Sunday, November 02, 2008

"Tell Em Why You Mad, Son" Day

I must say - Twitter has been kind of off of the hook this weekend with a lot of angry twitts! Ninja is just MAD! Although the back and forth bickering has been entertaining - its also disturbing!

I'm a believer that blogger, writing, etc heals the soul - reading over your thoughts sometimes clears your head and can be refreshing. I'd like to suggest that you guys join me tomorrow and post a "Tell Em why You Mad, Son" post! It's time for a clean slate - Obama will be selected into office and his whole campaign has been about CHANGE and HOPE, well I think it should start at home. Let that anger go and think about the new changes that are ahead with a clear head!

Its just a suggestion - I know today I read some things personally that made me mad and I was going to do a ramblings blog but after reading everyone's reaction behind Shakir's passing and not to mention being upset with J Hud's recent situation, we have gone through an emotional roller coaster. When folks go through something traumatic it is always suggested that Counseling is administrated. Be your own counselor and learn why you're so mad.

*disclaimer I know it should be "Tell Em Why YOU'RE MAD SON - for your proper English readers, but I'm just keepin up with the slang :)*

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Jose said...

I find it interesting that people always have to find a way to find a way to antagonize, if only for some insecurity in themselves. I wish I could have responded more thoroughly to what was going on but with all the discussions about Shake, J. Hud, groupies, haters, and pervs, it was only right that I step back and just reflect on why we debase each other in this way. Sometimes, we let our online personalities and egos get in the way of actual progress, so maybe it's incumbent on those of us who see the problem to stay above it and resolve. In times like these, peace. Peace.