Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This post is one of the reason's why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Wil Sylvince


This Christmas many of us will feel the recession heat and and force us to decide on what to buy and how much to spend on Christmas gifts. You should get something that's easy on the pockets while at the same time very useful to the receiver. Don't buy gifts that are going to cause tension between you and your landlord. But then there's nothing worse than when you receive a gift from someone that's totally useless and shitty and they scowl back "it's the thought that counts..." I'm thinking "what the fuck were you thinking about!?!"

So I compiled a MY TOP 10 COST EFFECTIVE and USEFUL GIFTS for this Christmas and even many more to come..

PRICE: How much it'll cost you
USEFULNESS: How useful it might be- V= Very Useful, SW= Somewhat Useful, FG= make them Feel Good
ALTERNATE: An alternate or compatible gift
WHO: Who can you give it to- E= Everyone, CU= Computer Users, PwLSE= People with Low Self esteem
RATING: over all rating from 1 to 10. With '1' is not so great and '10' is really great.

10. Toilet Paper: Everybody needs it. You show me someone who doesn't need toilet paper and I'll show you someone who's full of shit. And if they don't use it, then you'll be improving their life by helping them clean out their shitty lives. If they say they have toilet paper, you reply "you’ll eventually run out."

Price per: 10¢- $1
Usefulness: V
Alternate: Handi Wipes
Who: E
Rating: 10

9. e-Card: An electronic Christmas card via email, web site, or social networking sites is a great gift to give someone who's always on-line, who doesn’t like to socialize in person, or who can't talk to you unless it's on-line. Also it's for anybody you don't wish to look in the face when you don't have an actual physical gift to give them. Plus it's free, it's quick, and you can send many with just one click of the mouse. You can be as creative as you want in a way that you can't do with pre-made store bought cards. Before someone can say "damn you couldn't at least get me a real card?!?" You write to them in the e-card "I'm going green this year. Did you know Christmas cards destroy thousands of trees and rain forests every year! So this is my gift to you and the earth." And if they don't appreciate it then they don't care about mother earth...they're selfish- fuck 'em!

Price per: $0
Usefulness: SW -Great for the planet
Alternate: Text message
Who: CU & PwLSE
Rating: 8

8. Dollar Store: With about 10 dollars you can probably get the family, friends, and even the boss a very cheap-ass and useful gift! And if you're nice like me, you can knock them all out in just one aisle of shopping! Then head over to Sears, Macy's, or Best Buy, steal price tags, and replace them with the ones on your dollar gifts.

YOU: "Merry Christmas!" (hand over the gift)
THEM: "Thank you! WOW! An 89 dollar toilet paper roll?!?"
YOU: "Yes, only the best for your ass!"

If you don't want to be bothered wondering what they want or don't want give them a 'Dollar Store Gift Certificate'. If you like you can only put one or two dollars on the plastic card but you don't have to write real amount on the paper card jacket. Do like I did to Patrice Oneal. Purchase a one dollar card and write "$100.00" on the paper card jacket. When they go to the check out counter with all the shit they selected, let them and the cashier sort that shit out.

CASHIER: OK, the total is $100 plus tax is $108. Now subtract your gift card.....so you owe $107.
THEM: Oh damn. I'm going to put some stuff back.
CASHIER: How much stuff
THEM: 99 items.

Price per: 10¢- 99¢ (tax varies from state to state)
Usefulness: V (depends on what you get)
Alternate: Another aisle or 'Dollar Store Gift Certificate'
Who: E
Rating: 8

7. Compliment: Pay them a nice hearty good compliment that always make people feel good about themselves. It boosts their self esteem, makes them feel good, cheers them up, reassures their reason for existence, and sometimes the right compliment can even make their whole day! The best compliments are what I call 'tag team complimenting' or 2 or 3 compliments in one.

THEM: "Merry Christmas" (They hand you a gift)
YOU: "Thank you! WOW! That lovely shirt really brings out your beautiful eyes!"

If you're a guy complimenting another guy just 'gay it down' by complimenting their car, girlfriend, or how great they are at Madden.

Price per: $0
Usefulness: FG
Alternate: Compliment something they're working on or their choice in mates
Who: E & PwLSE
Rating: 5

6. Re-wrap an Old Gift: Take last years shitty gift someone gave to you, re-wrap it, and give it to someone else. One man's junk is another man's treasure. When you give them the re-wrapped gift say, "I didn't know what to get you. So I hope you like it." That will set them up to appreciate the re-wrap gift. Most would reply "I'm sure I'll love it." Just remember who gave you the gift last year so you don't end up giving it back to them, otherwise it'll be a bit awkward. But then again maybe not:

THEM: "Hey I gave this to you last year...!"
YOU: "This year is a touche' Christmas" (just walk away)
YOU: "This year is a green Christmas" (just walk away)

Price per: $0
Usefulness: SW
Alternate: Re-wrap something in your home you don't need anymore & tell them you got them something from the vintage store!
Who: E
Rating: 7

5. Hug: A nice warm hug is sometimes all what's needed to make someones Christmas wonderful and whole. Sometimes a hug will help take that person away, to another place, one that's quiet, peaceful, makes them forget their problems, their bills, bad-ass kids, landlord, pathetic ass job, and if good enough they'll forget that you didn't get them a Christmas gift. Keep hugging until they do. Most of my friends call me the 'Hug-King'. I will hug a girl till she's pregnant!

Price per: $0
Usefulness: FG
Alternate: Let them cry on your shoulder
Who: E -Keep it short with kids and the same sex if your a dude
Rating: 4

4. Bump them up on your social networking sites: For most of us myspace is a way of keeping in touch with friends and family or promoting something. But for many others they take myspace entirely too serious. And for those people adding them to your top friends list or bumping them up closer to that number 1 spot might be the best Christmas gift they ever received!

THEM: "Merry Christmas, here's your gift" (they hand you a gift)
YOU: "Thank you. And here's my gift to you..." (walk over to your computer)
THEM: "WOW! You got me a computer?"
YOU: "Nope, even better! Do you notice anything different about my top 8 friends?"
THEM: "OH SHIT!!!! I'm number 5!!! I love you! You're the greatest!!!"

You may get a few that question why they're not in the top 3, you reply "hey, my dog, girl, Chocolate Cinnabunz, Angelina Jolie, and Tom comes first!"

Price per: $0
Usefulness: FG
Alternate: send them an HTLM comment
Who: CU & PLSE
Rating: 9

3. Music Playlist: Music makes the world go round, regardless of the culture, race, religion, or group people love it. In fact we listen to it in the morning, in our cars, on the train or bus, super markets, it's in the movies we watch, video games we play, we exercise with it, comedians come out to it, TV shows go off to it, and it's even in some elevators we ride for a short time. Some people have it on their social networking page and expect you to listen to it when you visit. One of my myspace friends has one of the best playlist on her page Shownine ( www.myspace.com/shownine ). Sometimes I leave her page open so the music can play in the background and I use another window to surf the net! So a great gift to give is to offer your own musical play-list suggestions! And if' you're feeling a bit frugal you can even burn them a CD!

Here's my Play-list that someone will get under their tree:
1. "Funny Face"- by Donna Fargo
2. "I'm Not in Love"- by 10CC
3. "Coward Of The County" -by Kenny Rodgers
4. "Bitches Aint Shit" - Dr. Dre
5. "Think of Laura"- by Christopher Cross
6. "Afternoon Delight" - by Starland Vocal Band
7. "That Girl Is A Slut" -by Just-Ice
8. "Lose Yourself" - by Eminem
9. "You Are My Starship" - by Norman Connors
10. "Big Pimpin'" - by Jay Z
11. "All I Do" -by Stevie Wonder
12. "How Much I Feel" - by Ambrosia
13. "All My Life" - by K-Ci & Jojo
14. "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma" - by David Frizzell & Shelly West
15. "La Di Da Di" -by Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh
16. "Gotta Get You Home Tonight" - by Eugene Wilde
17. "Do You Believe in Magic" - by Randy Vanwarmer
18. "Flashing Lights" - by Kanye West
19. "My Rollercoaster" - by Kimya Dawson
20. "Road To The Riches" by Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
21. "Bring It Home To Me" - by David Elliot
22. "Little Red Corvette" - by Prince
23. "Treat 'Em Like A Prostitute" -by Slick Rick & Dougie Fresh
24. "I Never Loved a Man" - by Maria Doyle

Price per per: $0 Or 49¢ if you decide to burn them a CD
Usefulness: V (if they happen to like the same type of music)
Alternate: Mixed Tape or bootleg CD
Who: E except for the hearing impaired
Rating: 9

2. Obama Obama Obama!!!: Right now everybody has Obama-fever....Obama this, Obama that! People are buying Obama merchandise like hot cakes.. I even came up with some of my own 'Obama products' which has not yet been released..

My Obama inventions:
-Obama Umbrellas
-an Obama Dance (Jamaicans will most likely create it)
-Nike Air Obamas (In all White & Black on the inside- is the White House version. In all Black & White on the inside is the mix race version)
-Obama Sweat-Suit on the back of the top it says "I am running for the White House"
-Obama shades
-Obama Hybrid Car - It says "Yes We Can!" on the side
-Obama Thongs - On the front it reads "Obama kill'd the Bush"
-Obama Value Meal at...(any fast food joint)

You can give a gift with anything Obama on it and people will love it! In fact if you can't afford the authentic stuff then create your own. Just get a white tee shirt, with a Sharpee, sign it "Barack H. Obama", and tell them you went to a rally and got Barack himself to sign the shirt. Most people won't even check the authenticity and more won't even wear the shirt. They'll put it in a glass box frame!

Price per: $4- $15 (depends on the quality of the shirt)
Usefulness: V
Alternate: Something authentic from the Obama site: www.barackobama.com
Who: E (but mostly Democratics and blacks)
Rating: 10

1. Nothing!: That's right you give them nothing! And when they give you a Christmas gift don't even reply "Oh I didn't get you anything..." Nope, just smile, take it, say thanks, and walk away.. If they want to end the friendship all because you didn't give them anything then you don't need them. And what a great way to start the new year without their fake-ass-full-of-shit-who-only give-just-to-receive-a-gift-sorry-ass! Jesus didn't only save the people who gave him gifts. There were millions of people who didn't give him a gift yet he still saved them. In fact the only ones we know that gave Jesus a gift were the 3 Wise Men.

Price per: 0
Usefulness: Can't do nothing with nothing!
Alternate: 2nd to none
Who: E
Rating: 10 (to you)

9 Shopping Days Left till you go broke because of Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

For a Good Time Call CaT....

Okay, I didn't too much celebrating but you get the point :) Work > Partying, sorry kids! But it is indeed official, I am one good year away from the BIG 3-0!! Sweet Baby Jesus!! First my son hits 10 and now this....

Blogging for Digi has been chill and I'm working with great people. This week however I was on the wrong end of some simple minded Manager of a WACK Artist. So week before last I'm asked to do a "Spotlight" on this artist - cool. We do spotlights once a week so I didn't rush to look at his info. His manager had hit me a few times on G Chat and Email asking if I needed anything else and I'm like naw, I'm good I have what I need. On the third day of getting his package and the email from Digiwaxx, I decide to take a listen to his music and read his bio *blankstare* NOTHING jumps out in his bio that is "spotlight" worthy and his music is BOO BOO! Lets not even get on the pics that were sent to me with him having hella money hanging out of his pockets and stuff - WACK!

Last Saturday I'm chilling with my baby cousin and I get an alert from my phone and it's the Manager hounding me about when I'm putting the post up..Gurrr..BITCH, it's Saturday night and I'm chillin w/ family, do you not know business hours? (FYI, I'm not calling him a bitch, thats just how my thing..) I tell him it will go up Monday and sure enough on Monday morning I wake up to an email asking me when is it going up! An email had to go out..I pretty much told them how rude they were and to never email me again, also that the post would go up that day as previously stated.

Let me backtrack some, as i said I wasn't feeling his music so I didn't want my name attached to the spotlight post, so I was told just to do an "Artist Review". Write a small bio, a few things about him (not his music) and post some of his tracks..NO PROBLEM!! I post it and email it to the Manager, he replies back saying I was rude with my earlier message and that the post is misleading. He asked me to post the bio "as is", the way he sent it and to put all of the pictures up along with his mixtape music..BOY SIT DOWN! I didn't even reply, I just left it alone, cause it was a favor and it didn't have to be done,meaning he don't run shit..LOL

I thought I deleted him from my G Chat list and I posted a status that said something about "this wack manager hitting me about his wack artist & it being problems if he hit me again"..He saw it and wasn't happy *doh* lmao:

HIM: are you serious?

me: like seriously, Im so not in the mood for you, really....I apologize for u seeing my status, I thought I blocked you..that is very rude of me, so I apologize for that...but seriously..u have given me gray hairs lately and Im just not interested right now...again, I apologize 4 u having to view my status....

HIM: dont worry i call CL tommorrow

me: please do..thank u..please be sure to include how u have harassed me for the past 4 days while I was sick and was nvr given the opportunity to post ur review...u wanted it up in such a rush before my getting the proper information on how to post the mp3 tracks & ure still complaining....I wrote what i was told to write, the exact format I was instructed to write.

Success: you werent harassed.

me: I wasnt? sweetie, yes I was..Im w/ my fam this weekend & ure hitting me....after business hrs, ure hitting me..thats not harassing?

Instead of calling CL, he hit up Boss Lady that night with an email saying to hit him back asap and that i was rude. he also told her to take the post down, redo it, send it to him first before reposting it so that he can approve it and then post it up..BITCH, you ain't tunning this..LOL She lets him know I wasn't feeling the music and what have you and of course the post is a favor. Tells him we don't work like that, where he approves a post first and so on and so on. Needless to say the post was taken down and we heard nothing else from him.

I didn't have to hear from him because two days later, I start getting phone calls and text from men saying they heard I give great head..LOL..at first I thought it was a friend texting me who had a new number and was playing on my phone until Sincere in Brooklyn called me talkin about he was coming to Houston on Saturday and wanted to hook up! "BOY, BYE!!" Then it hit me, "Is my # on craigslist??" So I call Mr. BK back & ask him how he got my number. He said it is posted ALL over WSHH, so I go to the site and see this:


Well, the head game is pretty fucking amazing so he didn't lie..LOL....Mayne, all I could do was LAUGH! I'm 99.99% sure it was the Manager, I haven't pissed anyone off this week to be so childish, not to mention the way my number is typed with the periods in between is how my signature is on my email, which leads me to suspect that he cut and pasted it; most people use dashes, not periods.

I started playing right along with these big dummies that started calling and texting me. I got a few pictures and was going to post cocks on the net but I'm actually too lazy to do all of that lol. They are some horny toad as men who just want a good time, men who probably pay for pussy. The funniest call was the guy who called to "Warn" me on the 2nd day. He told me about my number recent;y being posted (yes, dude did this at least 2 days in a row, lol) and then asked what I looked like LOL. I told him 5'2, 325 and he knew I was lying, so he then asked "well is it true?" BOY, BYE! LMAOOOOOO!

Okay this has gotten kinda long, so I'm going to end it by saying to my friends who know how I usually spend my bday, celebrating life with an HIV test and making awareness of the importance of knowing your status, I wasn't able to do so this year. Ms. Pam is at a different location now & working these real people hours have prohibited me from doing so. BUT, I did have one in Oct and I know my status, so I very much encourage you all do go out and still get tested. THANKSSSSSS!!

ps - I didn't mention dudes name cause I REFUSE to promote him :)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Cadillac Records Review

Previously posted on Digiwaxx.com/blog by CathrynMarie

On Monday night, Digiwaxx had the GREAT pleasure of viewing “Cadillac Records” at a screening in Houston, Texas; Solange Knowles also sat in and watched. If Beyonce hadn’t gone on Oprah and said that she was only in the end of the movie, I would have really thought that the movie was an Etta James movie that she starred in - its how the previews and such come across. Digiwaxx advice’s everyone to listen to Beyonce and not count on the media - she did a GREAT job, however.

I enjoyed “Cadillac Records” so much because of the informative history of music that I walked away with - actually learning that a Field Slave is sole person who contributed to the what music has become now, being apart of integration of man kind, was therapeutic. Of course, Chuck Berry, broke the barriers with his music but if it weren’t for Muddy Waters, ex Field Slave and first artist on Chess Records, who knows what music would be like.

Chess Records was a start up label by Leonard Chess in Chicago. First artist on the roster was the great Muddy Waters, one of the greatest bluesmen of all time, no one played the guitar better than Muddy. Muddy, along with Little Walter, Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf took the world by storm with their sound Blues sound before Rock & Roll Legend, Chuck Berry, was signed and contributed to chart topping numbers the Record Label often laid claim to. Becoming the first female on the roster, Etta James accompanied the talent men and demanded her respect, as she to made chart topping music. It’s hard to believe that seven people are responsible for the definition of great music, not excluding The Rolling Stones (the history behind how they got started is amazing) and The Beach Boys (another jaw dropping story).

Being careful not to ruin the movie, I want to encourage everyone who has a great appreciation of music to go view this movie. If you’re one of those people who refuse to see it because “Beyonce is in it it”, she LITERALLY does not show up on the screen until an hour into the movie, with 45 mins remaining. Mos Def was amazing, pure COMEDY and talent. Beyonce’s performance is also one to be credited, she really showed emotion and became Ms. Etta James. Eamonn Walker (Kareem of OZ) as Howlin’ Wolf was so realistic and you can’t leave out Ced The Entertainer, who has a huge role in the movie. Gabrielle Union, also stars in the movie and has a nice role. Academy Award Winner, Adrien Brody and Emmy, Global Global & Tony winner, Jeffrey Wright are the true stars of this movie. I personally plan to go see it again, and I again, encourage everyone to go see it. PLEASE be sure to read the closing captions, you will be taken aback with the ending information you will read. Oh & Q Tip is in it!!

Cadillac Records is in theaters on December 5, stop by the official website for the movie http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/cadillacrecords and listen to some of the soothing tunes. The Official Soundtrack is being distrubuted through Sony Music, to be released on December 2, includes music from Beyonce Knowles, who has recorded five songs for the soundtrack, including a cover version of Etta James’ “At Last” as its lead single. Mos Def, Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short (Little Walter), and Eamonn Walker recorded songs for the soundtrack, and Raphael Saadiq (his new album is a MUST BUY), Solange Knowles, Mary Mary, Nas, Buddy Guy and Elvis Presley also appears on the album. The soundtrack will be released in single- and double-disc editions.

Semi Rant....

I just feel like venting/ranting...

So today it is cold as all shits! No, REALLY! It's COLD!!

Tomorrow I will be spending time w/ my 2nd favorite person in life, Baby Miles :)

The other day I was reminded why I am single...Conversation below:

HIM: Wow what u just told me brought a smiile to my face and now I have my homeboys spreadin the word party at the skybar thanx to u!! U r awesome!

CaT: So I call u out the blue, when clearly u should showing me more attn since u claim 2 like me so much, I ask 2 take out 4 a drink 4 ur bday with the possible intention 2 spend time with u & celebrate my bday as well. U say ull hit me back but instead called ur friends 2 set up a big party @ the spot I invited u 2, showing an interest and its a good thing? Wow! How about u jst enjoy ur fri night w/ the boys Mr John, I totally give up.

HIM: Nooooooooooo!!!!!! Please don't take it like that I really want to spend time with u!!!!!! U have made me so happy!!!! It will be our night I promise!!!!

First of all, how often does a chick just randomly ask to take a dude out for drinks? Let alone for his bday. Not to mention we aren't dating and BARELY talking *blink* You want to invite your whole posse out? NINJA PLEASE!

After begging and pleading, we are going out tonight..LOL

So, I have no problem with people sending me music to review but yo..enough of the zshare and whatever links. I don't download music. If your music is trash I don't want to have it on my pc...get it, got it? GOOD!!

Did I mention that I am cold?

Oh, so when did having manners be a bad thing? This PASTOR gives me a hard time everyday because he hates my speech. SORRY, but my Pops and Grand Mother instilled "Yes, Please", "Thank You, Kindly", "My Apologizes" etc! GET OVER IT!

Rev Run's daily emails of wisdom are rather encouraging

Lil Cease on twitter - wow! LOL www.twitter.com/lilcease

Bloggers vs Writers convo continues....Blogger = copy & paste w/ 2 cents added. Writers = if I have 2 explain what a writer is, shoot yourself now!

Check Me Out...

ha - check me out as a guest blogger on Karrine Steffans web site :) I'm so cuteeeeee!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

iHate <==FUNNY!!

I came across this video on facebook - the dark skinned dude, Blue, is buddies w/ my PVU babies - Dave, Steven & Cory. This shit is straight comedy - well at least Blue is. The other dude can sit down some where, LOL.

Friday, November 21, 2008

That Damn McDonald's Commercial

McDonald has teamed up with "Don Lee" (of N2U) for their new *singing* commercial that already hit radio waves & tv stations this month. The commercial, which seems catchy and humerous, already has some mixed reviews from the audience, and does not seem to be a big hit in their books Source

McNuggets Love

I woke up and found you creepin
(Tick tock tick)
Oh girl I know your secret
(you dipin on me)
got them Mcnuggets lovin’
(You went to Mcdonalds?)
It just aint fair
Why can you, share your love with me?

Nice song! But your still not getting any of my cripsy juicy McNuggets.

Girl you got a ten piece, please dont be stingy…


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catch Me On DigiWaxx.com


A site that I respect & often refer Artists & DJs to be apart of, has graced me with the opportunity to post all over their site - YaY!

www.digiwaxx.com was introduced to me by Acie High, a local Houston Rapper (also UPN the Player winner and Brother of Acie Law of the Hawks) back in 2007 when I took on the position of doing Marketing for his Camp. I was highly impressed with the connections and feedback I would get back from DJs in the US & overseas. I can honestly say I am a TRUTHFUL testimony of the site and its MULTIPLE services and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my two cents.

What to expect:

Exclusive interviews
Music Reviews
Artist Shine....etc

I'm not a gossip blogger, so you won't get the latest gossip on who Kanye is boinking - at least not with my name next to it. I encourage all to check out, not on the blog, but the site overall. Become a member and take advantage of the industry people who take part of this amazing site!


Hopefully, I'll have my first post up by Monday!! The kinks are still being worked out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Chamillionaire ft Luda!

Tonight on Twitter, Chamillionaire announced his new single was on his web site:

Download first song off of Venom "Creepin (solo)" featuring Ludacris on www.chamillionaire.com.

That's right, featuring LUDACRIS *side note* Luda will be in Houston next week - PARTY933.com. DAYUM, it JUST hit me, Luda will be in town TWO days before the 97.9 Car Show to do a PARTY event - do I smell a possible feature on the Boxx Stage? I've been saying that the Car Show is WACK but if my favorite Houston rapper, Cham, can pull off havin Luda on stage and do this hot new single - OH MY STARS! Man, I'm getting excited just thinking about it! *screams* Okay, I don't even know if it's going to happen, I'm just over thinking and wishing! I LOVE Luda & I LOVE me some Cham!

Chamillionaire - Creepin' (Solo) featuring Ludacris

Download Creepin - mp3

Mixtape Messiah 5 - November 23rd, Car Show day. Check out his SWAGGER LIKE US freestyle on his site or Download here - MP3

LOL @ this video

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mr. Funny Man

Last Saturday night I get a phone call from my buddy, Wil Sylvince, he informs me that he was "near" my city the other day.

CaT: Oh, you were in Dallas, cool?
Wil: No, I said near your city, not in it. I was in Houston.
Wil: Oh, yeah, I had a show out there on Tuesday.
CaT: *screams* WTF?? A SHOW WHERE?!
Wil: Bam Bou with Ali
CaT: *screams* WIL!! you're lying? I go to Bam Bou, was just there for Ali's bday last week. WHAT!?!?
Wil: I'm sorry, I thought you were in Dallas still

So yea, I was HOT!! Even more of a slap in the face is I called Ali in May & tried to work on getting Wil out here - SO HE AND HIS MANAGER KNOW I FUCKS W/ HIM!! Okay, I'm clam! :) I still love me some, Wil! I don't know how I came across this video on YouTube today, of him, but gosh he is funny :) LOL @ "You can't even write your writing!"

In case you missed him in Feb after Super Bowl on Def Comedy Jam - here he is!

Wil on MySpace --- Wil on Facebook --- Wil on YouTube ---Wil on Twitter

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

CathrynMarie - More Than Just a Cute Smile

The other day I made a comment stating that I was blessed to have grown up in such a liberal and culture filled city such as Berkeley, California. I grew up around naked people, gays, goths, homeless persons, skate boarders, Whites, Blacks, Filipinos, Asians, etc. I grew up learning that you accept people as they are and not to judge them. Not to mention I went to the only school in the Nation with a complete African American studies department, Berkeley High School. Yes, I took Ki Swahili as my language of choice, African Haitian Dance, Black History, Black Male & Female Relationships and a host of other non conventional classes. It was also the place that I learned that our very FIRST President of the United States was NOT George Washington but was John Hanson and he was indeed an African American aka OUR FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

Over the course of this recent election process I have not shared the same joy most African Americans have - mainly because I didn't allow myself to get caught up in the hype of selecting him as my President because we had the same skin color. I already had it set in my mind that whom ever became the Dem nom that is who I was voting for - by my being open minded and not "taking sides" I never once bad mouthed any of the candidates, instead I listened to what each person had to say and know that majority of their issues were the same (mainly speaking of Hil & Obama). My enjoyment came from watching young African Americans race to get registered for the 1st time (with a slight disappointment) as well as older people voting for their first time. I may not have agreed with their reasons but I encourage them for taking advantage of their right to vote.

Tuesday night I made a few comments about getting text messages up the ass about Obama winning - NO SHIT SHERLOCK! I guess my "tone" was a bite much (lol, I was typing!) and someone questioned my being an Obama supporter or not. Truth is, I am HAPPY & very much OVERJOYED that we have a Black man in office BUT for reasons that our African American youth being able to grow up in a time where they can learn that dreams do come true & hopefully we can get them back on the right path. My 10 year old son has a positive role model that I encourage, instead of Dwayne Wade. I actually wrote this a couple of hours before watching The View on Wednesday and I must say - Sherri took the words right out of my mouth:

Now back to my getting blocked on Twitter:

@BossBeauty i jus blocked cathrynmarie because clearly she isn't clued in on the significance of tonight.. I cant stand ppl who dont support Obama!!

SERIOUSLY? Because I have my own opinion and thoughts, was never disrespectful or say said anything about my not being happy for him, I get blocked? Nott hat I care, I just found it funny. I'm not going to lie, the night of election people started bringing KiTTeE out via Twitter - I don't think the world is ready for KiTTeE. Cathryn Marie is nice and wholesome, leave me alone and enjoy it. Oh and FOR THE RECORD! I personally MYSELF went through and blocked baby girl - I had to go through TOO many followers to find her and remove her from following me; don't take my shine, Becky! I actually have no beef w/ Lil Mama - she's just a bit too negative for me - always snapping at someone or blocking someone if they don't agree with her. She needs some Berkeley in her life!

MrMarcusX: @CathrynMarie What makes you ashamed of being Black?!!! Self hatred is a disease. Seek nearest psycho ward.

That comment came after a joke shared w/ me and Cristal about my voting for Hillary! Even if I were a stand up Hil supporter - I'm less black because of it? Come on now - he actually got under my skin & I had to share a few choice of words with him. People are so judgemental and its SAD; I was BLESSED to grow up in Berkeley, Cali.

As I said earlier, my overall joy of this whole election experience are the numbers - people actually caring enough to go out and vote. I know I probably had people wondering where I stood with Obama, let me put your mind at ease NOW! I oversaw and put together, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR voter registration rallies at the mall I work for - yes, IN CHARGE! I kept it fair and contacted volunteers with each campaign but overall, I have done a lot of things with Houston for Obama. I've had so many Politicians at my shop throughout this whole experience - from DC to Cali to TX. They not only educated others on views of the party they supported but also encouraged voting in general. At one point, my shop sold, Born To Lead Obama shirts. Lets not even get on my SINGLE HANDED LY attempting to put together charter buses that would take people from the mall to poll locations on the 4th, something I contacted Houston for Obama about.

I make jokes and talk ish but it's who I am and because it was a NO BRAINIER to me. Why do I have to be all voice-ful on telling people to vote for Obama if they weren't even registered. How about start at point (a) and work yourself to (b) - in which I have done. It's the same way I constantly encourage people to get tested for HIV - as heavy as I am speaking on it, people assume I have HIV. NO DUMB ASS! Hell, I don't even know any one with HIV (to my knowledge). I took the education my BERKELEY High School nurse, Jacqueline (aka Jazzi JK aka Auntie Jazzi), instilled within me and felt it was worth encouraging others to know. It's not cool to be out here having sex all freely and not know if you have something. I get people are too scared to know, but its best to know than not to. I am tested a lot but majority of the time I am being a supportive friend to a first timer or some one nervous. It's funny how everyone through the course of the past 2 weeks got really excited about voting, their reaction reminds me of people who get a negitive HIV result back - it's easy to see that it was hteir first time. The question is why?

The guys over at Tomwars.com posted this link ww.inspot.org "It’s a site that helps you notify past sexual partners that you contracted an STD and they themselves might be in danger of being infected so they should get tested ASAP. The notification isn’t by telephone or by a face to face meeting on neutral ground. It’s by email."

Now that you've voted - it's time to get tested! Even if you strap up on a regular, remember it's not 100%. Accidents happen - I can honestly speak from experience, RECENT experience. Condom broke, morning after pill failed and got pregnant - nothing is 100%. - www.hivtest.org for more info.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Tell Em Why You Mad, Son" Day

I must say - Twitter has been kind of off of the hook this weekend with a lot of angry twitts! Ninja is just MAD! Although the back and forth bickering has been entertaining - its also disturbing!

I'm a believer that blogger, writing, etc heals the soul - reading over your thoughts sometimes clears your head and can be refreshing. I'd like to suggest that you guys join me tomorrow and post a "Tell Em why You Mad, Son" post! It's time for a clean slate - Obama will be selected into office and his whole campaign has been about CHANGE and HOPE, well I think it should start at home. Let that anger go and think about the new changes that are ahead with a clear head!

Its just a suggestion - I know today I read some things personally that made me mad and I was going to do a ramblings blog but after reading everyone's reaction behind Shakir's passing and not to mention being upset with J Hud's recent situation, we have gone through an emotional roller coaster. When folks go through something traumatic it is always suggested that Counseling is administrated. Be your own counselor and learn why you're so mad.

*disclaimer I know it should be "Tell Em Why YOU'RE MAD SON - for your proper English readers, but I'm just keepin up with the slang :)*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Vote!

This morning I was watching "The View" and Sherri Shepard announced that she was still undecided. I was on twitter and posted said information - lets just say that the replies were something else.

duriechee @CathrynMarie Umm...is Sherri still black?

TheJennTaFur @CathrynMarie WHAT? I do not value her opinion at all but that really is surprising to me that there are still people who are undecided =(

mdsteelergal @cathrynmarie Ok, plz don't tell me that. I mean, I know this is petty, but her non-decisiveness is about to make me chg my VIEW of her! :-)

mdsteelergal @cathrynmarie I mean really. What more is there to know? Do you want to stay where we are, or move forward? Progression, not recession.

The replies above suggest that being a black woman, Sherri shouldn't be undecided & should just KNOW who to vote for. The last two are pretty wide open - suggesting possibly with only days left she should have some idea - which I can agree with. I do not however agree with everyone assuming every black person should be voting for Obama. It urks me that people talk to me like Obama is who I should be voting for - its like being in high school and having that peer pressure. (Please see SHERRI SHEPHERD IS THE DUMBEST BLACK WOMAN ON EARTH)

EyanJ @CathrynMarie i'm still undecided too

JDakar @CathrynMarie She's not the only one

I was someone who wasn't feelin Obama mainly because of this bull crap Robin Hood theory he has; take from the rich, give to the poor. Come on now - how does that show UNITY & HOPE? Obama "fans" say "the tax increase will only affect the upper class" - I live in a city where EVERYONE is tryin to GET IT. Everyone is in "the industry" - say you become that Puffy or that Jay Z - you worked your ass off to get there and now its taken away from you. People aren't thinking about his theories & what he is trying to do because he is some type of Rock Star. None of that money is going to you lower class people - yes YOU (lol).

TheflyGirl @rahiemshabazz Martin, Malcom, Rosa, Medger, Emmitt, Harriett, Nat, Thurgood, Sydney, Jackie...Enough reasons for you

Really? What in the hell has Obama done to put him in the category as these people? Hell, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton have fought for African American rights more than Obama has - what has he given back besides run for office? The people listed above were not politicians, they are people who have fought for black people. Obama's Robin Hood theory is NOT catering to any of the lower class - a class most of the people listed above took a stand for. *blink*

Ben Stein said it BEST last night while on Craig Ferguson show

I know I probably piss people off with my thinking - oh well. I mean, when it comes down to it I submitted by vote last Thursday (did I mention I voted along side Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets *woop*) & it was straight Democrat - I'm not rich, so its what I am. My boss, a lady who is very well in the upper class, stated that she was voting for Obama because she didn't want to be the one vote who didn't vote for the black man - this was stated after I asked her if she were worried about being taxed up the ass by the man who is Senator to the State w/ the highest tax (10.25%).

sugarlips I don't buy this "undecided voter" B.S. I think people are just afraid to voice their true opinion.

CathrynMarie @sugarlips I totally agree w/ that. the ? if who r u voting 4 is too public now & its pressure if ure not rollin w/ "majority"

sugarlips @CathrynMarie exactly. I think it's the answer to avoid the debate, cuz ppl can't keep their mouth shut

CathrynMarie @sugarlips very tru. Im tellin u, we grew up n an era when you nvr asked a woman her age or asked who someone is voting for. lmao

It's just days left to cast your vote, if you haven't already, don't let majority or pressure be your deciding factor. I am COMPLETELY proud of the change Obama has ignited thus far - rather it be people voting for the first time to vote him in or out, it is indeed a great accomplishment alone. McCain actually all that bad, I don't think he plans to be EXACTLY like Bush, but he may favor some likeness. He is placed in that box because he's a Republican and we were screwed by a Republican for 8 years.

Everyone says it, but I don't think they MEAN it - so I'm going to say it and MEAN it! WHOM EVER YOU VOTE FOR, IT DOESN'T MATTER! Just continue to keep this momentum going and get out there and vote. Don't let someone else get in your head and decide for you.

Defsounds God damn it, Why does everyone I meet think they're an Obama Campaign expert. STFU about it already <== that ish is sooo true, LOL.

Most of ya'll are "Joe The Plumber's" Stop frontin!

LOL @ Joe being a no show 2 the McCain rally today - had John lookin an ass.

“Joe’s with us today. Joe, where are you?” McCain called the into the crowd, “Where’s Joe? Is Joe here with us today? Joe, I thought you were here today (pause) All right, well, you’re all Joe the plumber, so all of you stand up and say – I thank you" - John McCain - source

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everything Chamillionaire

My homie E, over at bgdboom.blogspot.com is havin "HATER" difficulties - I know he would probably be posting this right now, but until he gets back up, I'm going to go ahead & post it here! Cause the world needs to know - true we don't get the same people readin our blogs but hey, I have learned that my blog is viewed by more Houstians than I thought, LOL. :)

Shout out to my Favorite Houston Rapper - Chamillionaire. Here is a bulletin he just posted a few moments ago - I think I need to be n SA this weekend, LOL.

Paul Wall, Cham & Trae

You can hear a new exclu​sive song with Lil Keke,​ Lil Flip,​ Trae,​ Big Pokey​,​ & Trae on J-​MAC'​s Black​plane​t page by loggi​ng on to the link below​.​.​.​

http:​/​/​www.​ black​plane​t.​ com/​your_​page/​video​s/​view.​ html?​vid=​27970​85

Chami​llion​aire & Famou​s will be back in San Anton​io for TONY PARKE​R'​S "​GAME TIME LIVE 09 Tourn​ament​ this sunda​y.​

The winne​r will recie​ve $500 dolla​rs and will get to play spurs​ all-​star Tony Parke​r Live.​ Team Tony ( Tony Parke​r,​ Manu Ginob​li,​ Tim Dunca​n,​ Rober​t Horry​,​ Micha​el Finle​y,​ Bruce​ Bowen​)​ will compe​te again​st Team Chami​llion​aire ( Chami​llion​aire,​ Quest​ion,​ Bun B, Play & Skill​z,​ Baby Bash,​ Paul Wall)​

Speci​al invit​ed guest​s:​ Luda,​ Paula​ Deand​a,​ Megan​ Goode​,​ Big Gemin​i,​ Laure​n Londo​n,​ Trey Songz​,​ Chris​tina Milli​an,​ .​.​and more.​.​.​.​.​

This event​ is open to the Publi​c.​ SEE YOU THERE​!​!​

I think I'm going to start a new blog and call it EVERYTHING CHAMILLIONAIRE - I don't think you guys understand how much I love this dude! Today, on his blog he posted some shit that had me dying!

Party Like a BARACKSTAR ....

If you can PLEAAAAASE go out and VOTE on or BEFORE ...NOV 4TH.......DON'T SAY YOU WILL AND THEN NOT VOTE.......in the words of Slim Thugga YOU TRASH if you do that....

Here are some responses to recently asked questions....

I didn't say I HATE Mcain supporters...I was using Mcain supporters with a lot of HATE in them as an example of something that bothers me....

NO I don't cosign or support Barack....because he's BLACK....I support him because I believe he is the best choice......I have been watching this election for a long time before it was even popular to most people and have managed to form my own opinion....im not undecided like I was during the early stages of the Hillary vs. Barack campaign..... aint knockin anyone for havin their own opinion....

Yes I think KOBE is and will be better than Michael .....thats my opinion though....

Yes I think the use of online video and the growth of mobile camera phones has turned the music world into really ENTERTAINMENT with a capital E .... Youtube got Rap lookin' like WWF.....its amazing how much back and forth goes on within video blogs.... Crazy.

Yes I meant what I said about Houston (and a fight go with that...*Pimp C tone RIP). Someone told me that some people didn't take my response to the "IS HOUSTON DEAD" question too kindly but ......... So What!! If you mad about my opinion then GET IN LINE behind whoever else is......

NO... im not dissin anyone on part 5 ......aint nothin significant happened for me to have to diss someone......and I ain't lookin forward to havin to do anything like that........But thats all ima say about that because I don't want anyone to get it confused like I wont come with it at a moments notice if provoked...

No....There will be no more "ROLL CALLS" and no more "ANSWER MACHINE" songs on future ones..... all new ideas on the next....

Please don't spam my email with any nasty messages ....im pretty sure there are nosey people at the label that have access to this page.....even though I read the messages I would bet that im probably not the only one reading them.... I could change the passcode but aint really nothin to hide so I dont care... I never respond to them anyways....and to people I do respond to ....I might go back and forth with you a couple times but I cant be holdin everyday conversations ....I aint got that much time to be goin back and forth with people....well not until I put up chamillionaire.com (Dont ask because when I feel like its ready is your answer)

Peace......yall know the number.... 832.514.4730

And for everyone overseas I have international numbers also....

United Kingdom - +442030514121

Spain - +34911878054

Italy - +390662207197

France - +33170612713

Ill give ya'll more information and announce the date for Mixtape Messiah 5 next week....

Sunday, October 26, 2008


by: CathrynMarie


It started out as something casual has turned into something favorable and exciting. The distance between states hasn’t seemed to be an issue, in fact I am okay with it because the time apart has given me the opportunity to get to know you and miss you more. Not to mention flying out to different locations to meet up and enjoy one another’s company has been adventurous.

Our first trip to Los Angeles, you surprised me with a knock at my hotel room door as I was getting dressed to go out and dance. Admiring you from the peep hole in your gray suit turned me on. Your light skinned complexion and alluring eyes drew me in and left me stuck on my tippy toes for seconds longer than I should have. Opening the door in a rush and running back into the bathroom, I was not fully dressed and was not completely sure that you seeing me in such an enticing position would be smart. You yelled for me to come out and moments later, granting your request I was fully dressed and greeted you with a hug. Not wanting to waste anytime, I grabbed my purse and insisted we head out – you had other plans though.

Suggesting that we have a few drinks in your room before heading out, I appeased you as we walked down to your room. Once entering your room, you pulled 5 pint size bottles of Belvedere from the inside of your suit jacket and proceeded to give me one while placing the others on the dresser and then continued to get undressed in an effort to put on something more comfortable for the club. Awaiting you to complete this switching of clothes, I found myself engaging in a great conversation with you – learning more about you. Within this conversation you mentioned that you were a Capricorn and I made a joke that I was wearing my Capricorn thong that night, although I am a Sagittarius. It had to be the Beleve kicking in because if I were in my right frame of mind, I would have known that such reference would only suggest an invite for you to see – of course you wanted to see. Standing over me as I sat on the edge of the bed, not only did you lift my white skirt up and look at my black based, white printed Capricorn thong, your right hand took a journey past my thong as your index & middle finger slide it to the side, allowing your ring finger to roam across the skin of my kittee. Swaying your finger back and forth, rubbing my clit, I could do nothing but relax and enjoy the sensation that was coming over my body. Opening my legs further apart for you, it was then that you took it upon yourself to move In closer & lower so that you could bless Ms. Kittee with tender kisses on her lips. Lying back completely on the bed now, I guided for you to take my panties of completely as I savored the moment. With my panties off, it was as if you were free to explore all of my love below, grabbing my legs and hicking them up with your forearms, you pulled me into your face and buried it deep inside of her. I could feel your lips wrap around my clit after grazing your tongue from the bottom of my kittee to the top. With your lips hovering over my clit, it was then that you extended the tip of your tongue and generously hurried it back and forth over my clit like the energizer bunny. The quick motion of your tongue put your glands to work which caused extra saliva to build up and drool outside of your mouth, the extra wetness from your mouth made it more pleasurable – that was until you decided to slurp the saliva and my clit at the same time, oh the joy!!

Never to be one out done and anxiously wanting to make you feel good, I pushed your shoulders which caused you to lift up. Motioning for you to stand up straight, I expeditiously worked my way to unbutton your jeans, pull them and your boxers down until I laid my eyes on your package. I had to pause for a moment, the thickness and length threw me off, a friend this size is not something you come by on a regular. Its one thing to be long but thick, thick is rare; overseeing the veins on the shaft of your man hood excited me more and I couldn’t wait to dive right in. Taking my time, I started out with teasing the head with my tongue, traveling in a clockwise motion; I continued to do this for a few seconds before throwing you off and promptly shoving it in my mouth. Taking it in fast and rising back off slow, I moved my tongue like a worm on the backside of your penis until reaching the tip and sucking it fast and hard. Once again, sliding it deep into my mouth, this time I took my right arm and wrapped it around your waist, applying force so that I had all of you in my mouth. Loosening up my jaw as you hit the back of my throat; I stuck my tongue out and searched for your dangling apples. Upon finding them, I proceeded to flicker my tongue back and forth licking your jewels below, while bobbling my head allowing your package to play around in the back of my mouth and your grinded your hips and pushed your shaft deeper in me. Not allowing the gagging noises stop my goal of pleasing you, I continued to do this for a few moments, the moans you let loose assured me that you loved what I was doing.

Sliding my tongue back up and rubbing it on the base, I cocked my head to the left working my tongue on the right side of your dick as I slowly pulled you from the deep position you were in but not letting him free. Head still cocked and now pressing my lips together and working my jaws to build up saliva, I glided him in and out of my mouth slowly so that I could partake in the nectar taste of your bodily fluids. Facing back right, I felt I had teased you enough and decided to French kiss my way to the crown before planting a final kiss on top.

Looking up at you and noticing baby sweat beads up top of your forehead, we gave one another that look – the “we’ll continue this after the club” look. Freshening up before getting dressed again, I couldn’t help but want to purposely get really drunk that night so everything with us was 10 times better than it would be sober. And that’s exactly what we both did………

To be continued :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Items For Sale - Part 1


Yesterday I posted on a few of the social networking sites that I utilize, that I would SOON be selling an iMac, some plasma TVs, pc's and other stuff - of course A LOT of people hit me up! I don't have all of the prices just yet - awaiting boss lady to get back to me but I figured I would go ahead and showcase a few of the things that are up for grabs. I have a whole lot more but I started with this stuff. If any of you have been to the job site, The Urban Zone inside of Sharpstown Mall, you will notice that the merchandise is from the shop. I hope to have complete prices no later than Monday and if you would like to stop by let me know and I'll make a point to go up there on Monday, otherwise I will be up there Tuesday & Boss Lady should be as well. The plush couches and everything is for sell. Printers, Fax machines, chairs, office desks, tables, etc. We have TOO much stuff to put in storage, in a storage that is already over packed, so we are selling it. SERIOUS INQUUIRES ONLY! This is my reason for posting this blog first, so you can view it & get an idea of what things MAY go for. Please feel free to contact me at 832.884.4690 or via email - cathrynmarie@gmail.com if you are interested. (Don't worry Rob, I got you 1st when prices are set).
Phillips Hi Fi System Radio USB Direct Play Back Online Price - $75
Plays MP3 & WMA music from portable USB storage device/MP3 player. Plays MP3/CD/WMA CD. Convience line-in jack for digital music playback from any portable player/ Wake up and sleep time. Digital tuning w/ 40 present stations. Watch your CD play. 10 W total power. Dynamic bass boost for deep bass experience. FAIRLY NEW & HARDLY USED!
AKG Acoustics Perception 100 Mic Online Price - $100
Perception 100 large diaphragm condenser mic. Stand adaptor included.
Presonus Fade Port Control Online Price - $199 UZ Price - $150
USB Automation and transport controller. Works with protools - cubcase - Nuend - Logic and more! BRAND NEW & NEVER USED!!
Shure Wireless Vocal Mic Online Price - $299 UZ Price – 2 for $299
Wireless vocal. PG2/PG58 hand held mic system. PG4 diversity receiver. 12 MHZ band width. Up to 8 compatible systems.
FIVE (5) Funai 42 inch Plama’s Online Price - $1,469 each
Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Cruiser – FAIRLY NEW!! Online Price - $300 UZ Price - $200
iMac – Apple Mac comes w/ Sony CD Drive Online Price - $1199
Stedman prescreen XL Online Price - $69
Advanced profess pop filter w/ gooseneck. Large 6" round washable screen. Durable gooseneck w/ extended clamp.
KRK System V8 Series 2 Speakers Online Price - $399
Makie DFX 12 Mixer Online Price – $250 - $275
Pro Tools – M Powered 7 software Online Price - $249 - $305 UZ Price - $125
M-Audio Firewire 1814 Online Price - $380 - $550
18 inch, 14 out fire wire audio/MID/Interfaces w/ adat.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

American Music Award Nominee: Chris Classic

Click Here
"Blessings come in all shapes, sizes and avenues. Apparently furry lil Chipmunks have been a means for me to experience certain accomplishments in my career as an artist and songwriter.. Hopefully next award will be from The Radio Project!!" - Chris Classic

I can't remeber the last time I felt HONORED to personally know someone so talented & be in complete joy for him! Chris Classic (previous spoke on his in my interviews post) has been an awesome pal of mine for a good 6 plus years, over the course of this time I have watched & heard his musical talent grace the cd's of some of the best movie sound tracks ever - many that I have purchased because my son is a HUGE fan of the movies they albums belong to. To name a few Meet The Spartans, Never Back Down, The Air I Breathe, Transformers, Underdog, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Date Movie, Alvin & The Chipmunks, etc..Not to mention the Ford & McDonald commercials that feature his music - I call it getting money for your musical craft the SMART way, lol.

All of his HARD work is paying off! Currently working on his first album (he just dropped his first mixtape THE AUDACITY OF DOPE), his authentic sounds on The Alvin & The Chipmunks are up for an AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD for best soundtrack for a movie! He is up against Juno & Mamma Mia. Did I mention he plays The Chipmunks DJ in the movie? lol. The soundtrack went Gold last time I checked - which is a HUGE accomplishment! Now its time for him to get that award!

I am ASKING from my heart that EVERYONE take a second to vote for this amazing man! Visit http://abc.go.com/amavote and cast your vote! Heck while you're there, vote for your other musical favorites - Alicia, Wayne & Chris Brown are up for Artist for the year. Kanye, Wayne & Flo Rida (err) are up for Favorite Male Hip Hop artist and a HOST of other categories!

Although I rarely mention this, because everything that he has done he has done on his own. BUT being in Marketing & such I know that sometimes you have to encourage people to do things - Chris Classic is indeed the nephew an artist apart of one of the GREATEST HIP Hop groups in the WORLD & one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs ever! Again, not taking away from his gift of talent because he has had NO hand outs with the projects he has done, but I will express that he is inspired by Hip Hop Pioneers that we ALL look up too - really ALL of us. I believe his bio says more on it, so you can read more about him and or just google him - www.myspace.com/chrisclassic

Be sure to tune in November 23rd and see who takes home the American Music Award of YOUR choice!


CONGRATS again Sweets! Mad, LOVE & RESPECT! Good Luck!! :) - KiTTeE CaT

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Twitter CEO - HELP!!

TWITTER IS BROKE & ITS PISSING ME OFF!! I can't even reply to my homie @JazzeeJEF - gurrr. Twitter is making it impossible for me to enjoy my all time favorite site. I rarely log onto Myspace anymore and if I do it's just a quick check in to see whatever messages I have due to my being alerted via Digsby I swear if it weren't for Digsby, I would probably never check my messages, LOL.

I'd also like to suggest that Twitter makes a Top 10 Favorite Followers - I like to read twitts of certain people and sometimes I find it impossible to find their page when Twitter is having a GREAT day & people are Twitting a lot - like I normally do.

Who would you guys select as a Top 10 Favorite Followers if Twitter were to add an additional section under "Following"? Yanno, have their pictures displayed just as the Following section does. Mine would be the following:

@randyexclusive by far hands down my FAVORITE Twitee. "YOU'RE THE BEST"

@EnigmatikBGDB E is MAD dope! Thats my HTwn Homie, lol

@sugarlips Nicest Twitter Chick ever & she's corny like me :)

@chrispitre One of Houston's TOP Twitter Elite AND his NAME was used on CSI: Miami 5 yrs ago, LOL

@ODARA112 She's so darn cute & oh so silly :) Mrs. YouTube herself, LOL

@necolebitchie The only industry blog I check DAILY plus she's cute :)

@jlvblogger He was my first Twitter Boo - hahaahah!

@nicholasstewart His Twitts make me smile - very intelligent fella!!

@JazzeeJEF TROUBLE MAKER - I love Trouble thus I love her! hahahah

@Gyant Gyant is COMEDY - Lord knows I love to laugh!!

BONUS!! SPECIAL BONUS! lol, I know I said 10 but I need 11, actually we may have to ask for 20 cause I left a lot of people out - I don't even like people but I guess I do, lol. ANYWAY - de bonus!

@LO_FERRIGNO He's really into music - I love reading his twitts reference music that can be appreciated!!

Honorable Mention To The Folks I KNOW Personally, but they don't twitt enough lol. FYI - They're ALL movers & shakers! :)

@doedwards_96 - @ainz_neal - @andrewtclifton -
@EyanJ - @KittyBradshaw - @MrMIMB - @CristalBubblin - @CriscoKidd - @wilsylvince - @Moneemone - @reggiejamz - @joeydigital - @mrmuhammad

My new twitter background :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Life: A Lesson Learned that I've Overcome

My smile is shown on the exterior but the lining is in agony...-CathrynMarie

It's been a good minute since I've posted something personal - I'm talking back in those xanga.com days type personal but I think I need to "LET GO"!

As most of you know, that faggot named Ike hit Houston & it hit us something serious! Between Ike leaving me to live with my cousin (which I sooo enjoyed, I got to hang with the cutest 5 month old ever in life!!) for 2 weeks, causing me to miss work for 2 and a half weeks - which kinda set me in a lil fonk. Not to mention everything was going on around the 4 year mark of when I had my heart attack (yea, Sept 11th- Sept 24th, 2004 I dealt with health issues, son). Just when my fonk started to REALLY sink in, due to my sitting around the house watching tv all day & not doing my daily things, my good friend from NY (I call him Dookie cause when asking him what his nickname was he joked and said Dookie so now he's stuck with it, lol) came to see me! His trip came RIGHT at the heart of my depression that was setting in. Its like we were talking on Thursday about how I as upset, he said I'll come see you soon and the next day he was here! What a great pal :)

On top of everything, I had left my blood pressure pills at home, so I had gone a while without em, so when I started getting sick I just knew it was due to my missing my daily pills. Fast forward to Monday, September 29th when I go to my doc for my annual and to get a lower dosage of BP pills and he tells me I am pregnant *blink* I'm sayin doc, you said what? sweet mother of jesus! TWO MONTHS PREGNANT? CAN'T BE!!

Before everyone starts asking "who was doing me raw" (blah) stfu and read, lol. So Thursday, July 24th Mr. J & I have an accident our first go round. He rolls over and yells "Fuckkkkkkkk!!" I'm like, wtf son?? He informs me that his jimmy broke :/ "are you on the pill? - uhh NO. In the back of my mind I'm already thinking "MORNING AFTER PILL" - I know this man doesn't want kids, doesn't have any & never got anyone pregnant. So I do the damn thing the next day & by Monday I am bleeding son!! So I'm buggin out and go to the ER and then the doc on Tues. Doc gives me pills to stop the bleeding but will have me bleed for 2 more days; so overall for 2 weeks I was jacked up until late August. Keep in mind a test was taken during the docs visit and it was negative :/. So here we are in September - no cycle and I'm just thinking due to the many pills, my ish is thrown off, not thinking anything more or less of it until I go see the doc on the 19th and he burst my bubble! So I tell Mr. J who just kept yelling that he knew it, he knew it!! The morning after pill not only fucked me up for 2 weeks but it didn't do its damn job, lol.

We talk about what we want to do next and I tell him I don't know - uhh, we aren't kids son. You're in your 30s, I'm 28, why not grow up and deal with our responsibility. But again, I didn't know what I wanted to do. As the days went on and I told more people about it, I started getting happy and felt I wanted to keep it. Sure the ALL DAY sickness was aggravating but I can handle it. I halfway told him I'd respect his wishes and acknowledge that he doesn't want kids but then I had a change of heart and when trying to express such he all of a sudden vanished or became hard to reach. he told me about his "home girls" mom being in the hospital and then having 2 deaths in his fam, so he is going through a lot but dammit what about our situation? When I inform him of my change of heart - he is all ears, lol. We decide we are going to go half on an abortion because I respected him as a friend and wasn't trying to upset him even more than he was. So appointment is made for Sat, Sept 4th, he was supposed to come by that Friday and pay up - but he didn't. He said he was dealing with his family issues but indmix.com informed me different (shouts out to my love muffin, Kazi), the Ninja was at the freakin club :/. So now I'm like fuck this Ninja, but I peeped this after his Sunday visit to drop off the dough, so he was thrown off with my sudden change. Hell, Im pregnant, its what we do, LOL. I told him to lose my number & I'd just text him when I was done on Wednesday. Keep in mind he had not ONCE offered to drive me or pick me up on either appointment made. His lack of concern since that week before let me know not having the baby was the smartest move - if I had it and he was no help I brought it upon myself because he TOLD ME he didn't want a baby. I'd be settin myself up for Baby Daddy/Baby Mama drama. I didn't want that and it wasn't worth it to be honest. I realized women probably make their bed they lay in when they have a dead beat "baby daddy". True having an abortion is not something that is always best but you SERIOUSLY have to think things out and decide if its worth it. I have a BEAUTIFUL son who will be 10 in a few weeks, I was with his dad for 7 yrs and I NEVER refer to him as my "BD" nor am I his "BM" - I guess having gone through how its "supposed to be" and having a GREAT friendship with my sons Father assisted me with making the choice. He actually agreed with me.

I know, normally people don't talk about having abortions and such - its not something to brag about, but I'm venting some, lol. Not to mention I want some woman to read my words and LEARN from them. Mama always said don't boink someone you can't see yourself having a baby with and she is right. I told dude that he fucks like a teenager and he thought it was cool - NO, you being whack in bed is NOT cool. Talkin about he is a teen at heart :/ - see he and I were THAT close to where I could be honest with him on such things, LOL. Another lesson one can learn is do not depend n the morning after pill, LOL. Geesh! I recently told folks about Encare - look it up, it is a BC method that you can buy at the stores. I don't want to get all into it but I ONLY suggest it for those in relationships and doing it with no condoms or whatever.

So yea, Sat Oct 11th I terminated my pregnancy and I had a GREAT support group before and after the procedure. My boss was really excited about my having a baby - sad I disappointed her. My good friend Nette was ready to be an Auntie - oh and April, yea, Auntie April was ready, LOL. There was a guy, Isiah, whom I've shown no interest in even though he always asks me out, who was ready to be there every step of the way. Mack Daddy was on the phone with me giving me GREAT advice. My beautiful Family who was here for me, my cousin D for taking me - getting up @ 5:30am, lol. M Ninja Dr Teeth who had me laughing today as we caught up. And Dookie - he's been GREAT! He has completely shocked me with this new friendship we've established - known him for a good 6 years or so but since June, actually since Ike hit & he called to check on me and told me to fly to NY (lol) he has been GREAT! I truly learned who my friends were and who had my back! Thanx guys!

I even thank Mr. J - he was most def a wake up call - I appreciate men like Dookie & Isiah a lot more now. I'm not going to front like I didn't like dude, he was a very important person in my life - but growing out of friendships is a way of life; growing into new ones is always a way of life. I humbly cherish those friendships!

You can judge me if you decide, but i really don't care. There isn't one thing in my life that I do not regret and I don't regret my choice which is why I am sharing. My sister says I am too honest and tell too much but my healing has always come from my writing about it - so I am writing! No need to feel sorry for me, cause I damn sure don't feel sorry! I have a fresh new look on life after being thrown another obstacle by The Man Above! I am a stronger woman than I was yesterday :)