Monday, February 04, 2008

Get Me Your Tracks...

Good news, Urban Zone is now The Official Sponsor of Street Heat every Sunday night on Party 93.3 hosted by Kiotti. What does that mean? The Urban Zone is teaming up with Party 93.3FM to bring you the FIRE from the streets every Sunday! And you know what else it means? If you can't catch up with Kiotti, NOW you can stop by the Urban Zone and drop off your music (ATTN: CaT -- that's me) – the UZ Mgmt Team and I will listen to your music and if it's FIRE – we'll forward it directly to Kiotti. After that it's up to Kiotti and Party 93.3…….they'll make decisions about what's HOT enough for STREET HEAT. (your music must be clean and copyrighted) Finally, you have a CHANCE to get your music in the right hands. Stop by The Urban Zone today for details or give me a call 832.884.4690

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