Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catch Me On

A site that I respect & often refer Artists & DJs to be apart of, has graced me with the opportunity to post all over their site - YaY! was introduced to me by Acie High, a local Houston Rapper (also UPN the Player winner and Brother of Acie Law of the Hawks) back in 2007 when I took on the position of doing Marketing for his Camp. I was highly impressed with the connections and feedback I would get back from DJs in the US & overseas. I can honestly say I am a TRUTHFUL testimony of the site and its MULTIPLE services and I am excited to have the opportunity to share my two cents.

What to expect:

Exclusive interviews
Music Reviews
Artist Shine....etc

I'm not a gossip blogger, so you won't get the latest gossip on who Kanye is boinking - at least not with my name next to it. I encourage all to check out, not on the blog, but the site overall. Become a member and take advantage of the industry people who take part of this amazing site!

Hopefully, I'll have my first post up by Monday!! The kinks are still being worked out!

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houstonmacbro said...

Thanks for the links.