Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interview: Fat Boi the Producer

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Digiwaxx: How are you doing?
Fatboi: I'm good, trying to stay busy

DW: Well, yeah you seem pretty busy and that's what made me want to reach out to you. You were on twitter talking about being in the studio with Nicki Minaj and I just felt I had to speak to you now. You seem to be in the studio with everyone right now.

FB: Yeah, I.m trying. I'm trying.

DW: So are you currently working with anyone Up Top? I see you're working with a lot of Southern artists.

FB: Umm, Up Top? Busta. Lupe, well that's Chicago.

DW: Naw, that's good! That's HOT! He's my personal favorite artist.

FB: Oh really?!? Yeah, well Atlantic just took some tracks for him, for his up and coming album. Mase, (laughing). Mase is coming back out. He recently released from Bad Boy. Well, he's still Bad Boy but he is able to work with outside producers now. Ummm, Jim Jones. I have a few guys from Up Top. Oh, Jada Kiss. He's on the "Wasted" remix now.

DW: Your sound is very different and all, who inspired you coming up?

FB: Being bi-coastal and growing up in California and Atlanta, I like it all. Producer wise, it was Organized Noise, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Quincy Jones. Those are the producers that I really just paid attention to and loved everything that they did.

DW: Okay, with that being said. Are you working with any R and B cats? We kind of know you as the big time Hip Hop producer, are you contributing to any R and B albums?

FB: Yeah, I do everything. I don't want to be labeled as Hip Hop producer because I do music and I don't just do Hip Hop. I grew up in music, I didn't just grow up in Hip Hop. Being that in urban society, it was what was it was in my grasp and easy for me to pick up to get into the music business. It all started from DJing, I was a DJ first. Michael Jackson was my musical inspiration and I kind of wanted to be like Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. My brother and I used to pretend like we were the Jacksons (laughing). (writers note: Fatboi is currently working with Bobby Valentino)

DW: So how long have you been producing? You name has been blowing up fast; this year has been good to you.

FB: Yes, I've been blessed. Producing, I started making beats in like '91. I started working in studios around '95, no more like '97. Once I started working in studios and moving around and working with people. I went to Philly for a while trying to break into the music business. I came to Atlanta, went back to Savannah and in '98 that's when Pure Pain was getting off the ground with "Camouflage". And thats when I got my first major placement in 2001 with "Cut Friends". From there, I've been behind the scene's. I was with Pure Pain until 2006 and after that it was time for me to spread my wings and let the world get to know me.

DW: "Wasted" is your biggest track but I'm sure you've done other hot tracks. What are some cuts that people may rock to that we not realize is yours?

FB: yeah, "Wasted" is my break out track but I did a track with Jeezy and Trey Songz on Jeezy's last album, "The Recession", "Taking it there". Did a record with Flo Rida on his first album called, "All my Life". Gorilla Zo. I had Gorilla Zo's second single off of his first album. I don't even remember songs anymore (laughing), "Trying to make a jug". Did a record for Rocko's album called, "Priceless". I did a record called "Drifter" for Shawty Redd which brought on "Sexual Eruption". Snoop wanted to buy the record from me but I didn't want to sell it. I felt getting a two for one was better, so "Sexual Eruption" came from the "Drifter" record. I did a few things here and there.

DW: That's whats up. So you're currently working with Plies, correct?

FB: Yeah, I'm currently working with Plies, Nelly, Luda - some of everybody.

DW: Recently, Dawaun Parker, Dr Dre's protégée, was asked what kind of equipment he uses and he said he wasn't going to answer that. Is it possible to mimic the sound of another producer if knowing the equipment? Are you against sharing tips to other producers.

FB: I don't want people to know what I use but at the same time another producer is not going to use it the way I use it. A lot of times, a lot of us use the same sounds, its all how you tweak. I may hear a sound another producer uses, but it doesn't inspire me. I use an MPC and a lot of producers you it, its common. But a lot of producers don't have my sound so it doesn't matter if someone knows I use an MPC.

DW: Do you have a signature sound? We can listen to Timbaland and Neptunes and know its a track by them. Do you feel you have your own distinctive sound?

FB: Yeah, I think so. A lot of people pick up on my drum rolls, my high-hats and the thickness of my tracks. I try to make sure they are fat all the way around and not too thin. I really like people to feel the music. Its real bottom heavy but its real music in it to.

DW: Well, I appreciate your time. Is there anything you want to let the people know personally? Clothing line dropping (both laughing), a record label or anything?

FB: We have a label, my partners and I, Big Ron and Roc, called Black Shield Ent. We have a few artists on the label that we are molding. Jason Caesar is probably going to be our break out artist, he's a Pop artist. He is Shirley Caesar's great-nephew. We have a few projects on the table, we out here working. We also have an R & B/Pop artist, Meesa and a rapper, Remy. Got a few in-house producers also, we are trying to be a force in the industry.

DW: That's whats up. What's the best way for people to connect with you?

FB: If anyone wants to get in touch with me, the best way is Twitter (@FatBoiBeats). I have a myspace (www.myspace.com/fatbeezy912) but I don't use it much so Twitter is the best way. Also check out: www.producerfatboi.blogspot.com, www.myspace.com/metronomeststudios, www.justin.tv/fatboibeatz.

DW: Thanks again....

By: CathrynMarie


MirthNadir said...

Well done interview. I enjoy these. Keep em coming!!!

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