Friday, January 16, 2009

When Social Media Goes WRONG!

My PC isn't 100% yet but I had to find a way to post my current state of thought, so much is going through my head but one that touches me is the recent criticism "a master connector, network guru and social media rock star" just under went via a twitt on Twitter.

I'm someone who says random stuff daily on twitter - I'm an erotica writer, who blogs for the hop hop world and does marketing for national companies; I have A LOT going on in my world, lol. Ya NEVER know what you may see me twitt about. 1 moment it's something sex related, next min its hip hop related and then I post something that shows my true brilliance; I can not say the same for James Andrews (@keyinfluencer).

Many of you may know him as a spokesman for the talented actor, Hill Harper. He is always informative and sometimes his twitts are funny (the best one's came during his recent road trip w/ his BEAUTIFUL family, lol). He twitted "True confession but I'm in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say "I would die if I had to live here!" in reference to his time in Memphis, TN and it was taken out of context that had him facing emails from Vice Presidents and etc from Fed Ex, along with Memphis residents. Not only did they take his message out of context, but they attacked his work ethic. You see, Fed Ex is a client of his 9-5 and they felt someone in his position should not have made such comments on a social media site. reallyyyyyyyyyy went over board with the post, belittling a man who is a community leader, a role model, great father and exceptional husband does not deserve such attacks. Fed Ex reaching out to him can change the way we use our social sites, even the horrific blog post and comments. It's not even about freedom of speech, these people are asking for respect but yet they attack him. I ask that any & all show their support to this wonderful man, i don't know much about him beyond the twitts, blogs, and his facebook interaction but he is NOT the monster people have made him to be & it saddens me.

James replied in his own post ( The Mrs. post was BRILLIANT!! (

Here is a comment I left him, it pretty much sums up how I feel:
Honestly, rather you made a comment about the City in general or because of a situation; I felt the messages and comments are a tad over the top. Just because of your career you aren’t allowed to share your personal feelings and thoughts? You are human, correct?

The mention of of them paying your company so much money is like them saying they own you and your mind. You did not speak negative of FedEx itself, you made a general comment after business hours.

It saddens me that something so simple blew up into such a fashion, you’re a well respected man and highly admired. I hope this situation doesn’t cause you to separate from the relationships you’ve built on twitter thus far. Through this social media, you have shared a lot with us, but of course the wonderful things you have done are overlooked. I appreciate you taking time to address the situation but just know not everyone is as simple minded and shallow as those who left comments - you are indeed a KEY INFLUENCER!!

- CathrynMarie

smh @ "@keyinfluencer Nice try at backpedaling, however it comes across as somewhat insincere. Many of us saw this tweet and are offended." lesliepete