Sunday, January 13, 2008

Make The Switchhhhhh!!

Yooooo - in case ya didnt know, PARTY 104.9 is NOW Party 93.3! Since the switch its been GREAT changes!! They are now reaching 100,000 homes instead of the small 30,000, not to mention muh fuckas in LA, Beaumont and Port Arthur can hear them now - MAJOR!!

The PARTY crew:
The Mexicanz in the Morning w/ my girlllllllll Cristal Bubblin
Crisco Kidd aka My Saturday Love Thang :)
Memphis 10 aka My Favorite Person in Houston!!
Kiotti aka Ya Baby Mamas Favorite Rapper, lol
DJ Coolaid
DJ Rockwell aka He be lyinnnnnnnn :)
DJ Real
Blazeeeeeee n da streets
CiCi aka the chick who won't email me my beautiful pic, lol
Kennan aka My Brother :)

Soooo Ummmm - MAKE THE SWITCH!! Listen ONLINE PARTY 93.3 and hit them on MySpace -

Be sure to catch the PARTY crew EVERY Saturday @ Sharpstown Mall - I'm always throwin something that has the radio involved - not to mention Crisco Kidd broadcasting LIVE inside of Studio 93.3 - YES a Radio Station INSIDE of the MALL!! Check it out!!

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