Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Mix-tape: Mario - What The Game's Been Missing

As many of you know, I'm TOTALLY in love with Mario and have been since Nov of 04. Met him in Dallas at a label listening party and he touched my soul LOL. I love it when he comes to town because its always a good time and this weekend was NO exception. Mario and comedian, Kevin Hart, are currently hosting the Burger King Fam Fest - a mini tour coming to a city near you.

While in Houston, Mario did radio and spoke on a mix-tape that he recently dropped - how in the hell did I miss this? lol..I'm not a downloading type of person, but 09 has changed me. First Drake, then my Brother RL's (from NEXT), Dont Talk Just Listen mix-tape and now Mario! I may seem biased but I promise I'm not when I say, I TRULY appreciate the R & B sound that RL & Mario are hitting us with! FYI - RL REALLY put me on to Drake, he is always reminding me so I got to give him credit LOL...

I'll let YOU be the judge...Mario's, What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape featuring his DJ, DJ Aktive, along with Don Cannon & hosted by Ant Live. "Break Up", Mario's current single, is also featured on the mix-tape....Be sure to hit Mario up on twitter - he runs his own shit;

Pics from this weekend at the club......Shout out to "The Crew" - LC, Leslie & Charlie Hustle!...Mad love to Mario, Aktive, and Coop!

Charlie Hustle and Mario

Mario You see it!



Mario in the DJ Booth *side note - DJ Good Grief was HORRIBLE*

Mario put on a mini show...bong bong {(c) Sterling Simms} to the breezy who tried to tongue him down LOL


Candy Girl & Mario (Coop, I see you STYLIN in all black back there lol)

Mario, (unknown), Jay & My Charlie Hustle..

Mario "Loving you, loving you, loving you...When I'm, when I'm...Loving you, loving you ...Why would you wanna break up?"

He is such a beautiful human being :)

DJ Aktive and Mario

DJ Aktive gettin busy!

What The Game’s Been Missing mix-tape

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