Wednesday, July 02, 2008

21st Century of Snitching

So I was reading a story today about the Police wanting teens and people in their mid-20's to try a different route of "snitching" or "dropping dime" on criminal activity; text messaging.

Personally, I am THE WRONG person to see someone do something wrong because if asked, I'm talking - SORRY! I'm the person who goes to Mc Donalds and gets $5 too much and returns it. I'm that person who finds a wallet and goes out of my way to return it and will not rest until I'm certain I've done all I can to make sure it is returned. So, this text messaging idea is rather crafty and I support it!

So the tipster is given a number that identifies them ("Tip563.") and they just text when they see something going down at school or something. Earlier this year, a text tip led to the arrest of a notorious suspect in a drug case. Since the beginning of the year, cities such as Tampa, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Detroit have started their own text-based tip systems, according to Texas-based Anderson Software. Many cities are adding the text messages to a system that already accepted anonymous tips through a Web site. one 18-year-old incoming freshman at the University of Tampa, typically logs around 6,000 text messages a month chatting to her friends. Read More

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