Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Houston

I guess you can say my Labor Day weekend started Thursday night as Cristal. April & I made our way downtown to check out the DNC; amazing! Besides the drunk chick shouting "YES" every 2 seconds during Obama's speak, the night was GREAT!

Sorry the pic is so dark, lol! We were all rockin our Obama shirts tho:)

So Friday night I was on Enigmatik's site and I peeped that Chamillionaire was having a meet & greet at Music Depot in Greens Point Mall (Shouts out to Big O!!) - sooo being the extra Cham lover that I am, I made sure I was there!!

Cham's "wallet" LOL

Famous, Cham, Massa, Nancy the Great!

Charlie Hustle & I then make our way to the Red Door Day Time Party that was downtown.

While I am there, I run into CARL THOMAS!

If you know me, you know that I am IN LOVE w/ CT and that I have shared phone conversations with him since April but ALWAYS miss him! Charlie FINALLY introduced us and his joy of finally meeting made me happy, LOL! So far Saturday was a GREAT day, LOL

I leave that party to go attend another one closert to home - my boy Rich Williams's bday bash w/ DJ Statik mixing (yo, Statiks, new drops are HOT!). So I leave there to go home and get ready to go out with the girls - Alexis, April & meetin gup w/ Kelly for her bday.

Kelly, AP, CaT
Kamikaze & Kellz

Sunday rolls around and we roll to Family Fun Day w/ Radio One stations. Artists such as Eric Benet, Jazmine Sullivan, Hot Styles and Three 6 Mafia all performed - I must say I was rather disappointed in the crowd for not getting crunk for Three 6 (I love you Juicy J!!). The day was filled with babies getting lost & people passing out - yea, it was HOT! Hell, even Eric Benet was on stage calling for the Red Cross to assist someone in the crowd - it was CRAZY!

Nonetheless, the day must go on and the night ended at one of the amazing parties ever! More pics InDmix.com

He's smiling more this time, ha!
Eric Benet
Jazmine Sullivan was pleased w/ how we decked the club out 4 her
BET/DEF Comedy Jam Comedian Ali
GO DJ Manager, Reggie Reg
Cristal Bubblin of PARTY933.com& April of Sony

Me & My Girls! We got this!

My weekend was better than yours, LOL. Shouts out to Dre for the GREAT party you had under control - you did that, Son! We had a BLAST!


Sunshyne said...

wasnt teena marie there too?

CathrynMarie said...

yes - she was there also. she went on last tho @ like 8 or so, I left long before that. I didn't mention every artist, just the ones on Sony; I'm bias, LOL

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britney said...

I said the same thing... she got that lil Lauryn thing going on. Her song has grown on me alot