Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Terrence Howard - Essence 2008

YES - Terrence Howard has an ALBUM coming out! The album has a Country, Soulful sound to it - VERY unique. You'll have to be one with an OPEN mind to completely enjoy and understand it but overall it is good music that he produced himself - he plays most of the instuments on the album. Take a listen on his Mypace page to check it out. I forget when the actual album drops but this was one of my favorite Essence moments - having personal time with one of my favorite actors. He was very social and spoke what ever was on his mind, lol. Mad respect to him!

Me & Terrence
My Cousin, Jen & Terrence
Terrence Howard writes BACKWARDS!! From LEFT to RIGHT!!
"To Oddesy, Thank You Terrence Howard"

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Dr. Kiti said...

Dear cousin, please tell me that this is not the REAL Terrence Howard, but an actor that plays him on know I'm so so jealous right now...I loves Mr. Babywipes and you know I gotsta listen to his album when it drops!

-Shaunte (yes, that Shaunte, the one in California, you know, your cousin...and stuff...)