Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gay Marriage Cards

Most states don't recognize gay marriage — but now Hallmark does.

It's our goal to be as relevant as possible to as many people as we can," Hallmark spokeswoman Sarah Gronberg Kolell said.

Hey, I ain't mad at em, but then again I'm from Berkeley, Cali where we just don't give a fuck, lol. I grew up riding the bus w/ naked people sitting next to me, so people being gay is a way of life *shrug* fuck it! Kudos Hallmark =)

Karrine's Party Night

Keeping you update w/ Karrine, she just posted a new video blog today. Tonight she will be celebrating her 30th birthday in ATL. She opened a special guest list for Twitter folks. Here is a list of the VIP folks, Lord knows I wanted to come out and party it up - oh well!!

I must say, I have found it quite humorous the amount of stuff that has been in the blogs lately about Karrine. I haven't said anything because its not my position but its FUNNY! I will say tho, Karrine is alright in my book, she is chill as fuck and is doing stuff online that most "Celebs" aren't doing - so Im not mad at her. Maybe it's the Marketing mentality in me, she is above the game when it comes to getting herself out there right now. True, her name may have gotten big over some controversial behavior but she has made some changes, she faded out of the spot light for a minute and now she is back but not back to make money off people - she is just chilling amongst us everyday people. I cant knock her for that! Rave on Wifey =)

Anyway - check her new V Blog Previous blogs - click here and here

I love this guy.....

He's probably going to kill me later - oh well! lol RL, was on my mind just now, upon looking at new pics, so I wanted to write about him *smilez*

You haven't heard much from him lately, so you probably forgot all about my Ninja - or have you? Check the inserts of your cd's, you've heard him ya just don't know it. From Jaime Foxx's "Unpredictable" to Keith Sweats latest album, to new tracks on Trey Song's album - TRUST, you've heard him. He's rather humble & not looking for the spot light (in my yes), he is just about writing good music. He recently had a show in Dallas (2 weeks ago actually) but overall you can catch him in the studio writing some hits with top producers and artist.

RL & Lance @ PF Changs

Oh, yea, you can catch him in the gym also, LOL...I'm about to send my Mommy this pic, lol. She LOVES him and I was nice and let her talk to him last week, I had to hear about him all weekend.

Thanx for always being so kind, butter-cup! love ya =)..KiT CaT

Catch RL on the net - and I don't know his Facebook url, but he's there also!

More Reunion Pics

I have come across more reunion pics - YaY! lol Blog 1, Blog 2

Vic Brown said he was ready, but I dnt think so, LOL

Linc & the Ladies

Greg, Leonard, Marcus


Danelle & Booker

Dolla, Dolla, Dolla Bill Ya'll

We've all relocated from time to time, sometimes we move and think we left something behind. Would you believe me if I told you that it may be MONEY you left behind? Oh, but it's TRUE! The mail service only forwards your mail for so long, there's no telling how much mail you missed out on. Or maybe a company had money for you and just had no address on you, period. But how would you know? Ha, I've got the answer for you and you can thank me later if it turns out you have a check floating out there.

This is REAL - no hoax shit, its from the GOVERNMENT; take a look. Again, thank me later =) Oh and be sure to share w/ your Family & Friends, my Mommy shared with me and my Family and some of them got money coming to them. Lucky bastards, I don't have shit coming, lol. Be sure to check every state and city that you lived in.

2008 Hypeman Contest

I do too much work w/ the great folks at Scion for me not to push this =)

One of the most underestimated elements of live hip hop is the importance of a dope Hypeman...

For the second year in a row, Scion's Hypeman Contest is aimed at discovering the quintessential hip hop master of ceremonies.

Aside from DJs, producers, and MCs, an often overlooked aspect of live hip hop is the back-up MC and party host, commonly referred to as the Hypeman.

Are you hype? You got the skills and knowledge to capture mass appeal? Can you get the party crackin?

Then submit a Video, DVD, or CD that shows your Hypeman skills.

30 semi-finalists will be chosen, and each will be sent to one of three auditions to compete against one another in numerous rounds of Hypeman tests and scenarios.
Auditions will be moderated by hip hop society legend Ricky Powell ( and judged by our panel of hip hop pros - DJ Clark Kent (Producer for Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., and more), Skillz (Jazzy Jeff's Hypeman), Anthony "Ant" Marshall (Co-founder of Lyricist Lounge).

One grand prize winner from each audition will take home $2,000 and a home-studio prize package provided by M-Audio that includes a Fast Track Ultra - High-speed USB 2.0 Interface, ProTools M-Powered software, Q40 Studio Reference Headphones, Nova Studio Microphone, and Studio backpack.

Read the Official Contest Rules and Regulations, Download the Entry Form, and send us your entry now!

Enter Beginning: July 31, 2008
Entry Deadline: November 15, 2008

The 2008 Scion Hypeman Contest is proudly supported by M-Audio.
Create, produce, record and perform music with the latest innovative gear from M-Audio - the leading provider of technology for today's computer-based musicians and audio professionals.


Friday, August 22, 2008

My Sunshine!

Her name is April and she ROCKS!!

Our 2nd time hanging out - LOL @ her gettin crunk. I knew right before this pic was taken that I was gon love this girl, LOL

In life we meet a lot of people, some you become instantly cool with and others who you just deal with, LOL. With the work that I do I make a lot of "by default" friends or "associates". By Default folks are the ones you happen to be cool with because of work or because they are friends of a friend or family member - APEEZY may have started off in that boat because of who we associate w/ but in the end, yo, that's my muthafuckin DOG!

We laugh, we joke, we cry, we eat (FOOD u morons), we just CLICK! She is like a real sister to me, adding her to the clan of other great sisters I have! She's my Nikki to her Doris, LOL. Yea, them hos are tight and thats how my April is to me! I would like to thank the great folks who moved her to Houston, lol. I know she has my back, she has done it time and time again and I most def have hers. Our disappoint in people is on point, lol and we are >>>>>HERE<<<<<
Just in case I don't tell ya enough, I loveeeeeeeeeeee you "Popea" LOL We're getting so serious I may have to get your name tattooed on me, LOLOLOL! ok, I'm dumb! Whew! I promise I have NEVER had a bad thought about this lady man, she's just great and she is so beautiful! Thanx for being my sunshine, Sunshine!

We love the same music and laugh at the same stuff! We also love the same food and are curious about the same things, LOL. We are jut some damn fools!! We will be bored at a party (or Que boat cruise *ahem*) and still some how have fun

And we both LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Kanye West! She was sick during the concert and still rocked it with me, LOL...

As Promised

A lot of people have been telling me lately that they missed their 10 year reunion - makes me even more ecstatic that I went to mine! I had a ball with you wonderful people! =)

More pics on FB & MySpace

Doin what I do best - DANCE..LOL

CaT & Linc - still finer than a muthafucka *smilez*

Danielle, CaT, Brandy, Sherlita aka The Crew prt 1

Marcus, Third, Michael, Greg, Lenord & Linc aka The Crew prt 2

Sennie, Kim, Aaliyah, Contasia aka The Crew prt 3

Liyah & Stu - yup The Crew

Fina and Finy with their oh so awesome Husbands =) "You'll all be dead in 10 yrs" LOL

CaT, Linc, Michael & Sherlita

CaT & Marc Cole! My homie for real!!

CaT, Tony's wife, Tony & Jermey

Half of the clan - others were late, lol

Ms. Jackson

Yooooooooo - I can't wait for her tour, I haven't seen Janet since 1998 when she was on tour with Usher and I was knocked up, lol. I love this lady so extra much, like for real! See ya in Oct, JJ! =)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's on Twitter now

Guess who is on Twitter now - Mr. Aaron Arnold of =) YaY! lol add him fellow Twitts! And be sure to check him out on VH1's, Will Work For Diddy -

Damn Jesus!

Ray Allen was married over the weekend *le sigh* Another one bites the dust, lol...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My 10 year Reunion

Yoooooooooo - I must say, it was so GREAT to see all of my old JR High & High School classmates. I haven't seen most of them in well over 10 years so it was cool to catch up! The laughs were non stop - starting with Michael and Marcus Deal having the staff bring them their own table, them negros have NOT Seeing Lincoln, Fina, Finy & Sherlita made my night - I so stan them! I was in shock to see Marcus Cole, man, I've known that negro long before High School!! The Reunion crew did an amazing job - it was funny giving people hugs and then saying "Whats your name again?" LOL! TOO funny! More pics to come soon! Just letting everyone know I had a ball and everyone looked great - all except for the one chick who for some reason said she looked better than everyone else..LOL..was she serious? LOL.

ps - the picture above is NOT of everyone who came out. They had us take the pic upon first arrival to get it over with, sucks cause a lot of cool people missed out on the pic but hey! I'm located in the 2nd seat w/ the yellow jacket. Speaking of 1st arrival - I won a gift certificate to Wal Mart for being the 1st to arrive..LOL..I'm punctual, what can I say? LOL

Remebering Bernie Mac

My great pal, comedian Wil Sylvince posted a blog in remembrance of Bernie Mac. It took me a minute to go read it, for some reason Bernie's death has hit me hard and I wasn't ready for it. But I'm glad I took the time to read it. Thanx again for sharing, Love! =)

Wil & Bernie

March 28, 1998- Radio City Music Hall. The biggest comedy tour ever was here tonight in New York City, The Kings Of Comedy starring Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer and Bernie Mac. DL Hughley had not join the cast yet. Bernie Mac hooked me up with two tickets, I took my friend Dana and four of her girlfriends. I bumped into some more friends along the way that wanted to go. I said come on and lets see if we can get in. My entourage grew to 6 deep. We get to the back door and security was tight. I asked for Bernie Mac or Cedric to come to the door. Ced comes and OK's my whole crew in! At that time the line up Chris Thomas hosting, Cedric, Bernie Mac and Steve takes them home.

I breeze by Bernie Mac's dressing room and knocked on the door. I heard "come in!" I cracked the door and Bernie was sitting back in what looks like a reclined chair. I yelled from the door "I know you're in your zone but thanks for the love and good luck tonight" -as if he needed it. It was pretty noisy outside. Bernie shouts back "hey Wil what's up man! Come on in and close the door behind you!" We exchange pound and a hug and he said, "have a seat."

We kicked a few jokes about bullshit and talked about the tour, when he was last in NYC, and things he's working on. He ask me, "how's the Boston comedy spot you're doing?" I said, "it's cool, it's a great spot thats helping me grow and I have learned a lot and still learning. But I want to move on but I feel like I'm stuck. Plus I have to take some speech classes cause I can't talk for shit. A few people in the industry tell me no one is gonna hire me if they don't understand me..." Bernie says "first of all you don't have to be stuck. Get up and do your own thang. And man fuck the industry, fuck 'em. Someone understands you cause you're killing the clubs and stages. Someone understands what the fuck ya' saying. Unless all of 'em are your family and friends. If you fix your speech then you won't be the Wil that everyone knows that can't talk for shit. These are the things that give you character and defines who you are. Keep fucking up 'em words! Be who you are, never stop working hard, and always stay humble. Cause it can all be taken as fast as you got it!"

"Thanks Bernie" I replied. "I definitely look up too you cause people used to say things about you like you're too black for TV or sitcoms, you talk with a heavy southern accent and you may scare white people. But somebody understands you too. You never changed, you keep getting better and you're getting standing ovations on this tour. Everyone is talking about that in every city." He said, "thanks Wil. I'm always working hard. I still got ways to go."

I said, "what ever happened to your Midnight Madness show?" He said, "I'm working on some other things now. I want to do my own thang you know. I'm a grown ass man I never cared much about a joke thief you know. When people steal your jokes it's OK, I can always write new ones. But when they start to steal your mannerisms, the things that make you who are, the thangs that make you who you are, your style, down to the very same way you execute your words then it's time to move on. I'm working on my own show idea that I have. It's still in the early stages."

He was about go on stage so I told him I wish him luck and we'll talk again later. That was some of the best life learning advice I've gotten...although it took six year for it sink in.

Bernie Mac went on doing movies and a hit TV show, he worked very hard, stayed humble and always remain being Bernie Mac.