Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Payola in the industry...WHOMP!

Artist - Chris Classic

The guy pictured above is a GREAT friend of mine - his music is CRAZY dope and I'm not just saying that :). I am a loyal supporter of his work because it is good! I can bet you like his music also and don't even know you like it. Chris has had music in SEVERAL commerials from the NBA, McDonalds, Sprint, Chevrolet to Dodge. as well as done countless soundtracks - yea he's THAT guy! Soundtracks that are GREAT (obviously if he has done a number of them) and tunes to awesome movies! Examples: Jumper, Meet The Spartans, Never Back Down, The Air I Breathe, Transformers, Underdog, Fantastic Four,Fantastic Four Rise of The Silver Surfer, American Pie 4,5 and 6, Night at The Museum, Date Movie, Without A Paddle, Cry Wolf, Harold and Kumar I & II, Alvin & The Chipmunks, Sydney White, Speed Racer (the catchy theme song features him rapping), Sex & The City and several others. Not to mention the small role he has in The Chipmunks!! The original motion picture soundtrack ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS is certified gold. The soundtrack is currently 15 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.

I tell ya, the MAN is talented! So now lets fast forward to his solo radio project that he is working on. Yesterday he released a mix tape, Audacity of Dope, to be downloaded. He reached out to many people to get their take on it, including some of the hip hop blogger sites. Here is a reply he got...

" yo fam ya shit is hot.. i'd post a review for you.. yo do u know any way I could get a hold of the new .... >>>... dunks size 10.5?.. oh yea.. if you have youtube videos we can rock those too.. just lemme know kid"...

LOL - this post easily goes along with my last discussion - Urban Music being dead! It's also the main reason I don't fuck w/ many people! With or without this dude reviewing his mix tape on his blog site, Chris has made it! He makes music because he loves it and it's in his soul. Everything about him screams GREAT MUSIC and he has been mentored and groomed by THE BEST in the industry! THE FUCKING BEST, I tell ya! I would say who "THE BEST" is, but I sometimes feel that saying whom one's family is may not always be a good thing - but his uncle is a LEGEND and a PIONEER of hip hop - not to mention the star of one of my favorite reality shows, lol.

Born in Hempstead, NY, Classic began writing poetry influenced by Shel Silverstein at the age of 8. An eighth grade English class assignment influenced him to write his first rap. This would be his first, because in his Jehovah's Witness household, rap music and especially the idea of him rapping was not an option. However his success in his school project that required a rap began a cycle of the tough guys wanting to battle him, which caused large cafeteria crowds and increased his popularity in school.

Around the same time his aunt married a rapper who took an interest in him because he could see the hungry artist inside of the skinny, quiet, straight- A student. READ MORE....

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