Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back From Social Networking Vaca!

Boy oh boy...Back from a week of NO Twitter, NO Facebook, NO MySpace, NO AIM, NO YIM, NO GChat and NO blogging - for someone who spends a lot of her time online, it sure wasn't THAT hard lol...It was a bet between me and my good pal, Cory, when he decided he was going to take a break due to a heavy work week (although he did blog..booo). I don't even know how the conversation came to place, but he told me I couldn't do it. I had to prove him wrong, ya'll and NO, I did not peek or anything. Instead, I got back into grant writing and a host of other things, including FINALLY storing numbers from my old phone to my "new" phone. LOL @ the people I texted out of the blue, I had forgot alll about em lmao...

The break away probably would have taken place for a few days anyway because I couldn't take anymore of the bad press the Rihanna and Chris Brown, situation were getting. The stories were crazy and rather stressful. I'm not saying I know Chris all personal and what have you but I have my reasons and situations for feeling very strong and sorry for what he was going through. I said I was going to cry and by golly geez whiz, I had to shed a few tears for the young lad. He is an amazingly gifted kid and he did something out of the ordinary. We ALL have our moments in life in which we regret things we have done but we're human; Chris is human. Don't get me wrong, the 1 time my ex decided to hem me up, I ended our 7 year relationship at that moment; I'm not with domestic violence but sometimes people have to be forgiven for their mistakes.

I have been in Chris' position - yes, I beat the fuck out of an ex. Do I regret it, very much so. Would I do it again? Hell yea lol. Naw, seriously, during the situation I had an out of body experience when dude was disrespecting me, so I went bad on him. Does that make me a bad person? Do you think less of me because I had to have the cops come to our home and almost arrest me? *shrug* I mean, I know who I am and I know WHY I did what I did. Heck, even tho he goes overboard and tells the story saying I tried to kill him (lol) he cried and begged for the police to not take me to jail and I did not go. He knew he was out of line but that doesn't give me the right to flip everything over in the house, punch him in his face, arm, leg and chest. It doesn't make it okay that I bit the shit out of his leg through his black jeans and left a scar he will forever have, but he knows that wasn't me. We still talk to this day, years after the ordeal and even laugh about it. We don't know what went through Chris' head or what led up to the situation, so it's not our position to judge. He lost endorsements and everything else, I'm certain someone from one of the companies I work with is reading this and if you feel the need to rip up our contract, please do so if you feel it is right. I mean, never mind the fact that I do GREAT work for your company and respect each person, forget the fact that we have an established relationship - business and personal - rip that shit up! I mean, its what everyone has done to CB and the many urban blogs have contributed to him losing so much. Look in the mirror and I can promise we have all had our Chris Brown moment...I'm just sayin...

I'm not an every day praying type of person, but I will put on some Kirk Franklin, "Imagine Me" and just study the lyrics, over and over again. Last week I do so as my prayer to Chris Brown; cue the tears!

Right afterwards, and learning that Target had pulled CB's music, I went straight Kelis, "Fuck Them Bitches" on em for, Chris. Everyone bringing him down and enjoying his down fall - Fuck You...Thanks :)

Anyway..I'm back and a few things have changed...no more sprite, chilled out on the fried foods, etc etc...I'm disappointed in disloyal people, a lot of people have displayed so last week. I'm good though and I once again want to thank everyone who called, texted, emailed, DM'd, etc to check on me. Odara & Shercole get the award for missing me the most tho lol..them heffas plotted and figured out who my bestest pal was and asked him how I was..thats what I'm tomboutttttttttttt!!! lol..love u ladies :) Nukirk..thanks for the call too :) Ainz & Delano did it in & got me back a day early, they missed Mama Bear! I love my boys!


Matthew Milam said...

It's official -- Your are the hottest!

Ms. Lyssa said...

I AGREE with you WHOLE HEARTEDLY!! I prayed for Chris real hard last week. I don't agree with what he did, but I want him to forgive himself and keep making good music and using the gift God gave him. At his young age, I just don't want him to be labled Chris the Woman Beater - then go hide for the rest of his life in shame.

We all make mistakes, but we just not on TV with our stuff.

thismayconcernyou.com said...

first, I'm not sure I could go a week without facebook or gmail. They're like food and water.

Second, you're a brave soul for telling your story. But it needs to be heard. I know you're grateful for your ex's mercy and love in that situation. There are a lot of spiteful people who wouldn't have been so kind.

On the entire situation: When you lay hands, all bets are off, and the relationship should end there. CB and Riri should be over. But they're clearly back together now.

I give it a year at max that they end up wasting before they break up again. And i just hope he doesn't hit her again. I also hope that people do see him as human and forgive him for his mistake.

Good post.