Saturday, January 10, 2009

BART Shooting: Change Comes When WE Change

Another speaker, who identified himself as Neder Bey, demanded the arrest of the BART officer involved in the shooting and told the board that if protesters "want to riot and tear up the city, I say God bless them."

There are very few tragedies and deaths that "get to me"; call me heartless or whatever, but its true. As I am VERY disappointed and sorry for the loss of the Bay Area man who was killed, I am distraught at the communities behavior. The eighth largest city in the Unites States is being destroyed by it's OWN people, by the people who have to live day to day. Minorities are labeled negatively because of actions like this.

"Neder" (Nedir) Bey (obviously one of Yusef Bey's 500 children) is saying it's okay for for the city to be torn up - HUH? What are they going to gain by it being torn up? They lose more than anything, if one really thinks about it.

I am indeed an Oakland, California born & raised native, although if someone asks me I say Berkeley or Suisun is my home town. It's where I went to Jr. High & High School, and where most of my memories are. But don't get it twisted, when I moved back to Cali from Detroit in 2000, I resided right in the heart of West Oakland in 2001 and held a a position with the City of Oakland for 3 years; Oakland IS home. My grand father has owned an apartment complex and laundry mat on 35th & Fruitvale for YEARS; yeah, FRUITVALE, the area where all of this dismay has taken place.

Memories of growing up in the area and my many BART rides flooded my mind and it makes me very, very sad. The BART is easily the best public transportation service in the world, sorry it is! There have been MANY a times where I just rode the BART to clear my head & enjoy a nice ride. The number of cities you can ride through on the system is unbelievable. Oakland, San Fran, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, San Jose, etc..When I go home I never have anyone pick me up from the airport because I a honestly miss the BART system and would rather take the BART shuttle from the airport, tot he Coliseum BART station, ride that to El Cerrito or Richmond and either stay in that area or hop on Amtrak via the Richmond station and continue my trip to either Suisun or Sacramento. THE BART IS THE BEST SYSTEM EVER!!

This week they had to shut down the Downtown Oakland and Fruitvale stations, can you imagine the number of people effected by this? When I worked for the City, catching the BART was the only way I wanted to get to 14th street and now you're telling me because of mindless persons, others had to suffer? This violence, not only by the heartless cop, but also by the community, is giving Oakland AND the BART a bad rep. There are ways to be voice-ful without tearing your hometown up. I just can't wrap my brain around what these people are thinking. I'm on message boards and people are laughing at what they did earlier the day of the riots - why?!! What is even the purpose of this so called protest? REALLY? Why are you in the streets? Why are you smashing car windows and burning cars? WTF are you trying to solve?

Everyone wants to credit Obama being in office as a time to change the world, along with African Americans feeling it will help them be viewed in a different light by the races (people) who belittle them but Obama (his example) can't save you when people are continuing to act in such a manner. And not just African Americans though, the Mexican community as well, after all, the Mexican population had a higher turn out than Blacks. East Oakland is flooded with Mexicans and Blacks and this is what they are doing int he so called year of change.

People need to stop over analyzing shit, like seriously. Yeah, yeah, yeah - white people hate blacks..yeah, yeah, yeah - the cops kill unarmed black people, etc etc! Hellooooooooooooooooo!! You're doing dumb shit like this and it STICKS in people's mind. There will never be a day where there is NO violence but if people to the time to think WHY we are looked upon in a negative way, they cab make a REAL change; self change. It's a circle that will probably never be broken. You may not agree and feel there is a conspiracy instead of realizing the problem are our actions, but oh'm speaking for myself because right now, I am indeed VERY happy I am not living in Oakland, California anymore. And I'll be the first to say that I get easily depressed when I go home - no one is doing anything with themselves but sitting on the same corners and porches they sat on since JUNIOR HIGH! Come on!!! After watching this, I have NO plans to rush home, seriously...

(read the posted comment in the comment section - a convo between me and a good friend)

I can't help but refer to my post about "having some Berkeley in your life", Berkeley, Cali residents would NEVER tear their city up like this and they are KNOWN for having protests often. East Oakland residents, defiantly need some Berkeley in their live Stop the violence, you aren't helping the situation, you're only contributing to the problem.

Why in the sam hell is he playing this music while showing us a heartbreaking situation? WAKE UP Moron, you're not helping the cause!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

First Blog in 09! :)

It's 2009, another year and I must say I am excited to see what this year has in store for me. My son graduates Elementary and will be stompin w/ the Jr High Kids by the end of the year; it is indeed a blessing. He is a blessing himself, the boy is smart as all shits & he is not bad, silly but not bad lol. He is a positive person and befriends people of ALL ages, lol..amazing young MAN.

Let's see what's new? Hmmm, started 09 still single, lol. I actually halfway started talking to someone and he made me smile like NO tomorrow. Since Thanksgiving I had been very depressed and my first true sunshine came with his kind words and gestures. As usual, I gave him a hard time when he first started flirting with me, I overlook stuff like that because I don't want to be bothered, but he peeled back a few layers and made his way in. Unfortunately that seems to be over, lol. I mean, it's like he stopped all of the cute things that had me interested in him and then he is standoffish. I ask him about himself and he is just like, "I'll tell you when we spend time together" question is, when is that going to be? lol He made comments about doing so but it stopped. After this weekend he probably thinks I'm bi-polar, lol, I hit him with hella shit but its because I let my wall down a LOT for him; I guess he just doesn't know what his kindness meant to me & the affect it had on me. I didn't want to get too mushy on him but yea, he did something to me. He intrigued me a lot (in MANY ways, if ya know what I mean, lol) and we have a lot in common. Our field is similar and I saw me helping him out & vise versa; not to mention I told my friends about him..yea, I was geeked lol. I've done the usual, pushed him away and normally I never go back on my word but it's been hard to not talk to him but whatever! I've been through so much and haven't let anyone near me in a min, he did his magic on me but I think it was for nothing; in the end, I started 09, single LOL...

As previously stated, I have been in the slumps since Thanksgiving, not too happy. I've had the urge to just leave TX - shits WHACK!! Christmas I spent in the hospital due to heart failure and someone stole my money while I was there (geesh). I'm okay now, did my little three days in the hospital and was released, been taking it easy since I got out. I will say, they fed a sista pretty good while in there lol. I think getting out & taking it easy it what opened me up wide open for ole buddy..damn, I'm missin his ass now LOL..Anyway, I want to again thank everyone who called, texted, emailed, twitted and sent prayers, it is/was MUCH appreciated! I'm doing okay and I promise Ihave been doing all I can to make sure the blood flows through my ticker okay, lol. I haven't been eating too many burgers and other fatting food...Not trying to be like this again:

On a brighter note, I've gained 15 pounds since September/October and it's in the RIGHT places, LOL. I don't even look 142 but yet I am. My clothes fit different, some I fill out more, others I can't fit at all..But hey, I think I like this weight thing (shout out to Shay-Tay, lol my fellow Slim-Thickum)

I hadn't written in a minute, so I wanted to take the time to update my blog. I'll leave you with a two quotes I plan to live by this year:

I won't let things I don't know intimidate me, I will take the time to learn what i don't know.

In Line, On Time, In 0-9!

Aiight, Gossip Girl time! ohhh, peace and blessings to my Jigga Juice..he recently was hospitalized as well and I'm happy he is doing better. I was worried about him but he is doing better and I thank GOD my good friend is able to send me mean texts every day again, LOL