Friday, December 05, 2008

Semi Rant....

I just feel like venting/ranting...

So today it is cold as all shits! No, REALLY! It's COLD!!

Tomorrow I will be spending time w/ my 2nd favorite person in life, Baby Miles :)

The other day I was reminded why I am single...Conversation below:

HIM: Wow what u just told me brought a smiile to my face and now I have my homeboys spreadin the word party at the skybar thanx to u!! U r awesome!

CaT: So I call u out the blue, when clearly u should showing me more attn since u claim 2 like me so much, I ask 2 take out 4 a drink 4 ur bday with the possible intention 2 spend time with u & celebrate my bday as well. U say ull hit me back but instead called ur friends 2 set up a big party @ the spot I invited u 2, showing an interest and its a good thing? Wow! How about u jst enjoy ur fri night w/ the boys Mr John, I totally give up.

HIM: Nooooooooooo!!!!!! Please don't take it like that I really want to spend time with u!!!!!! U have made me so happy!!!! It will be our night I promise!!!!

First of all, how often does a chick just randomly ask to take a dude out for drinks? Let alone for his bday. Not to mention we aren't dating and BARELY talking *blink* You want to invite your whole posse out? NINJA PLEASE!

After begging and pleading, we are going out tonight..LOL

So, I have no problem with people sending me music to review but yo..enough of the zshare and whatever links. I don't download music. If your music is trash I don't want to have it on my pc...get it, got it? GOOD!!

Did I mention that I am cold?

Oh, so when did having manners be a bad thing? This PASTOR gives me a hard time everyday because he hates my speech. SORRY, but my Pops and Grand Mother instilled "Yes, Please", "Thank You, Kindly", "My Apologizes" etc! GET OVER IT!

Rev Run's daily emails of wisdom are rather encouraging

Lil Cease on twitter - wow! LOL

Bloggers vs Writers convo continues....Blogger = copy & paste w/ 2 cents added. Writers = if I have 2 explain what a writer is, shoot yourself now!


MirthNadir said...

Girls never ask guys out so old boy should be very thankful you had the foresight to ask him out. SMH ... Sometimes Ninja's just don't get it.

Sunshyne said...

what an idiot!

MzVirgo said...

This reminds me of a dude years ago who had the audacity to tell me to buy him a drink because it was his birthday. I was like, huh? He was like, "you should buy me a drink." I deleted his number after that.