Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fav New Downloads!

The past 2 days on the net have been sooooo amazing, LOL! I know, I'm a dork.

FIRST we were introduced to CHROME! The FASTEST and COOLEST browser known to man. I will admit that it has it's tweaks but yo - Google is seriously doing some shit with this right here!!

You're looking at the home page - doesn't it look MAD simple?

But that's not even what REALLY has me excited (as I said, it has it's kinks). I was online talking about how I was lovin Meebo - syncing AOL (AIM), Gmail Chat & Yahoo was HOT! But then my girl, Necole Bitchie put me up on a Twitter download that sync's your email, ALL social networks AND all instant message programs! Ohh, don't believe me?

Yes my Brothers and Sisters, my screen has AOL/AIM (CathrynMarieMgt), Yahoo (Cathryn.Marie), Gmail Chat (CathrynMarie), Facebook (CathrynMarie), Gmail (, Twitter ( and TWO MySpace pages ( -

The alerts for Twitter, Gmail, Myspace & Facebook all pop up on your desk top! YES - a little bubble pops up and lets you know when you have a new message, not to mention it is at the bottom of the Digsby box AND on your lower tool bar!

I would suggest that everyone make their life more simple and avoid being difficult like the Man I called to inform of the site, lol - love ya Snicker Doodle =) Feel free to click the images to enlarge em & check out what I'm talking about!


KJtheGreat said...

wow...i'm surprised you can function with all that going on CAT! i have an AIM (never use it) and I never even been to so i don't know what i'm missing.

One facebook page, one business myspace, one personal myspace, and a blog, oh and a membership to that i rarely use! lol

Moniker said...

Aww it's not feeling the Mac users just yet.

ODARA said...

ooooooh....i'm excite =D

Gotta Download it...

12kyle said...

*coming thru for the 1st time*

nice blog

thanks for the info!

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