Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm a baddddddddd girl!!

*sigh* So the other night I went to a Sigma Party (shouts out to Ikem of and there was this guy there that I kinda sorta know. Our background is NOT important, lol. So I'm there with my best friend, MyKel, who is a Kappa (I think he and I were the only folks there not apart of the Organization, lol..u owe me Ikem, lol) and we are havin a great time. We go to the roof patio and we are dancing and talking and the guy that I know came up there. He and I are talking, laughing and enjoyin one another when all of a sudden I move close to him, grab his face and kissed him!! OMG!! Why did I do that? He's a MARRIED man!! *sigh* I never, never, neverrrrrrrrrr talk to married man, let alone a man who says he has a girl - I'm a hussie!! My new best female friend - Ill talk about her ratchet ass later, lol..says I should boink this man and everything else..are you NUTS lady? LOL...Crazy thing, I cant stop thinking about the loser...guurrr!! Im a baddddd girl!!

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moniker said...

I'm shocked!

*clutches pearls*