Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Twitter CEO - HELP!!

TWITTER IS BROKE & ITS PISSING ME OFF!! I can't even reply to my homie @JazzeeJEF - gurrr. Twitter is making it impossible for me to enjoy my all time favorite site. I rarely log onto Myspace anymore and if I do it's just a quick check in to see whatever messages I have due to my being alerted via Digsby I swear if it weren't for Digsby, I would probably never check my messages, LOL.

I'd also like to suggest that Twitter makes a Top 10 Favorite Followers - I like to read twitts of certain people and sometimes I find it impossible to find their page when Twitter is having a GREAT day & people are Twitting a lot - like I normally do.

Who would you guys select as a Top 10 Favorite Followers if Twitter were to add an additional section under "Following"? Yanno, have their pictures displayed just as the Following section does. Mine would be the following:

@randyexclusive by far hands down my FAVORITE Twitee. "YOU'RE THE BEST"

@EnigmatikBGDB E is MAD dope! Thats my HTwn Homie, lol

@sugarlips Nicest Twitter Chick ever & she's corny like me :)

@chrispitre One of Houston's TOP Twitter Elite AND his NAME was used on CSI: Miami 5 yrs ago, LOL

@ODARA112 She's so darn cute & oh so silly :) Mrs. YouTube herself, LOL

@necolebitchie The only industry blog I check DAILY plus she's cute :)

@jlvblogger He was my first Twitter Boo - hahaahah!

@nicholasstewart His Twitts make me smile - very intelligent fella!!

@JazzeeJEF TROUBLE MAKER - I love Trouble thus I love her! hahahah

@Gyant Gyant is COMEDY - Lord knows I love to laugh!!

BONUS!! SPECIAL BONUS! lol, I know I said 10 but I need 11, actually we may have to ask for 20 cause I left a lot of people out - I don't even like people but I guess I do, lol. ANYWAY - de bonus!

@LO_FERRIGNO He's really into music - I love reading his twitts reference music that can be appreciated!!

Honorable Mention To The Folks I KNOW Personally, but they don't twitt enough lol. FYI - They're ALL movers & shakers! :)

@doedwards_96 - @ainz_neal - @andrewtclifton -
@EyanJ - @KittyBradshaw - @MrMIMB - @CristalBubblin - @CriscoKidd - @wilsylvince - @Moneemone - @reggiejamz - @joeydigital - @mrmuhammad

My new twitter background :)


R.E. said...

No Cat! You! You're the best!

CathrynMarie said...

lol - I was copying you. Its my favorite quote in life, which is y ure my fav! I'm always the :)

sugarlips said...

I made the top 10! w00t!! And they said I wouldn't amount to nothin. LOL! Thanks hon, and if I ever made a top 10 Twitterers, you know you'd def be up there on it too! *smooches*

ODARA said...

CAT!!!!!!!! Awwwwww....Thx Sugar Puff...LOL!!! & you already know your one of my fave twitter peeps!!!

Mike Jooooooooones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President Anthony Taurus said...

I hope to one day make this list LOL.

Enigmatik Inviktus said...

thank you for the props

in other news, i'm mad that your blogroll says i haven't updated in 3 months!