Monday, July 14, 2008

Mario invades my heart - I mean Houston!

Ok, as many of my friends know, I'm a HUGE Mario fan. Fuck that, I'm not even a fan, I just love him! The 1st time we meet Nov 2004, we've shared this connection - lol! NO, for real - we've had a connection, yo! We've seen one another a few more times since then and I some how always chicken out when it comes to getting his digits - LOLOL!

This Saturday I saw him again *le sigh* Geezus has he grown since I last saw him! He says I look more toned since he last saw me *giggle*..LOL...His performance was so HYPYED. The ladies LOVE Mario, one chicked scratched the ish out of him, yo!

The whole day was GREAT! Hanging with friends I don't get to see too often and making new friends =)! (<3 ya). Oh - shouts out to my negro-gotti, Brian Angel of Day 26! Was great to see ya! =)

My new Buddy, "the Sound Guy" LOL

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