Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mr. Funny Man

Last Saturday night I get a phone call from my buddy, Wil Sylvince, he informs me that he was "near" my city the other day.

CaT: Oh, you were in Dallas, cool?
Wil: No, I said near your city, not in it. I was in Houston.
Wil: Oh, yeah, I had a show out there on Tuesday.
CaT: *screams* WTF?? A SHOW WHERE?!
Wil: Bam Bou with Ali
CaT: *screams* WIL!! you're lying? I go to Bam Bou, was just there for Ali's bday last week. WHAT!?!?
Wil: I'm sorry, I thought you were in Dallas still

So yea, I was HOT!! Even more of a slap in the face is I called Ali in May & tried to work on getting Wil out here - SO HE AND HIS MANAGER KNOW I FUCKS W/ HIM!! Okay, I'm clam! :) I still love me some, Wil! I don't know how I came across this video on YouTube today, of him, but gosh he is funny :) LOL @ "You can't even write your writing!"

In case you missed him in Feb after Super Bowl on Def Comedy Jam - here he is!

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