Tuesday, January 08, 2008

When people you love get BAD publicity

Back in the day I had a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE crush on Gilbert Arenas - like IN LOVE WITH HIM!! When my homegirl Laura got with him I was happy for her - shes such a beautiful person and he was an amazing man, so nice!! I went home recently and learned she had a new baby by him and that I had just missed the whole bunch. Imagine my shock when I read this crap :/

Athlete: Gilbert Arenas
Position: Washington Wizards guard
Drama: Crazy, but apparently loveable

The Dish: Gilbert Arenas is a weird guy. It's actually a quality that makes him pretty funny and a fan favorite, but in some regards, weird does have its limits. In 2006, Arenas' on-and-off again girlfriend, Laura Govan, chased him all over our great country with the intent to embarrass and serve him a paternity suit during a televised game. He spent a chunk of the season hiding in hotel rooms under various aliases. Weird? Not really. Cat-and-mouse games come with the territory of being a highly paid athlete struggling with the concept of a condom. But after all that drama the two reconciled, Arenas bought her a house near his in Northern Virginia and in March of '07 she gave birth to his second child. Procreating again with the woman who set out to destroy you ... that's not just a little weird, it's a touch of baby mama Stockholm syndrome...


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Anonymous said...

So what is Laura doing now, other than having babies by an NBA player. She better put herself on the market at 28, so she can have something to retire from one day. She's not suppose to be living off of Gilbert's money, it's for those kids.