to wash myself below; cleanliness is important, Mama always taught me that. I’m not sure what all he had in mind but if he wanted to lick me where he planned on sticking me, I’m sure he’d be thankful of the freshness.

Walking back out of the bathroom, he lay across the bed, feet cross, in his boxers while stroking his dick with his right hand. Licking his lips in an LL Cool J kind of fashion, he mouthed for me to come to him. Still bottomless, I did as commanded and walked towards the bed. Climbing into the bed, he raised himself up and stood on his knees at the foot of the bed, motioning for me to face the headboard and get on all fours. I visualized how this would go down the whole time we were text messaging – on my back and him sliding it in, me on my side and him sliding it in from that angle or from the back, where it was faced him and he had more control of the act; doggy style won.

He slapped my ass with his right hand a few times, making it jiggle. He said he loved the way it bounced in his face. Pushing my head down in the bed, causing me to stick my ass in the air, he reached over to his left and wrestled around in his jeans with his left hand – searching for a condom in his wallet, I suppose. Ever so often I would feel a fist tap me in the rear, he was obviously jacking off with his right hand and the strokes were getting good. Getting what he was searching for, he made his way back to the mission at hand and he placed his left hand in the middle of my back, ducked down under me and licked me from my clit to my ass. Applying more force on my back, he pushed me lower and went under again, this time bringing his right hand on my right ass cheek, gripping it in a massage like motion. I peeked between my legs and saw his tongue hanging out like a dog in heat. Grinning back at me, he informed me he wanted to get it wet before diving in. A million thoughts ran through my head and I still couldn’t believe he was about to be my first, I would now have a story to share with my girl friends, letting them know I was joining the club of this sexual experience.

The moment I felt his right index finger slide inside of me, I tightened up; I wasn’t prepared. He removed his finger, after a few quick thrusts and used his tongue to, once again, get it wet, he first spit on it and preceded to french-kiss it. The things he was doing to her made me question if this was really his first time – it felt that good! He pointed his tongue out again and stuck it in, what was once pointy at the end, was now spread to full width. He suffocated and buried himself knee deep inside of her, while pleasuring her with his tongue, the feeling was indeed a toe curling moment. Coming back up for air, he grabbed a bottle of KY Jelly, obviously what he was searching for in his pants. He said his best friend told him girls like it when you include KY, it feels better. Pouring some on his fingers and commencing spear it on my love, he also rubbed some on his dick.

Lifting my head up from the mattress, I thought I would help him out and stick my goodies out towards him in hopes making the experience better. With a slight arch in my back, ass and pussy in the air, he put his left hand on my ass cheek while guiding his dick inside of me with his right hand. Remembering to take it slow and steady, he was careful with it by not applying too much pressure. Sticking the tip of his dick inside of me, I loosened up and tried my best to welcome him inside of me. The tightness was feeling good to him and I know he wanted to go in deeper, so he did. Still taking his time and asking me it I am okay, each step of the way, I encouraged him to go deeper. Letting out a sigh of pressure built up due to the slight discomfort and pain, I took it all, I let him get into the groove of things and get settled thoroughly. Once completely inside of me, he just sat there, making certain I was comfortable. I assured him that I was fine and happy to finally feel him inside of me – I was no longer a virgin.

Getting comfortable and ready to put the KY Jelly to work, he went on to thrust his hips, sliding his dick in and out of me. The rhythmic motion of his hips and my ass bouncing off of his waist was pure ecstasy. He whispered how this was the best feeling ever and how tight it felt, he said he wanted to be inside of me as much as possible. Never losing a beat, he continued to pound on me, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Using his hands to spread her open to get in deeper, he was obviously getting comfortable.

He informed me that he was about to explode, said it felt too good and he couldn’t hold back anymore. The tone in his voice was almost as if he was embarrassed that he was coming so fast. A good ten minutes, which I thought was a decent amount of time for our first time. He pulled his dick out, attempted to ejaculate himself to his final point but he never had an opportunity to, due to his cum squirting out of his dick – it had a mind of its own.

I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling, as he sat hunched over at the edge of his bed mumbling about how good it was. I smiled at him when he peeked up at me. I gave him an inviting look that led to him crawling over towards me. Hovering over me, he planted a kiss on my lips and told me he loved me. Replying back, with the same notion, I went to thinking about how much I did love him; my husband of 4 wonderful years. It’s been such a monumental life with him and on the eve of our 5 year anniversary I fulfilled one of his fantasies of having anal sex with him. I allowed my husband to toss my salad, stick his finger in my ass and ram his massive dick inside of my rectum. It’s the least I can do for a man who has been supportive of me continuing my schooling and holding down the living expenses with no complaints. It was a timeless experience that I hope to one day share with him again.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview: Fat Boi the Producer

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

Digiwaxx: How are you doing?
Fatboi: I'm good, trying to stay busy

DW: Well, yeah you seem pretty busy and that's what made me want to reach out to you. You were on twitter talking about being in the studio with Nicki Minaj and I just felt I had to speak to you now. You seem to be in the studio with everyone right now.

FB: Yeah, I.m trying. I'm trying.

DW: So are you currently working with anyone Up Top? I see you're working with a lot of Southern artists.

FB: Umm, Up Top? Busta. Lupe, well that's Chicago.

DW: Naw, that's good! That's HOT! He's my personal favorite artist.

FB: Oh really?!? Yeah, well Atlantic just took some tracks for him, for his up and coming album. Mase, (laughing). Mase is coming back out. He recently released from Bad Boy. Well, he's still Bad Boy but he is able to work with outside producers now. Ummm, Jim Jones. I have a few guys from Up Top. Oh, Jada Kiss. He's on the "Wasted" remix now.

DW: Your sound is very different and all, who inspired you coming up?

FB: Being bi-coastal and growing up in California and Atlanta, I like it all. Producer wise, it was Organized Noise, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Quincy Jones. Those are the producers that I really just paid attention to and loved everything that they did.

DW: Okay, with that being said. Are you working with any R and B cats? We kind of know you as the big time Hip Hop producer, are you contributing to any R and B albums?

FB: Yeah, I do everything. I don't want to be labeled as Hip Hop producer because I do music and I don't just do Hip Hop. I grew up in music, I didn't just grow up in Hip Hop. Being that in urban society, it was what was it was in my grasp and easy for me to pick up to get into the music business. It all started from DJing, I was a DJ first. Michael Jackson was my musical inspiration and I kind of wanted to be like Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. My brother and I used to pretend like we were the Jacksons (laughing). (writers note: Fatboi is currently working with Bobby Valentino)

DW: So how long have you been producing? You name has been blowing up fast; this year has been good to you.

FB: Yes, I've been blessed. Producing, I started making beats in like '91. I started working in studios around '95, no more like '97. Once I started working in studios and moving around and working with people. I went to Philly for a while trying to break into the music business. I came to Atlanta, went back to Savannah and in '98 that's when Pure Pain was getting off the ground with "Camouflage". And thats when I got my first major placement in 2001 with "Cut Friends". From there, I've been behind the scene's. I was with Pure Pain until 2006 and after that it was time for me to spread my wings and let the world get to know me.

DW: "Wasted" is your biggest track but I'm sure you've done other hot tracks. What are some cuts that people may rock to that we not realize is yours?

FB: yeah, "Wasted" is my break out track but I did a track with Jeezy and Trey Songz on Jeezy's last album, "The Recession", "Taking it there". Did a record with Flo Rida on his first album called, "All my Life". Gorilla Zo. I had Gorilla Zo's second single off of his first album. I don't even remember songs anymore (laughing), "Trying to make a jug". Did a record for Rocko's album called, "Priceless". I did a record called "Drifter" for Shawty Redd which brought on "Sexual Eruption". Snoop wanted to buy the record from me but I didn't want to sell it. I felt getting a two for one was better, so "Sexual Eruption" came from the "Drifter" record. I did a few things here and there.

DW: That's whats up. So you're currently working with Plies, correct?

FB: Yeah, I'm currently working with Plies, Nelly, Luda - some of everybody.

DW: Recently, Dawaun Parker, Dr Dre's protégée, was asked what kind of equipment he uses and he said he wasn't going to answer that. Is it possible to mimic the sound of another producer if knowing the equipment? Are you against sharing tips to other producers.

FB: I don't want people to know what I use but at the same time another producer is not going to use it the way I use it. A lot of times, a lot of us use the same sounds, its all how you tweak. I may hear a sound another producer uses, but it doesn't inspire me. I use an MPC and a lot of producers you it, its common. But a lot of producers don't have my sound so it doesn't matter if someone knows I use an MPC.

DW: Do you have a signature sound? We can listen to Timbaland and Neptunes and know its a track by them. Do you feel you have your own distinctive sound?

FB: Yeah, I think so. A lot of people pick up on my drum rolls, my high-hats and the thickness of my tracks. I try to make sure they are fat all the way around and not too thin. I really like people to feel the music. Its real bottom heavy but its real music in it to.

DW: Well, I appreciate your time. Is there anything you want to let the people know personally? Clothing line dropping (both laughing), a record label or anything?

FB: We have a label, my partners and I, Big Ron and Roc, called Black Shield Ent. We have a few artists on the label that we are molding. Jason Caesar is probably going to be our break out artist, he's a Pop artist. He is Shirley Caesar's great-nephew. We have a few projects on the table, we out here working. We also have an R & B/Pop artist, Meesa and a rapper, Remy. Got a few in-house producers also, we are trying to be a force in the industry.

DW: That's whats up. What's the best way for people to connect with you?

FB: If anyone wants to get in touch with me, the best way is Twitter (@FatBoiBeats). I have a myspace ( but I don't use it much so Twitter is the best way. Also check out:,,

DW: Thanks again....

By: CathrynMarie

Interview: Taj the Director

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exclusive: Video and Photographer, Taj Stansberry (@taj_mahall), known by many as just Taj or Taj Mahall. The Oakland, California native is one of the youngest in the video directing game but his client list stacks high, if not higher, compared to some of his friendly competitors. With two major projects dropping as soon as this up and coming week and weeks ahead, get to know the man behind the camera of Ryan Leslie and The Dream's future work.

Digiwaxx: Taj!! First off, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. As I stated before, I have been following YOU for a while now, dating back to when you were rapping and in a group with I.V.A.N. and Jimmie Reign, I also know you did photography at that time. Rocking three hats (rapping, photography and director) what made you push ahead with directing?

Taj Stansberry: With the rap world, I was basically weighing it out; whats the chance of making money doing it - quick money? Photography was doing it but I needed more. So I picked up a camera and started shooting videos. I hit up groups and asked to film them in hopes that people would see it and soon want to pay me and it happened. My first major project was shooting Rihanna in Europe and then I signed to an agency and began getting recognition.

D.W.: Originally from the Bay Area, Oakland to be exact, did you select Los Angeles as your choice of residence for opportunity?

Taj: I moved to New York when I was 18, I liked it but it wasn't for me so I chose L.A. to live close to home. Plus my agency is in L.A. It just seemed like the place to be. I met a few producers to network and produce with and jobs just came in.

D.W.: And who have you worked with exactly?

Taj: Nas ("Hero"), Ne-Yo ("Part of the List"), Rihanna ("Don't Stop The Music"), Usher, Musiq Soulchild ("So Beautiful"), Lil Wayne, Electric Red, Jada Kiss ("Who's Real"), Swizz Beats, Ryan Leslie, Fabolous and The Dream, to name a few.

D.W.: Being young and in the game, who do you look up to? Do such directors like Hype, Dr. Teeth or Boomtown inspire you?

Taj: I've always looked up to Hype. His eye is great, movement is amazing and dynamic. He is very unique and deserves all the credit he gets. Overall, our styles are different. I'm more narrative. Anthony Mandler (Jay Z - "D.O.A.", "Run This Town", Rihanna - "Russian Roulette", "Wait Your Turn" and more) took me under his wing and showed me the way. Showed me other things.

D.W.: How does it feel to see your work on BET/MTV?

Taj: I'm numb because I've seen the video so many times during the editing process, and I don't watch a lot of TV. I was there and looking at it shot by shot. I want to be excited. When I saw Musiq Soulchild's video I was very excited about it and it was a solid piece of of film making. I do enjoy the process and get more excitement creating it verses seeing it. I love the creativity process.

D.W.: Some would say that you actually love what you're doing if that's the case. With that being said, who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

Taj: Well the obvious and everyone asks when it will happen; Jay Z. We've gone back and forth on a few projects but just have yet to seal a deal. He's a great artist. Nas is number two. I have done a video for him and working with him was amazing. Sade, Coldplay, POD, Kanye, Cinematic Orchestra are others. I want to take it against the grain and have a different feel, work with someone like Britney (Spears) and make things raw. Let's do some sh*t where you like I've never seen of her where she is acting and narrative; bad girl verses stripper girl type of work.

Photo by Gab The Producer

D.W.: So what's next? I recall on twitter, you spoke of a project with Ryan Leslie and The Dream.

Taj: Ryan Leslie just released his new album, "Transition", and we did a short film for it, "Making of Transition", a 30 to 45 minute film. It's a great love story, based on real life, with a guy who is an over achiever and when it comes to this one woman he tries to use the same attitude but learns the same rules do not apply. It was an honor to have him ask me to capture it. It's a true story. Great person to work with. He is cool with you personally while on the set but also grinding. It releases probably, December 6th, 2009.

I was set to shoot The Dream's "Fancy" video but things switched up last minute and we shot a video for "Sweat It Out", which should be dropping next week sometime (this week).

D.W.: Sounds like your plate is full. Well, I appreciate your time, once again. Any last words for the people?

Taj: I have a new blog, - check it out! I've been working on it. I'm still young and black. I'm trying to brand myself because when on set I look like the artist verses the director and I'm often looked at as that, an artist. I have the tattoo's and dress in hip hop attire. It's a marketing game no matter what and I just want people to know I have it. My blog allows people to get in my head - its my diary.

Check out Taj online: - - -

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clit Chronicles: Me, You and THEM

Clit Chronicles by CathrynMarie
Me, You and THEM

Last Saturday of each month, a few friends and I host the biggest house parties known to man. We encourage our guests to bring their own liquor, dress comfortably and let loose. Four different rooms with four different themes – the Red Room equipped with a red light bulb was a get away location for women to mix and mingle. The Blue Room with a blue light bulb in tow featured a repeat of videos on the big screen. The black light bulb, Black room was where couples would mingle with other couples, while the Purple Room catered to persons who single status. Never before have had the opportunity I participated in all four rooms but tonight I wanted to get my Christopher Columbus on and discover new things.

Starting my night off in the Blue Room, I witnessed my favorite porn star on the screen; Cherokee. I took a seat on the leather couch and paid attention as I waited to view her signature move that she performed on her women lovers. Watching her push her latest conquests legs far over their head to the point to where they are literally standing on their shoulders, and pussy pointing directing towards the ceiling, does something to me. The grunts and moans from the other parties on the couch sitting next to me and across, assured me I was not the only one turned on by Ms. Cherokee feasting on the young lady’s vagina.

The gentleman sitting to the left of me reached over with his right hand and placed it on my left thigh. I glanced over at him, I was so caught up in Cherokee I didn’t notice him really. The full lipped, nicely toned, caramel man had invaded my space and I was open to the possibilities of a great outcome. Sliding his hand up my leg and spreading my legs apart. I positioned my body, leaning on the arm of the couch, putting more weight on the right side and turned towards him allowing him to put his hands further up my skirt until he found the gold he was searching for. I purposely wasn't wearing any panties; I wanted to make things easy for whomever I decided to play with tonight. He stuck his thumb in my pussy, turned it sideways and began moving it in and out. I wanted him to get in deeper, so I lifted my right leg up and rested it on his right leg. With him still using his right thumb and fucking me with it, he took his left hand and started rubbing my clit. I found myself moving my hips, letting him know that I enjoyed what he was doing, and pushing my body in towards him each time he stuck his thumb inside my cunt. He removed his thumb from my opening, but keeping the clit rubbing going. He brought his face down closer to my pussy and began to suck it - almost felt like he bit it. I don't know how he managed to get my whole pussy in his mouth, but his mouth covered my love, lips and all. He managed to put his tongue inside of me and turned me on as he started licking my walls. He took slow, deep strokes with his tongue, pushing it deep inside me every now and then. The sensation of him rubbing my clit and licking my pussy the way he did was too much for me; I came all in his mouth. He removed his hand, but continued to suck my pussy, he was sucking it as if he was trying to suck it dry; I just couldn’t take it anymore. He finally came up for air and had a look of satisfaction over his face.

Feeling satisfied and ready to be penetrated, I adjusted my clothing, smirked at my generous mate and made my way to the Red Room.

Once inside of the Red Room where the party was already going on, I witnessed five sexy women sucking, licking and sticking. Standing back and just watching them spread throughout the queen size bed – one on one, sixty-nine action and a body linkage of three women; one on her back with a girl on her face, pleasing her orally while being taken care of orally by another. The young lady, who was sucking on the clit of the girl on her back, was doing so on her knees, fully naked; pussy in the open just waiting for someone to stick their face in her. Taking steps towards the bed, I placed my right hand on her right ass cheek, gripping it firmly. Alerting her that she would no longer be left out of the party, I ran my index and middle finger across her pussy, then bringing it to my mouth and savoring the taste on my fingers. Kneeling on the bed and closer to her, I applied pressure on her ass, spreading her pussy open more and commenced to diving face first into her pussy. Licking from her clit up towards her pussy lips, and then sucking on them tenderly, I massaged her lips with my lips and french kissed her cunt. Pulling my face from between her ass cheeks, I proceeded to ram my right index and middle finger inside of her pussy; in and out, in and out. Stimulating her ass with my left thumb, her moans became louder, causing her to lose focus of the pussy she was sucking. Replacing my thumb for my tongue, I ran it across her asshole area, making circles around her opening. The sensation became too much for her. She shifted positions and completely ran away from me, dropping her hips to meet the mattress. Taking that as a sign to move around and find some dick, I left the Red Room and headed to the Purple Room.

In the singles room, there was a whole lot of poking, sucking and more sucking going on. It was no holds bar inside of this room, I noticed a man in the corner on his knees pleasuring another man with his mouth. It didn’t seem to faze anyone and I surely wasn’t going to allow it to bother me, I made my way to the bed, finding an opening around two other three person groups. I just wanted to lie and get off on what the others had going on.

I lay across the bed spread, opened my legs and began to rub my pussy; it caught the attention of one man who was standing tall, receiving head from a female who was on all fours getting fucked in the ass by another man. My laying next to them turned him on. He ran his fingers through the young lady’s hair, locking his fingers around the back of her dome and forcing his dick further in his mouth; that turned me on. Dropping her lower jaw to fit his Mandingo dick further to the back of her throat, she began to slobber effortlessly all over his dick. Her saliva dripped from his dick down to his balls. Never taking his eyes off of me and my self pleasuring, I gave him a smile, while still rubbing my pussy and cuffing my breast. He was literally fucked her mouth, causing her to gag on it; she couldn’t take it.

Pulling his dick out of her mouth, giving her the opportunity to focus on the massive ass ramming job she was involved in, he began stroking his dick while smiling at me. The look on his face quickly changed, while he continued to stroke the base to the head; he was about to cum. Rubbing my pussy, I wanted to cum with him. He bent his knees and gripped his dick hard, stroking faster and faster – turning me on. Just as he was about to come, he stepped back in front of the girl who was sucking him off moments earlier and completely let loose right on her face. I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, she was not expecting it. Her eyes were closed, as she was enjoying what the guy behind her was doing.

Getting my composure, I smiled and walked past my new friend and made my way to the Couples Room. Passing the Blue Room along the way, I peeked in and noticed my Caramel love was still in their watching videos. He was finger fucking some big titty chick on the couch next to him. He lifted his head when he noticed me watching, I winked at him and motioned for him to come towards me. Obliging my request, my Husband walked towards me. I grabbed his hand and we walked into the Black Room together.

Three other couples were in there already, bed completely taken. We found a spot on the floor, next to the bed and made it our spot. He had me lie on the floor, spread my legs open and began rubbing my clit. He pulled my titties out of my bra and began to suck on my right one, while firming gripping the left. Out of no where, I felt an extra set of hands, they were inside of my pussy, beating my walls up with each vicious stroke. My Husband began kissing me in my mouth; the thought of my being turned on by someone else seemed to arouse him some. The guy down low discontinued the fingering session. My Husband then made his way on top of me, pushing my legs up in the air and sliding his dick inside of him. Ten-inches of love filled my pussy to make the perfect fit. Taking slow strokes at first, hitting the bottom of my pussy, and then sliding his dick back out only leaving the tip of his dick inside of me. Pausing from his strokes, I gripped the head of his dick with my walls. Picking up the pace and working his pelvic, the long strokes from his thick dick filled my cunt once again.

The gentleman, who was fingering me moments ago, stood to the left of me and began stroking his dick over my face. Grabbing the dick in front of me, I took charge and began sucking on it. I started out with an open mouth suck, letting my mouth get moist a little before I started sucking it hard and slow. Continuing to keep up with the dick inside of me, I kept up with his moves and fucked him back with each thrust. Sucking the dick in my mouth real hard, while jacking it off with my left hand, it took no time for him to cum; he came all in my mouth. I allowed his nut to run out of my mouth, down my chin, to my neck until finally resting on my breast.

Watching the nut lay on my breast, my Husband pulled his dick out of me and began to jack it off. Reaching for my head, he propped me up and rammed his cock inside of my mouth, telling me to suck him off like I did the other guy. I did him one better. Taking his dick to the back of my throat, I allowed him to fuck my mouth the way I say the guy in the Purple Room do to the other girl. Deep into my zone, savoring and devouring my man’s penis, he was about to let me taste him. Slurping each drop from his dick, I gulped and swallowed every drop that escaped his penis.

I came, I saw, and I conquered each room tonight. Experiencing something new with my Husband and loving every moment of it; next months party will most certainly be hard to top, but I’m sure we can.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Interview: Steph Jones

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Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exclusive: R & B singer and model, Steph Jones, once signed to Ludacris’ label, DTP, affectionately known as “Mr. Ordinary”, the title of his hit single and clothing line, who is now adding actor to his list of accomplishments.

Digiwaxx Media: Heyyy, Steph Jones Music!!

Steph Jones: (laughing). Did you see my picture? I have the internet going wild! (speaking on him dressing as a woman for Halloween –,,

D.W.: (laughing). Yes, you are a fool!

S.J.: It’s what I wanted anyway, to get people talking.

D.W.: Okay, well let’s jump right in then – first question, do you have an album coming out? (laughing). Was it a publicity stunt? (joking).

S.J.: The costume was a last minute decision and I was trying to think of a way to top last year. I’m secure with my manhood and thought it would be fun.

D.W.: I personally felt it was very funny. You reminded me of B Scott, actually (laughing).

S.J.: I had fun and again, people are talking; I win!

D.W.: Recently you dropped a mix-tape, Gravity, is this project one leading up to you breaking news of being signed or what?

S.J.: Honestly, the way the music scene is going right now and the way I am able to move without answering to anyone and still do even more than those with budgets; I’m comfortable. I landed a role in my first film and just finished filming it; “Feel”. People are gravitating to the movement and like my music. I’m getting the most I can out of all of this.

D.W.: Nice! So what else do you have going on?

S.J.: Well, I’m getting ready for my mix-tape release party tonight in LA. I have one in Houston on November 10th and also one in Atlanta on November 14th. I’m starting my movie career and also in the process of getting management. Everything that I’ve done thus far has been done by me and I am now putting together a team to assist me.

D.W.: It’s safe to say that since everything is done by yourself then your mix-tape was only released on twitter?

S.J.: I sent it to a few bloggers who posted it on their site before I leaked it on twitter and it kind of went from there. I’m glad people have some substance that they can share with their grandkids and so on.

D.W.: Can you talk about the movie you have just wrapped up?

S.J.: Not too much but I can talk about my role. The film is cast with an artist on Hollywood Records, Marie’ Digby, as the lead in the movie. It’s a love story and it all intertwines with her album and more. I’m the DJ and love interest of Marie’s role. It’s a lot of back and forth with really cool elements. The director, Brett Leonard (“Lawmower Man”, “Hideaway”) walked up to me and said, “You have a lot of talent and I want to work with you”; it’s been an amazing experience.

D.W.: I recently saw your new comp card for modeling, is this something you are pursuing again or more of?

S.J.: The comp card picture was for a celebrity wall and they just used my new pictures. I’m active in modeling, doing it via direct bookings as apposed to auditions. 2010 I am apart of a Reebok campaign that will be something like my Live Mechanics campaign. Them advertising me as an artist and including information about me; I’m doing jobs that make sense.

D.W.: Digiwaxx Media has over 32,000 DJ's in our database, picking one record off of your mix-tape, which song would you love on their serato?

S.J.:Galactic 2” featuring Auto Push. I was kind of nervous about this track because I’m not singing as much, almost talking most of it and featuring them but the record came to my soul when I was in the booth and a lot of people play the record. Last weekend they played Drake at the club I was at and then played “Galactic 2” and the people loved it. They asked the DJ what song it was – it revived the club.

D.W.: Well, I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. I know you have to get ready for your party. Any last parting words for the readers?

S.J.: Continue to download and support the mix-tape. I have an animation cartoon in talks right now, “Mr. Ordinary” with a company overseas. IT’S ABOUT TIME! It’s at a time that I’m coming and people are starting to see whats true and not true in the music industry. Artists have to have more than a song, a one hit, they have to have a brand. Other bloggers who never showed me any attention have noticed my progression. It’s okay to be your own ‘Ordinary’ – carbon copies come out to light. You’ll see!

Follow Steph on twitter - Listen to Steph’s “Lifetape” via, if you love it (which you will) download it! Check him out on MySpace and visit his website,

Fun Steph Jones Memory – check him out as the leading man in Destiny Child’s “Jumpin, Jumpin” video :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Interview: Raheem Devaughn

As posted on - Interview conducted by ME! :)

Digi-clusives: Weekly EXCLUSIVE (and no, not one of those phony exclusives where everyone is reposting the same thing) interview features with movers and shakers within the Music Industry; Artists, Producers, Label Reps, DJs - hell maybe even Video Chicks :-).....

This Week's Exlusive: R & B, Neo Soul Singer, Raheem DeVaughn
Last week, Raheem (@radiorah) dropped a twitter exclusive - the video for his new single, "Bullet Proof" featuring Ludacris (@ludajuice)

Digiwaxx Media: Has social networking sites such as twitter, ustream and facebook allowed Artist's to have more input in marketing projects in areas that labels may overlook?

Raheem DeVaughn: Definitely! The direct connection with fans and music lovers is unbelievable. You learn how egar they are and how much they anticipate your project more hands on.

D.W.: Do you feel such sites can cause harm to an Artist's image or how fans view them?

R.D.: It's all about how you present yourself as an Artist - you have to disclose certain information, not all.

D.W.: What do you love most about these sites?

R.D.: It gives me control of my fan base and the more people that find out what you have going on, mess with it. Some fans with no PC's may feel its an extreme but its helpful. Lets take Soulja Boy for example. He wouldn't be who he is without social networking sites. They allowed him to blow himself up from his bedroom with a PC. It gives us direct connection with the fans as much as possible.

D.W.: Do you feel more Artist's should take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with fans?

R.D.: DEFINITELY! I have been telling people for years to jump on. Some join and others just can't get into it.

D.W.: Recently you dropped a mix-tape to hold fans over until your next album release. How has the response been?

R.D.: The new mix-tape, Art of Noise, is free and people have been downloading it. The response has been good. I did it different this time and didn't press it up. It'll be a collectors edition eventually, something I'll add with my album or something.

D.W.: Digiwaxx Media has over 32,000 DJ's in our database, picking one record off of your mix-tape, which song would you love on their serato?

R.D.: Oh Man, thats a tough one! Picking one song, I'd have to say the "Talk Shit" record. It's a feel good, club record. (download record HERE ft Phil Ade)

D.W.: Let's talk about 368 Music Group, your label and new website ( - you have an Artist you are pushing, who is he?

R.D.: Phil Ade, from the DMV - Maryland. He reminds me of myself when I first came out. I didn't have the opportunity he has had since I stumbled upon him; 21-year-old artist. The biggest thing is Artist's don't know is the formula. Jam Master Jay came across 50 cent and he knew he was dope and showed him some structure. It's the same thing with, Phil. He is very dope and just recently dropped his first mix-tape/LP/EP free online. The first single is, "Hollywood". We plan to have a big video launch using footage in the yard of homecoming. It hasn't even been six months and we've been making noise with him.

D.W.: February 2010, your new album, "Love and War Masterpiece" drops. Is "Bullet Proof" the first single?

R.D.: "Bullet Proof" is the first single, ads are already running on radio. This will be a double CD. It's been a work in progress. I'd have to say it's my best CD thus far.

D.W.: Well we all anticipate the new album and other projects you are apart of. Any last information you want to drop to the readers?

R.D.: Follow me on twitter - Call my Say Now - 202.609.8688. Check out my ustream - . And DEF, if you love hip-hop, check out, Phil Ade!

Raheem DeVaughn featuring Ludacris - "Bullet Proof"

Monday, October 12, 2009

MTVu Nominee: Esso

Literally "the kid next door" - at least that's my personal thoughts of, Esso. No huge ego, no flashy jewelry, not dissing other artists - just your every day dude; yet he is an ARTIST! How can this be? A rapper with personality, loyal to the people who support him, humble, physically out networking on the scene and not having a rep do it, and supports other artists? Thats unheard of in 2009!! If you haven't heard of Esso - allow me to introduce you.

Currently working on his debut album, EVOLVED, Esso's Michael Jackson tribute inspired video for, "Don't Stop", off his latest mix-tape project, "Off The Wall", can be seen on MTVu, MTV2, MTVJams. Featured on your favorite bloggers, favorite blog - his internet buzz is noteworthy. Magazines from XXL to YRB and more, have all jumped aboard the "Esso Experience" train; the dude has a bright future heard! Check the credentials if ya don't believe me: About Esso.

1 of 5 nominee's for MTVu, Freshmen video, Esso needs YOUR vote! Don't just vote because I asked you to (well you should, but I'm saying), vote because the video is actually mad dope. So watch the video and then take your happy tail over to MTVu and vote :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humor: Maronzio Vance Hearts Ja Rule

Comedian, Maronzio Vance, woke up one day and "found three Ja Rule CD's and I know I didn't buy them".

Dude is mad funny, he keeps me in stitches on twitter, although I had to tell him to tone down the Whitney bashing LOL. Anyway, check out how "livid" Maronizo was when he found these CD's, lol....

If you've never seen, Maronzio's, "Puffy is Poison" video rant - it is also a must see LOL (*disclaimer* the things said in this video are in no way shape or form my personal feelings LOL)

Also see: Puffy Is Poison Part 2

Maronizo on the web: - Myspace/Maronzio - Twitter/MaronzioVance - Youtube/Maronzio - Facebook/iamMaronzioVance

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Definition of GAY!

So yesterday someone posted a comment about if a man likes anal, he is gay. It has bothered me for some time now that people REALLY believe that. Last time I checked, being gay had to do with having an attraction to the same sex and not a particular sexual position. I'm going to need someone to find me this information that says only gay's can have anal sex, because obviously I missed this memo. How did anal become a gay persons thing but oral sex means you're straight? LOL Like really, who wrote this rule book? Most importantly, why do people insist that it is true?

Lets break down what being gay really is...shall we?

Back in the day, "gay" meant to being happy, jolly, carefree, etc..its a word that described an emotion. Moving light years forward, and the same carefree, uninhibited attitude, we have persons who were into sexual things that weren't conventional; homosexuality...attraction to the same sex

A person whose sexual orientation is to persons of the same sex.
A man whose sexual orientation is to men: an alliance of gays and lesbians.


Now don't read more into this note, its honestly just how I feel and nothing to do with my personal life. Being an erotica writer I feel there is nothing wrong with people doing any and everything to reach their peak of climax. Now unless someone can show me otherwise, I'm going to need simple minded, judgmental people to go sit on it! Too be honest, I'd be happy if people were just able to live their carefree, sexual lifestyle without the need to explain it or hide it. A great reason HIV and AIDS grow each year can be credited to people who are apart of the downlow family.They're afraid to live their lives and just hide it. Hiding it cause them to lie to themselves and others, causing them to put up a front, which causes more harm than good.

The real question is, Does it really matter who turns the next person on? Should we really care? Pansexuality and Polysexual people are being birthed daily in this day and age also.

Do what makes you happy sexually - hell, explore other things too. Stop living in fear to stick your winky in the shooter because you're afraid of being labeled! If you feel like you're gay for trying it, then maybe you are lol ..There is nothing wrong with being gay, accept it if you are and be jolly :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inspiration: RIP Michael Jackson

Chamillionaire just posted this exclusive video footage of his Camera Man, Massa, visiting Gary, IN. It is a rather touching and emotional piece; I just had to share! RIP MICHAEL JACKSON!

original post

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Meet Donnie Scantz!!

"Top reasons you should follow @MRSCANTZ"

Since my Tweeps are being difficult and acting brand new, I thought I'd bring my "Top reasons you should follow @MRSCANTZ" to the music heads who follow me over here and would appreciate following the talented producer!!

Donnie Scantz, music producer, musician, songwriter, two time Grammy Nominee and the man with the key for the 688 unreleased Prince tracks!! Founder of State of Emergency, a music and extreme lifestyle allegiance dedicated to producing R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock. Artists under his belt: Aaliyah ("I Don't Wanna"), Toni Braxton ("Christmas in Jamaica"), Usher ("Yeah!" - Grammy nom track), Ludacris ("Pimpin' All Over the World"), J. Holiday ("Ghetto", "Sooner You Get to Love"), Danity Kane ( "2 of You") and Chris Brown ("Throwed") and MORE..........

He is looking to reach the 1800 mark of twitter followers and I am doing all I can, as the Mayor of Twitter, to assist him w/ this goal!! I WANT THE PRINCE MUSIC, lol....

So if you're on twitter and you're looking for someone COOL to follow - make Mr Scantz that man! He is a producer who speaks back w/ his followers and is appreciative of everyone who follows him...Did I mention he was from Houston and cousin of producer Bryan-Michael Cox? Talent is in the veins! Don't sleep on, Donnie!! He has an ear for talent - I'm not saying spam him with your music, but build that twitlationship and see what happens. I know he is welcoming interns and such at times - who knows!

Donnie on the web: - -

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Mix-tape: Mario - What The Game's Been Missing

As many of you know, I'm TOTALLY in love with Mario and have been since Nov of 04. Met him in Dallas at a label listening party and he touched my soul LOL. I love it when he comes to town because its always a good time and this weekend was NO exception. Mario and comedian, Kevin Hart, are currently hosting the Burger King Fam Fest - a mini tour coming to a city near you.

While in Houston, Mario did radio and spoke on a mix-tape that he recently dropped - how in the hell did I miss this? lol..I'm not a downloading type of person, but 09 has changed me. First Drake, then my Brother RL's (from NEXT), Dont Talk Just Listen mix-tape and now Mario! I may seem biased but I promise I'm not when I say, I TRULY appreciate the R & B sound that RL & Mario are hitting us with! FYI - RL REALLY put me on to Drake, he is always reminding me so I got to give him credit LOL...

I'll let YOU be the judge...Mario's, What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape featuring his DJ, DJ Aktive, along with Don Cannon & hosted by Ant Live. "Break Up", Mario's current single, is also featured on the mix-tape....Be sure to hit Mario up on twitter - he runs his own shit;

Pics from this weekend at the club......Shout out to "The Crew" - LC, Leslie & Charlie Hustle!...Mad love to Mario, Aktive, and Coop!

Charlie Hustle and Mario

Mario You see it!



Mario in the DJ Booth *side note - DJ Good Grief was HORRIBLE*

Mario put on a mini show...bong bong {(c) Sterling Simms} to the breezy who tried to tongue him down LOL


Candy Girl & Mario (Coop, I see you STYLIN in all black back there lol)

Mario, (unknown), Jay & My Charlie Hustle..

Mario "Loving you, loving you, loving you...When I'm, when I'm...Loving you, loving you ...Why would you wanna break up?"

He is such a beautiful human being :)

DJ Aktive and Mario

DJ Aktive gettin busy!

What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Mixtape: Mickey Factz

If you know me, ya know I am TOTALLY in love w/ Mickey Factz; my "Freshmen" favorite without a doubt! Please respect that I've been diggin Mickey LONG before the commercials and Magazine Covers. I'm talkin, late 2007 to recent - shouts out to my Clyde, Dutch!!

If you're not sure who he is - GOOGLE HIM!

Current spokesman for the 2009 Honda Accord Rhymes and Reasons Campaign( You've seen the commercial on BET - the one where he plays a paralegal by day and an artist by night. Truth be told, Mickey actually went to school to be a Paralegal and has been rapping for about three years or so now.

Mickey recently had a shit load of shows at SXSW, took a little break to revamp, only to come back and announce that he is the R.O.C.'s newly signed Artist - RESPECT!

Shouts out to my NY BFF Ainz Neal over at for the image

Monday, April 21, Mickey hit the stage in NY with The Roots & Stalley...My baby ROCKIN lol

@MickeyFactz- Truthfully: Shout to @questlove and black thought for helping me be apart of a crazy jam session!! Rock, Rap and impromptu freestyling!

Dropping a new mixtape on Wednesday, Mickey, wants the world to know WHO THE FUCK HE IS!! I am posting this as it is downloading but I'm certain I won't be disappointed! As an artist - NO LYRICIST, he NEVER disappoints! As a FRIEND - he truly never disappoints - very funny dude :) I'll be sure to follow up with a review of the album and maybe an interview..I'm turning it up on ya Mick! lol

Who The Fuck Is Mickey Factz Mixtape

Mickey Factz on the 'net - download ALL of his mixtapes!

Upcoming Shows:
Apr 22 2009 8:00P Hostel New Orleans, Louisiana
Apr 29 2009 8:00P The Black Apple/BKc San Fran Event San Francisco, California
Apr 30 2009 8:00P The Roxy Hollywood, California
May 30 2009 8:00P Lyricist Lounge - Mighty San Francisco, California
Jun 27 2009 8:00P First Midwest Bank Amphitheater Chicago, Illinois
Jul 12 2009 8:00P Merriweather Post Pavillion Baltimore, Maryland
Jul 18 2009 8:00P Comcast Center Boston, Massachusetts
Jul 19 2009 8:00P Jones Beach Amphitheatre Long Island, New York
Aug 1 2009 8:00P Glen Helen Amphitheater Los Angeles, California
Aug 8 2009 8:00P Shoreline Amphitheater San Francisco, California

My Favorite Mickey track - Automatic

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mixtape Review - RL from NEXT

I know I probably should have posted this last week but I have been lazy witht he blogging lol - my bad bro :)

I'm sure I am probably annoying everyone with mt recent talk of RL's new mixtape - "Don't Talk Just Listen" Part I - but hey, I love it. And NO I'm not just saying that because I love him (lol) I do really love it. He actually sent me a few tracks months ago & I didn't listen to it much - the new ish is HITTIN! So I decided to do a review of the mixtape and hopefully you'll be more interested in downloading it. This is more of a personal review, meaning I'm keeping it real, instead of a professional one. =) It's totally not in order - oh and follow him on twitter - - MIXTPAE DOWNLOAD

The "Don't Talk Just Listen" Mixtape Part I

Intro –

Laughing Out Loud on calling out the calling out of the lack of good R & B music. “What happened to the music, what happened to the singing?”

Bomb –

owwwwwwwwwwwwww!! THIS IS MY JAWNNNNNN! If he doesn’t make this a single, we are going to fight lol. “In the night wakes me up with her hands down my pj’s” <== favorite line! Nice up-tempo dance track, love the break down near the end, I think we need a rapper featured on it there. He is again, praising how great his girl is – she is “The Bomb”.

Mixed Up –

This is the song that has replaced “Make it last forever” as my wedding song – yes, RL will be singing at my wedding and this is the track lol. This man sang some of the best R & B tracks from back in the day and made it one song – NO really! “Lets Chill”, followed by “Pretty Brown Eyes” to “Before I Left You Go”, to “Cry For You”, back to “Lets Chill” – most def my wedding song for me & “The Drew”! Its sooo pretty!

Party Girl –

Uhh yeah! OBVIOUSLY another personal track lol. AGAIN, no disrespect but sweet Jesus! It’s a nice message for the ladies tho – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND LOVE IN THE CLUB! I believe this is probably what men think of chicks who frequent the club on the regular. Some men like club chicks but trust, he is not the one “nite life fame, atl pics, click click – I see every club you’re in”. “Just a mixtape, nothing personal, I promise” I’m too done with him. AGAIN – NO disrespect.

Rerun –

Upbeat tempo track about being caught up in a dysfunctional relationship. A relationship one lets go but keeps going back to although they know it’s not healthy. No disrespect to parties involved but knowing Rob, I’d have to say this is one of those tracks about his personal life. It is most def one of those healing songs for him.

Gangsta of LOVE –

Rockin with that Anthony Hamilton beat (since I seen youuuuuuuu), I thought he was going to sing it for me but he tricked me lol. Actually, he is on some old school “Cyber Sex” ish – I need to hit fast forward..that boy is nasty LOL

Stranger In My Bed –

Another relationship track speaking on a how a woman changed through the course of the courtship. He now doesn’t know who she is. “Blame it on the yakkkk”…The “click click click” has me thinking that this is once again – a personal track.

One –

“She’s a mannnn eater!” yea, this track is a cool one to vibe to. Reflecting on a young lady who is “the one” and how her love is “critical”. Every man needs a woman who is “The One” – having him feel “on top of the world”.

Say You Will –

Obviously a Kanye track he made his own. The man is sangin from his (Tasha Mack voice) “hort” (heart). Do I hear you on auto tune in the middle, Rob? Lol

Roni Ruff –

He took us back with that Bobby Brown, Roni. Of course he added his own spin is on it and the production is a little different; makes for a nice remake. I think this is one of the tracks he sent me months ago and I later told him he wasn’t singing, singing like the world knows him. The remake is chill, don’t get me wrong but it’s not the raspy, high note singing RL on this track.

If You Leave Me Now –

This track is what we’d consider an album track, nice slow track in the middle of the cd. Why do I always get a Michael Jackson vibe whenever I hear it? Lol It’s a nice love song. “We’ve come too far to leave it all behind”.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clit Chronicles: The Perfect Session; Creating Soundtrack of Love

The Perfect Session; Creating Soundtrack of Love
Clit Chronicles by: CathrynMarie
Ficton Erotica (actually, this one is semi fiction *doh* LOL but you'll never know what is fiction and what is *giggle*)

The moment he said he “didn’t care”, I knew I wanted to share the rest of the night with him. My girl friends and I were just expressing how we longed to be with a man whom we could be happy with and about. You know, a man you can tell any and everyone about without secretly feeling like his dirty little secret? I was going to keep it a flirting situation until those words left his lips – the soft lips that they are. With the position he is in and for him to say that, I knew his ongoing quest to share intimate time with me was not a quest to gain because he could giving who he is; it was a quest all about ME and everything he communicated to me was real.

Heading back to my place after a night out on the town, I helplessly lost myself in the sweet enfold of his mesmerizing kisses; we stood in front of my door for 20 minutes captured in the moment. Truly the sweetest moment of lip locking ever shared between a man and a woman. Once entering my residence, we knew what we were there for but it wasn’t a rushed situation. Allowing ourselves to feel one another out before commencing into what was evitable to happen within moments; we sat on the edge of the bed and conversed about simple things – meaningful things. I cannot recall the last time I looked a man in his eyes for so long, I wanted him to feel my alertness and know how sincere I was about every thought filtering through his brain and transported through his lips. I was in total awe.

Making the first move, he once again, told me how beautiful I was. The words sent chills through my body because it’s how he made me feel; Halle Berry had nothing on me right now. He formed his lips and placed sweet, tender kisses on the right side of my neck, wasting no time to hit my spot and begin the process of operation-get-the-kitty-wet. Somewhere in between him kissing my neck, gripping my breast and kissing my lips, he managed to remove my jeans; that boy good!! My heart began to race when he wrapped his forearms around the back of my knee caps and pulled me towards him to the point where my naked ass was at the left corner edge of the bed. Pushing my legs upward towards the ceiling fan and dropping to his knees, he performed mouth-to-pussy restitution on my love box; definitely brought her to life. The passion he feels for music is the same passion he used in his lips while making love to my pussy. Each slurp sent chills through my body. Each tongue thrust sent a warm sensation through my body. Not knowing how to feel, hot or cold, he turned up the intensity when he got real sloppy with it and introduced my stump to his tongue; heaven. What was he doing to me? He topped the pleasure of happy sensation by once again telling me how beautiful I was; he was right, I had been messing with idiots before.

Never one to be selfish and unappreciative, I felt it was my duty to bless him with some of the best head he would ever have; at the end of the session, he cosigned and said it was the best! Getting up from the position he had me in, I gestured for him to lie on the bed. Comply with my order, he lay across the bed and I proceeded to remove his pants and boxers; words cannot express how my mouth watered with delight and joy. His dick was long and I made a promise to myself I would find a way to have it hitting the back of my throat until you could no longer see the shaft. Allowing the fluids in my mouth to build up, I wanted his dick to slide in and out of my wet mouth because soon it would be in a sea of juices in my pussy; couldn’t short change him. Snuggled between his legs that he had slightly open, I used no hands and gave it to him straight, no chaser; sucked his whole dick until it was completely in my mouth. Quickly sliding back to the head of his dick, I rolled my tongue around the tip and advanced into a flirting game with it. Peeking up at him, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open moaning, “oh god”. I had him right where I wanted him. I think I surprised him when I once again took all of his manhood and played hide and seek in my mouth, but this time sticking my tongue out and stretching it until I reached his rocks. Making my lips form as if I am imitating a fish, I rolled my tongue on his shaft as I made my way back up for air. Continuing this numerous times, I wanted him to beg me to stop – indeed it was too much for him to handle or perhaps he just wanted to feel my vagina walls closing in on his dick now. Whatever the reason was, I moved around from my position and sat on my bum and I watched him walk across the room to retrieve a condom. His body was beautiful; his dick bouncing up and down with each step had me wanting to taste more of it.

Quick with the removal of the condom from the golden package, he rolled it on his dick, made his way on to the bed and blessed me with another positive energy kiss. I didn’t want to break the kiss but I wanted to give him the goods! I laid my back against the comfortable mattress and he kissed the kitty again; he really wanted her to purr. Fitting between my legs, I felt an out of body experience the moment his dick pressed against my lips and forced its way inside my pussy. I wanted to scream, moan, yell, holler – anything! He hadn’t even done anything and it was already exceptional loving; I guess it’s true when they say sex is 90% mental because in my mind I knew he would be the best I’d ever have.

His slow thrusts and strokes in my pussy enticed me, it was like he was talking to me in sign language and was telling me my pussy was good and he wanted to savor each moment. I wasn’t made at him for it either. Peeking between my legs to look at the magic in play, I felt my clit throbbing with happiness. He didn’t just hit one spot, he did moves that allowed him to focus on the right, move to the left and then directly in the center. As much as I loved what he was doing, I really just wanted to suck his dick until he came in my mouth; I wanted to taste him so bad it killed me.

Wanting to try a new position, he motioned for me to get on my stomach as he then slid his Mandingo. Gripping my ass with the palm of his hands, he pushed up on my rare; making my vaginal opening spread some. Once inside, I felt him in my stomach – this was some good pain! The sound of my juices welcoming his love muscle was music to my ears – with the track on repeat like his favorite song; he hit all of the right spots and made a song with the sound of eternal wetness. I began to feel drops of sweat on the small of my back as I pounced my ass off his stick as we worked together, making that magic. I didn’t want him to stop, just wanted him to keep going until he made me come all over his dick but he told me he was ready to come and the thought of that excited me more than me actually releasing.

Him telling me he was coming only meant one thing – he wanted to remove the package from the saran wrap and explode on me; happy, happy, joy, joy! Quickly switching from my doggy style position to lay upon my back, I watched him as he bit the bottom of his lip, obvious excitement, and slide the condom off his pole. His dick dangling in front of me looked too good not to kiss one more time before his flow let loose, so I proceeded to sit up with my mouth ajar, I probably should have let him know I wanted to suck it some – all of the jacking and whacking he was doing with his eyes closed, never allowed me to kiss the tip, I was instead met halfway by his crème filling. Yes, I was showered with his juices smack dab in the face and throughout the hair. Hey, it was defiantly worth it – the moan that came along with it was the best ending to a night of creating a soundtrack of love.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back From Social Networking Vaca!

Boy oh boy...Back from a week of NO Twitter, NO Facebook, NO MySpace, NO AIM, NO YIM, NO GChat and NO blogging - for someone who spends a lot of her time online, it sure wasn't THAT hard lol...It was a bet between me and my good pal, Cory, when he decided he was going to take a break due to a heavy work week (although he did blog..booo). I don't even know how the conversation came to place, but he told me I couldn't do it. I had to prove him wrong, ya'll and NO, I did not peek or anything. Instead, I got back into grant writing and a host of other things, including FINALLY storing numbers from my old phone to my "new" phone. LOL @ the people I texted out of the blue, I had forgot alll about em lmao...

The break away probably would have taken place for a few days anyway because I couldn't take anymore of the bad press the Rihanna and Chris Brown, situation were getting. The stories were crazy and rather stressful. I'm not saying I know Chris all personal and what have you but I have my reasons and situations for feeling very strong and sorry for what he was going through. I said I was going to cry and by golly geez whiz, I had to shed a few tears for the young lad. He is an amazingly gifted kid and he did something out of the ordinary. We ALL have our moments in life in which we regret things we have done but we're human; Chris is human. Don't get me wrong, the 1 time my ex decided to hem me up, I ended our 7 year relationship at that moment; I'm not with domestic violence but sometimes people have to be forgiven for their mistakes.

I have been in Chris' position - yes, I beat the fuck out of an ex. Do I regret it, very much so. Would I do it again? Hell yea lol. Naw, seriously, during the situation I had an out of body experience when dude was disrespecting me, so I went bad on him. Does that make me a bad person? Do you think less of me because I had to have the cops come to our home and almost arrest me? *shrug* I mean, I know who I am and I know WHY I did what I did. Heck, even tho he goes overboard and tells the story saying I tried to kill him (lol) he cried and begged for the police to not take me to jail and I did not go. He knew he was out of line but that doesn't give me the right to flip everything over in the house, punch him in his face, arm, leg and chest. It doesn't make it okay that I bit the shit out of his leg through his black jeans and left a scar he will forever have, but he knows that wasn't me. We still talk to this day, years after the ordeal and even laugh about it. We don't know what went through Chris' head or what led up to the situation, so it's not our position to judge. He lost endorsements and everything else, I'm certain someone from one of the companies I work with is reading this and if you feel the need to rip up our contract, please do so if you feel it is right. I mean, never mind the fact that I do GREAT work for your company and respect each person, forget the fact that we have an established relationship - business and personal - rip that shit up! I mean, its what everyone has done to CB and the many urban blogs have contributed to him losing so much. Look in the mirror and I can promise we have all had our Chris Brown moment...I'm just sayin...

I'm not an every day praying type of person, but I will put on some Kirk Franklin, "Imagine Me" and just study the lyrics, over and over again. Last week I do so as my prayer to Chris Brown; cue the tears!

Right afterwards, and learning that Target had pulled CB's music, I went straight Kelis, "Fuck Them Bitches" on em for, Chris. Everyone bringing him down and enjoying his down fall - Fuck You...Thanks :)

Anyway..I'm back and a few things have more sprite, chilled out on the fried foods, etc etc...I'm disappointed in disloyal people, a lot of people have displayed so last week. I'm good though and I once again want to thank everyone who called, texted, emailed, DM'd, etc to check on me. Odara & Shercole get the award for missing me the most tho lol..them heffas plotted and figured out who my bestest pal was and asked him how I was..thats what I'm tomboutttttttttttt!!! u ladies :) Nukirk..thanks for the call too :) Ainz & Delano did it in & got me back a day early, they missed Mama Bear! I love my boys!

Monday, January 26, 2009

No Really, There ARE Good Men Out There!

Tonight one of my engaged pals made a comment tonight about "the 142" (yea, I named my new weight, ha) and said he'd "hit it from the back"..AREN'T YOU ENGAGED!?!? Shouldn't such flirting and comments stop? I'm just, lol. Hell, I've never even been with dude, so why would he pick NOW to try to make a comment like such? He was probably kidding but I didn't even reply to see if he was or not, it just reminded me that he is the SECOND engaged pal of mine to make a comment like that. Last week it was "I'll blow yo back out" and "I have 2 hit that again before I get married" HUH? lmao

Before my faith in ALL men is totally shot, I decided to think of all of the men that keep me focused and reminded that there are GREAT men out there and women shouldn't think that all men are dogs. I'm a chick who has been hurt by the best of them but it has not made me give up on one day finding TRUE love =)

This is just off of the top of my head so if I forget any of my amazing friends, PLEASE forgive me LOL...Please note that these are NOT a list of men that I want or been with lol...cept 4 maybe 2 hahahaha

MR New York

If you're on twitter or someone REALLY close to me, you know allll about Mr New York! Known him for almost 8 yrs but really got to know him last year; we've had some GREAT time together. I'd so ask him to marry me, lol. He is gorgeous, funny, successful, shows me he cares in his own way and does da damn thing in...ummm, yea LOL...It helps that he works for a MAJOR Black Magazine and is NOT in the industry BUT it's not what makes him.

Crisco Kidd

Heart pure of FLIPPING gold..No seriously! I adore and respect no man more than him, he is amazing. The way he gives back to his community, friends and family is breathe taking. He puts in 200% at the job and he is GREAT at what he does, yet always trying to better himself. I respect all that and more about him. He is the most unselfish man I have ever met, most recently cutting his hair off during a hair drive to donate to those with cancer. Plus he is FIONEEE as fck LOL

Robert Lavelle

Known as RL to most =), yea, that dude from NEXT lol. He's sensitive and caring to a woman's thoughts. When you're feeling down, he is most def someone you can call & cry to. Although he is who he IS, he is NOT that person; he doesn't have an ego or come across better than you. Every woman wants to feel like an equal and by golly geez whiz, I bet he'd make his woman happy with his attentiveness. Plus he is SILLY as all shits! LORD, he has NO sense what so ever LOL

J Dakar

The most dashing man I've come across. I recall seeing him in New Orleans, it was from a far but he DEMANDED attention. His exquisite demeanor filled the room - sounds funny yet its true. Two weeks later, I'm online bullshitting and I'm in awe that I see him online. It was a moment that I wouldn't have given him a second thought from seeing him at Essence, it was just a casual, "Damn, who is that" type of things but when I saw him online it was like "damnnnnnnnnnnnn" LOL. He is very successful yet very humble and down to earth, an honest man who comes off as a best of both worlds type of man. Yeah, HOT =)

Ainz Neal

Super man! ha! Ainz is the coolest muthaflipper in the world! He's TALL (which all women love, lol) and very handsome - my favorite thing about him is his friendship and knowing that he does the manly things in relationships. ANY woman would be lucky to have such a gem. He is funny as all hell. Most important, he is responsible and takes care of his business in situations most men would say "blah" to! Mama loves her Ainz!! =)

Aaron Arnold

Him taking a chance, giving up a great position and starting over to become Diddys intern is a move I'd do. I've never been one 2 settle for a job and will work a job I like no matter the pay, because I know I will work my way to the top & be in a better position before its all said and done with. He is my first role model, ever in life and a dear friend. He is smart, a power mover and an asshole, LOL..jokes! That's just how real he is, he can be the laid back Double A every day but can joke around with the best of them. He would make any woman happy, as he has the ability to be her best friend and her lover - I lucked up & got the great friend in him.

Joey Digital

An elite, young black man who grinds and sees progression. He is a business man like no other, very confident and follows through to make certain each project is satisfactory to his customers or clients. I believe the same display would be something he brings into a relationship; making sure his woman is always happy! I'm not mad at that, PLUS, he has a cool twitter shirt =)

Ali Muhammad

The family man, most women wished they were married to. Aside from his business adventures, Ali is an amazing man because he speaks highly of his beautiful family on a regular. I don't know his wife, yet I'm quick to ask how she and the kids are because you know they are his life, they are what makes him happy and motivates him to go out and handle his business. A supportive backing is something needed in a relationship and it displayed in his.

Anthony Gilbert

I feel like I know him because his blogs are so personal, yet they are sports blogs lol. He is easily a man that would be open with a woman, something we LONG for lol. It also helps that he is very handsome, ha! Naw, lol he's a sports journalist, and an amazing writer - can you life with a writer? I bet he writes nice little notes and stuff, in sports form lol. He easily has something we need, and its the getting to know a person and it being easy. And did I mention he's a sports journalist? LOL Never a dull moment with him, ESPN on every morning and good conversation; I can dig it =)

okay, this list could go on and on LOL. My ninja Wil Sylvince, Perry (Vision), Poncho, Chris Classic, etc etcccccc!!

Overall ladies, there's NO need to settle and there's NO need to feel like you want to show men a lesson and go be a ho. There are indeed GREAT men out there and if you sit down and evaluate yourself, you'll find the man that fits what YOU ARE and not what you WANT! Maybe you're not supposed to have a man with hella money, rims, and a 6 figure job - maybe you're supposed to be with the man who has a regular 9-5 and has some of the qualities the men listed above have. I wish I could take one thing from each man and build my perfect man, how cool would that be? LOL