Wednesday, July 02, 2008

21st Century of Snitching

So I was reading a story today about the Police wanting teens and people in their mid-20's to try a different route of "snitching" or "dropping dime" on criminal activity; text messaging.

Personally, I am THE WRONG person to see someone do something wrong because if asked, I'm talking - SORRY! I'm the person who goes to Mc Donalds and gets $5 too much and returns it. I'm that person who finds a wallet and goes out of my way to return it and will not rest until I'm certain I've done all I can to make sure it is returned. So, this text messaging idea is rather crafty and I support it!

So the tipster is given a number that identifies them ("Tip563.") and they just text when they see something going down at school or something. Earlier this year, a text tip led to the arrest of a notorious suspect in a drug case. Since the beginning of the year, cities such as Tampa, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Detroit have started their own text-based tip systems, according to Texas-based Anderson Software. Many cities are adding the text messages to a system that already accepted anonymous tips through a Web site. one 18-year-old incoming freshman at the University of Tampa, typically logs around 6,000 text messages a month chatting to her friends. Read More

Payola in the industry...WHOMP!

Artist - Chris Classic

The guy pictured above is a GREAT friend of mine - his music is CRAZY dope and I'm not just saying that :). I am a loyal supporter of his work because it is good! I can bet you like his music also and don't even know you like it. Chris has had music in SEVERAL commerials from the NBA, McDonalds, Sprint, Chevrolet to Dodge. as well as done countless soundtracks - yea he's THAT guy! Soundtracks that are GREAT (obviously if he has done a number of them) and tunes to awesome movies! Examples: Jumper, Meet The Spartans, Never Back Down, The Air I Breathe, Transformers, Underdog, Fantastic Four,Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Night at The Museum, Date Movie, Without A Paddle, Cry Wolf, Harold and Kumar I & II, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Sydney White, Speed Racer (the catchy theme song features him rapping), Sex & The City and several others. Not to mention the small role he has in The Chipmunks!! The original motion picture soundtrack ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS is certified gold. The soundtrack is currently 15 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.

I tell ya, the MAN is talented! So now lets fast forward to his solo radio project that he is working on. Yesterday he released a mix tape, Audacity of Dope, to be downloaded. He reached out to many people to get their take on it, including some of the hip hop blogger sites. Here is a reply he got...

" yo fam ya shit is hot.. i'd post a review for you.. yo do u know any way I could get a hold of the new .... >>>... dunks size 10.5?.. oh yea.. if you have youtube videos we can rock those too.. just lemme know kid"...

LOL - this post easily goes along with my last discussion - Urban Music being dead! It's also the main reason I don't fuck w/ many people! With or without this dude reviewing his mix tape on his blog site, Chris has made it! He makes music because he loves it and it's in his soul. Everything about him screams GREAT MUSIC and he has been mentored and groomed by THE BEST in the industry! THE FUCKING BEST, I tell ya! I would say who "THE BEST" is, but I sometimes feel that saying whom one's family is may not always be a good thing - but his uncle is a LEGEND and a PIONEER of hip hop - not to mention the star of one of my favorite reality shows, lol.

Born in Hempstead, NY, Classic began writing poetry influenced by Shel Silverstein at the age of 8. An eighth grade English class assignment influenced him to write his first rap. This would be his first, because in his Jehovah's Witness household, rap music and especially the idea of him rapping was not an option. However his success in his school project that required a rap began a cycle of the tough guys wanting to battle him, which caused large cafeteria crowds and increased his popularity in school.

Around the same time his aunt married a rapper who took an interest in him because he could see the hungry artist inside of the skinny, quiet, straight- A student. READ MORE....

Monday, June 30, 2008

CaT's Orlando Trip to Disney World & Party w/ Plies

Contest Winners w/ Plies and PD of POWER 95.3, Stevie (middle next to Plies & Me)

As many of you know, I WON a trip from PARTY 93.3 to go to Orlando, Florida and party w/ Plies and a visit to Disney World. The trip was for 2 but last minute my friend was unable to make it and it was too late to switch the name on the ticket but if ya'll know me, ya know I'm going to have alone or with people - so I thought, LOL.

So I arrive in Orlando, the airport is soooo major! Guess store, Oakley store and food up the ass! HUGE!! You have to catch a train to even get to the other side of the airport. So I walk to baggage claim in search of my ride - felt like SOMEBODY when I saw a well dressed man holding a sign with my name on it :)
The short black man on the far right is my driver

I was even in VIP-status when he grabbed my bag and walked me out to a plush ass Benz with 2 screens in the back and magazines for my reading pleasure, lol.

Don't ask me WHY dude was driving 40 on the freeway, but he was. I think he just liked having me in his car :) lol. So we arrive to the hotel, I check in and go to my room and unpack. After a short while I decided to hit up my buddy ole pal, Yancy, one of the label reps that I reached out to earlier in the week. I wanted to go hang with them but then I felt a little tired so I took a nap.
PARTY 93.3 invades FL!

I woke up and hit my friend who was in town for business to see where he was. The jerk-face was in the same hotel as me so he came up to my room before heading out with his other friends for drinks. I finished getting dressed awaiting, Young Yancy, and the other reps to pick us up (there were other winners) and take us out. In the mist of that the power in the hotel went out because of a bad storm. Shits was out for like 5-10 mins, messed my movie up. LOL I was watch some Ice Cube, Samuel L Jackson movie that was GREAT! So my homie finishes with his pals and comes and waits with me. Before leaving I talked him into stepping out to the club we were going to and I went downstairs. I get downstairs and the 2 reps, Johnny and Scott are down there, along with 2 guys, Jay and Jermaine from NC. Two other winners came down, Nicole and The Boy Friend, from NC, also. And finally the KMEL winners from tha Bay came down (man I just knew I was gon represent Cali and KMEL w/ them; NOT!) Desire, who is 6'3 without heels that she can barely walk in, was joined by her orange hair sister, Tammy. So Nicole has this foil dress on, some old school Toni Braxton dress with holes on the side and the Cali chicks - never mind, can't even explain it, lol.

So we get to the club, POWER 95.3's Lil Sean is hosting it - that is the station who set everything up along with the label. We get into VIP and it really wasn't VIP at all. I was texting and ish most of the night, not drinking anything and everyone started assuming I was square and other stuff. Tellin me to put the business away and just have fun. THE CLUB WAS WACK, WHY AM I GOING TO WASTE MONEY BUYING DRINKS AND ISH IF I'M NOT ENJOYING MYSELF? For the 1st time I felt like I didn't fit in at a club - I haven't chilled with "regular people" in so long. Not saying I'm not regular, but I don't really go out to just party unless its a bday or some ish. Normally it's networking events and for these people to think this club was jumpin just let me know I was with the wrong crowd, LOL.

Tabu Night Club
See the foil on your left? :/
6'3 Desire along w/ Jermaine and Jay

Thank God for my Friend coming by the club, lol. I sat with him drinkin patron and finally enjoying myself some. So the van to take us back was leaving at 1am but we could stay if we wanted but had to get back ourselves - we were like 6 blocks away. Everyone decided to stay, including myself but I knew I'd be moving around to other clubs with my Friend. He and I went to about 3 other clubs and he brought patron in every club, lol. The last club he got a bottle of moet, was drinking it from the bottle, someone bumped him and he chipped his tooth - talk about MAD. We leave the club around 2:30 and start walking up the main street and I see The Boy Friend walking with some other chick. I'm like "yo, where are youuuuuuuu going?" He pretty much ignores me and I keep on walking. I then see the Cali chicks on the corner lookin mad. I'm like "yo, whats up?" MAN, why they start telling me about them getting into a fight in the club and that they got kicked out. They then tell me Nicole and The Boy Friend got into it and she bit him on the face :/. WTF? I ask my friend if it was cool to take the girls back to the hotel cause they were going on about the cops being in their face and damn near gettin arrested and all kinds of crap, he said cool and as we're walking to the car he starts feeling like its a bad idea, LOL. They were on the cell phones callin their Cali "goons" gettin all hyphy and what have you, lol. So we get back to the hotel and we go our separate ways - thank god NONE of them knew where my room was cause they were talkin about smoking the weed they had stashed in their crotch and all kinds of mess.

So no one wanted to go to Disney World at 8:00 like scheduled EXCEPT me, so we planned to meet in the lobby at 10:30 when the reps were to come get us. I see Yancy and them and start telling them about the fights and other bullshit. They are like YO, I KNEW something was going to go down, LOL. Why did these fools tell me that Nicole and The Boy Friend were in VIP, she was on her knees, he tapped her head and she got mad, got up and dudes dick is sticking straight up? LOL WTF?!?! I later find out that The Boy Friend got to the hotel at like 6am (LOL) and they were in their room fighting all night. The girls all snuck into the pool at 4am, got kicked out, went to the boys room and was smoking weed in there :/! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? We are waiting for the couple to come down, they don't so we just leave them, LOL.

Finallyyyyyyy get to Disney World and they are asking to be picked up before 5pm - WTF? "Yo, ya'll not fuckin up anymore of my Disney World trip!!" LOL. I got every ones attention with that shit, lol. We get in, the boys run off and do them and I'm with the girls - I wanted to go alone but I was nice and stuck with them. Of course they want to eat cause they got downstairs too late for breakfast, so I had to sit and wait for them to eat not to mention complain about how wack Disney World was and how hot it was. GUUURRRRRRRRRR!!!!
Tammy & Desire

Finally we go to a ride - Splash Mountain. After a 50 minute line wait, we peeped how the fast past hook up worked and decided to use it on the other rides we will get on. Oh wait - tell me WHY was there a dude in line wearing nothing but some damn boxers that were cut like boy shorts? WTF??
The line
The short as red shorts, lol

Splash Mountain was off the chain - I'll scan my picture from the ride later. We finally started having fun!!

We did a few more rides, walked around, watched the parade and rode more rides (Stitch, I want my money back for that wack as attraction I went to of yours!!).

The one ride I REALLY wanted to get on, I didn't get to ride - Space Mountain. *sigh* At 4pm they just wanted to sit down in some AC cause their feet were hurting and they were tired. FINE!! I decide to go buy me something. Goofy is my Baby Daddy, so I brought a lil pin with him dancing. The girls were trippin on me paying $9 for it - I hadn't spent but $40 the whole trip so far, shit, I was gon spend some money, LOL!!

Johnny comes and picks us up at 5pm and we ride to the hotel. My Friend kept saying he was leaving soon so I wanted to get back and at least say thanks to him before he left. If it weren't for him my trip would have been a bust thus far, lol. We get back and its storming like shit! I made a comment about house keeping probably mad at me for having towels every where, I some how used every towel, lol. Tammy was like, I hope she don't come to our room and clean. I told her they do unless you have the sign on your door. She was like, well my weed is out. *DOH* lol!

So we have an hour to get dressed before riding out to the house where Plies will be meeting us. We are riding in the car and Tammy tells us that "the maid stole her weed" LOLOLOL. She is DEAD as serious too tho! But I personally think the Manager took it. She went to the front desk and asked who cleaned their room. They went and got the maid, she spoke NO english and when asked what was missing she said cigs, LOL. They informed her that the maid found a wallet under a pillow and called the manager up, which is proceedure, and the manager came in the room. I think thats when the weed was found and they are lucky they didn't get kicked out let alone arrested. I also learn that Nicole is missing 3 nails and is all scratched up and The Boy Friend is all scratched up also, LOL. They did make it out to join us to go to the party and was kind of salty that they didn't make it to Disney. Needless to say, Nicole said their relationship was OVER, LOLOLOL! Man, what a trip!

At the party, we met with a lot of GREAT people there, including the chill as PD of POWER 95.3, my new pal :). The mornin show crew was amazingly cool and DJ Pro Styles from BET's 106 & PARK was the DJ for the night. Everyone was on their best behavior and the food was GREAT! The corn on the cob was off the chain!

CaT & Plies
CaT & Yancy
CaT, Johnny & our shoes, LOL
CaT & Scott

Plies got there around 11 with about 6 Rick Ross Jr's (LOL) and there were other winners that came through. We played Wii all night, Pack Man and everyone just talked. The night was very chill and a lot of fun.

After the party we went back to the hotel and my ass crashed! Everyone had early flights out except me, so imagine my shock when Nicole called me and asked if she could come to my room cause they missed their flight. I told her to do a late check out and they'd be good til at least 3pm. At 3, I checked out and they came down also, their driver was already there so I decided to ride with them to the airport instead of waiting 2 hours for my ride. I honestly thought my weekend of jokes and laughs was over - NOT!! Tell me whyyyyyy, The Boy Friend asked to be taken to 7-11, we get there and I go inside so I can get change to tip the oh so kind Driver. The Boy Friend pulls out a scratch off and I'm like damn - big money, big money! The negro tells me its for THREE dollars, LOL. I'm like oh! SIKE - it's for ONE dollar!! LOL. The chick was ready to give him a scratch off, he's like naw, give me my dollar! Oh man, I pissed my pants, LOLOLOL!!

So we get to the airport and they check on their flight and we walk to the food court. We're standing at Mc Donalds and they walk to another place, and another place and finally 3 other spots, lol. I ate my food and went to get me some donuts from Krispy Creame and I ask them what's going on? They say everything is expensive and they only have like $10 on her card left, they had to pay a $6 phone bill charge at the hotel and it took most of their $70 each they brought out there (LOL). So I'm like, here's $5, get some food. He was all, you sure? And I'm like yeah! So I get my snacks and sit back down and await them. I look up and they are sitting down WITH MY $5! I'm like yo, whats wrong now? He said they still don't have enough and I'm like wow! I tell them to get up and that I'd get them some food! WHY DID THESE MUTHAFUCKAS GO TO THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE IN THERE? TELL ME WHYYYYYYYY THEIR FOOD CAME TO $20?!! The whole time they are saying they are grateful and how God gon bless me, etc etc - then wtf you actin like a negro and taking advantage of my kindness? I let them get their food and baby girl is like, if you want some ice cream I got you, lol. I'm like, naw I'm good so then they said they would get their own drinks. Too bad her card was declined! LOL. Don't get me wrong, I know what it's like to not have money and shit, but DAMN! At this point I was done with them, I told them I wanted to walk through security incase the line was long and said goodbye.

*sigh* Overall my trip is ranked in at a 7! It was cool, I shared some laughs and I'm happy the party was cool. The reps were GREAT - every last single one of them. I thank them, POWER 95.3,Plies and PARTY 93.3 for allowin me to experience such laughter, LOL. Next time screen your winners, LOL. Mad respect!!

Check out and for more pics. The link is going to take you to and you will have to download them. The link expires in 7 days but can reupload them if you contact me - - so that you may view them. I'm sure they will be on MySpace soon, also. POWER 95.3 has other pics up also....
Mr.Bust It Baby! Check out #2 on his CD - Ole Lady. Produced by my bestest pal, BC of Necronam!!