Wednesday, November 05, 2008

CathrynMarie - More Than Just a Cute Smile

The other day I made a comment stating that I was blessed to have grown up in such a liberal and culture filled city such as Berkeley, California. I grew up around naked people, gays, goths, homeless persons, skate boarders, Whites, Blacks, Filipinos, Asians, etc. I grew up learning that you accept people as they are and not to judge them. Not to mention I went to the only school in the Nation with a complete African American studies department, Berkeley High School. Yes, I took Ki Swahili as my language of choice, African Haitian Dance, Black History, Black Male & Female Relationships and a host of other non conventional classes. It was also the place that I learned that our very FIRST President of the United States was NOT George Washington but was John Hanson and he was indeed an African American aka OUR FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT.

Over the course of this recent election process I have not shared the same joy most African Americans have - mainly because I didn't allow myself to get caught up in the hype of selecting him as my President because we had the same skin color. I already had it set in my mind that whom ever became the Dem nom that is who I was voting for - by my being open minded and not "taking sides" I never once bad mouthed any of the candidates, instead I listened to what each person had to say and know that majority of their issues were the same (mainly speaking of Hil & Obama). My enjoyment came from watching young African Americans race to get registered for the 1st time (with a slight disappointment) as well as older people voting for their first time. I may not have agreed with their reasons but I encourage them for taking advantage of their right to vote.

Tuesday night I made a few comments about getting text messages up the ass about Obama winning - NO SHIT SHERLOCK! I guess my "tone" was a bite much (lol, I was typing!) and someone questioned my being an Obama supporter or not. Truth is, I am HAPPY & very much OVERJOYED that we have a Black man in office BUT for reasons that our African American youth being able to grow up in a time where they can learn that dreams do come true & hopefully we can get them back on the right path. My 10 year old son has a positive role model that I encourage, instead of Dwayne Wade. I actually wrote this a couple of hours before watching The View on Wednesday and I must say - Sherri took the words right out of my mouth:

Now back to my getting blocked on Twitter:

@BossBeauty i jus blocked cathrynmarie because clearly she isn't clued in on the significance of tonight.. I cant stand ppl who dont support Obama!!

SERIOUSLY? Because I have my own opinion and thoughts, was never disrespectful or say said anything about my not being happy for him, I get blocked? Nott hat I care, I just found it funny. I'm not going to lie, the night of election people started bringing KiTTeE out via Twitter - I don't think the world is ready for KiTTeE. Cathryn Marie is nice and wholesome, leave me alone and enjoy it. Oh and FOR THE RECORD! I personally MYSELF went through and blocked baby girl - I had to go through TOO many followers to find her and remove her from following me; don't take my shine, Becky! I actually have no beef w/ Lil Mama - she's just a bit too negative for me - always snapping at someone or blocking someone if they don't agree with her. She needs some Berkeley in her life!

MrMarcusX: @CathrynMarie What makes you ashamed of being Black?!!! Self hatred is a disease. Seek nearest psycho ward.

That comment came after a joke shared w/ me and Cristal about my voting for Hillary! Even if I were a stand up Hil supporter - I'm less black because of it? Come on now - he actually got under my skin & I had to share a few choice of words with him. People are so judgemental and its SAD; I was BLESSED to grow up in Berkeley, Cali.

As I said earlier, my overall joy of this whole election experience are the numbers - people actually caring enough to go out and vote. I know I probably had people wondering where I stood with Obama, let me put your mind at ease NOW! I oversaw and put together, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR voter registration rallies at the mall I work for - yes, IN CHARGE! I kept it fair and contacted volunteers with each campaign but overall, I have done a lot of things with Houston for Obama. I've had so many Politicians at my shop throughout this whole experience - from DC to Cali to TX. They not only educated others on views of the party they supported but also encouraged voting in general. At one point, my shop sold, Born To Lead Obama shirts. Lets not even get on my SINGLE HANDED LY attempting to put together charter buses that would take people from the mall to poll locations on the 4th, something I contacted Houston for Obama about.

I make jokes and talk ish but it's who I am and because it was a NO BRAINIER to me. Why do I have to be all voice-ful on telling people to vote for Obama if they weren't even registered. How about start at point (a) and work yourself to (b) - in which I have done. It's the same way I constantly encourage people to get tested for HIV - as heavy as I am speaking on it, people assume I have HIV. NO DUMB ASS! Hell, I don't even know any one with HIV (to my knowledge). I took the education my BERKELEY High School nurse, Jacqueline (aka Jazzi JK aka Auntie Jazzi), instilled within me and felt it was worth encouraging others to know. It's not cool to be out here having sex all freely and not know if you have something. I get people are too scared to know, but its best to know than not to. I am tested a lot but majority of the time I am being a supportive friend to a first timer or some one nervous. It's funny how everyone through the course of the past 2 weeks got really excited about voting, their reaction reminds me of people who get a negitive HIV result back - it's easy to see that it was hteir first time. The question is why?

The guys over at posted this link "It’s a site that helps you notify past sexual partners that you contracted an STD and they themselves might be in danger of being infected so they should get tested ASAP. The notification isn’t by telephone or by a face to face meeting on neutral ground. It’s by email."

Now that you've voted - it's time to get tested! Even if you strap up on a regular, remember it's not 100%. Accidents happen - I can honestly speak from experience, RECENT experience. Condom broke, morning after pill failed and got pregnant - nothing is 100%. - for more info.


MirthNadir said...

Nice post. Stay you. Don't change. I need to visit berkley. Never Been.

CathrynMarie said...

Thanx & I encourage you to get there. All near CAL Berkeley is a straight culture shock, lol

L Martin Johnson Pratt said...

new fan of yours :) i am risquetalk on twitter i totally agree with everything you wrote except the fact about John Hanson that is unfortunately incorrect a fact that Dick Gregory has been promoting around the country here is the basic link about the difference between the African American John Hanson and the white John Hanson
lived 18th Century was President of United States Continental Congress - title was like Speaker of the HOUSE and he wasnt the first guy actually the 3rd President of Congress but the only one to consistently use his title. Black Politician lived in 19th Century