Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Longer a Virgin

A knock at the bedroom door, I didn’t even hear him come through the front door. Too distracted and caught up in my home work, with an abundance of casual sex texting play between me and him, time had slipped by me. Lying across the bedroom floor on my stomach, with my Economics and History books spread around me, he walked through the door with a smile on his face. Clearly by the gazing and sultry look in his eyes, tonight would be the night – it would be our first time taking it there and doing the naughty things shared via text message; our first time ever, both virgins to this deed and ready to do grown up behavior. Rolling around on to my side, I greeted him with a return smile before lifting myself up to embrace him with a hug. He kissed me in my mouth, while groping and squeezing my breast through my printed tee. Lifting me in the air, I wrapped my legs around his waist and returned the love influenced kisses.

For what seemed like 10 minutes, we savored the moment before I pulled away and motioned to get down. Walking him over to the bed, while searching for the remote control, I invited him to watch a little television as I attempted to clean up my school books and freshen up a bit. Propping his feet on the bed, he told me to take my time, informing me that he had been waiting for this moment far too long to try to rush any moment of it. Making my way to the bathroom, I picked up my books and placed them on my dresser and headed to the nearest facility. Once inside, I removed my pants and underwear, searched for a bath towel and proceeded to wash myself below; cleanliness is important, Mama always taught me that. I’m not sure what all he had in mind but if he wanted to lick me where he planned on sticking me, I’m sure he’d be thankful of the freshness.

Walking back out of the bathroom, he lay across the bed, feet cross, in his boxers while stroking his dick with his right hand. Licking his lips in an LL Cool J kind of fashion, he mouthed for me to come to him. Still bottomless, I did as commanded and walked towards the bed. Climbing into the bed, he raised himself up and stood on his knees at the foot of the bed, motioning for me to face the headboard and get on all fours. I visualized how this would go down the whole time we were text messaging – on my back and him sliding it in, me on my side and him sliding it in from that angle or from the back, where it was faced him and he had more control of the act; doggy style won.

He slapped my ass with his right hand a few times, making it jiggle. He said he loved the way it bounced in his face. Pushing my head down in the bed, causing me to stick my ass in the air, he reached over to his left and wrestled around in his jeans with his left hand – searching for a condom in his wallet, I suppose. Ever so often I would feel a fist tap me in the rear, he was obviously jacking off with his right hand and the strokes were getting good. Getting what he was searching for, he made his way back to the mission at hand and he placed his left hand in the middle of my back, ducked down under me and licked me from my clit to my ass. Applying more force on my back, he pushed me lower and went under again, this time bringing his right hand on my right ass cheek, gripping it in a massage like motion. I peeked between my legs and saw his tongue hanging out like a dog in heat. Grinning back at me, he informed me he wanted to get it wet before diving in. A million thoughts ran through my head and I still couldn’t believe he was about to be my first, I would now have a story to share with my girl friends, letting them know I was joining the club of this sexual experience.

The moment I felt his right index finger slide inside of me, I tightened up; I wasn’t prepared. He removed his finger, after a few quick thrusts and used his tongue to, once again, get it wet, he first spit on it and preceded to french-kiss it. The things he was doing to her made me question if this was really his first time – it felt that good! He pointed his tongue out again and stuck it in, what was once pointy at the end, was now spread to full width. He suffocated and buried himself knee deep inside of her, while pleasuring her with his tongue, the feeling was indeed a toe curling moment. Coming back up for air, he grabbed a bottle of KY Jelly, obviously what he was searching for in his pants. He said his best friend told him girls like it when you include KY, it feels better. Pouring some on his fingers and commencing spear it on my love, he also rubbed some on his dick.

Lifting my head up from the mattress, I thought I would help him out and stick my goodies out towards him in hopes making the experience better. With a slight arch in my back, ass and pussy in the air, he put his left hand on my ass cheek while guiding his dick inside of me with his right hand. Remembering to take it slow and steady, he was careful with it by not applying too much pressure. Sticking the tip of his dick inside of me, I loosened up and tried my best to welcome him inside of me. The tightness was feeling good to him and I know he wanted to go in deeper, so he did. Still taking his time and asking me it I am okay, each step of the way, I encouraged him to go deeper. Letting out a sigh of pressure built up due to the slight discomfort and pain, I took it all, I let him get into the groove of things and get settled thoroughly. Once completely inside of me, he just sat there, making certain I was comfortable. I assured him that I was fine and happy to finally feel him inside of me – I was no longer a virgin.

Getting comfortable and ready to put the KY Jelly to work, he went on to thrust his hips, sliding his dick in and out of me. The rhythmic motion of his hips and my ass bouncing off of his waist was pure ecstasy. He whispered how this was the best feeling ever and how tight it felt, he said he wanted to be inside of me as much as possible. Never losing a beat, he continued to pound on me, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. Using his hands to spread her open to get in deeper, he was obviously getting comfortable.

He informed me that he was about to explode, said it felt too good and he couldn’t hold back anymore. The tone in his voice was almost as if he was embarrassed that he was coming so fast. A good ten minutes, which I thought was a decent amount of time for our first time. He pulled his dick out, attempted to ejaculate himself to his final point but he never had an opportunity to, due to his cum squirting out of his dick – it had a mind of its own.

I rolled over on my back and stared at the ceiling, as he sat hunched over at the edge of his bed mumbling about how good it was. I smiled at him when he peeked up at me. I gave him an inviting look that led to him crawling over towards me. Hovering over me, he planted a kiss on my lips and told me he loved me. Replying back, with the same notion, I went to thinking about how much I did love him; my husband of 4 wonderful years. It’s been such a monumental life with him and on the eve of our 5 year anniversary I fulfilled one of his fantasies of having anal sex with him. I allowed my husband to toss my salad, stick his finger in my ass and ram his massive dick inside of my rectum. It’s the least I can do for a man who has been supportive of me continuing my schooling and holding down the living expenses with no complaints. It was a timeless experience that I hope to one day share with him again.


billie simone said...

Whew...I need a cigarette! That was very very HOT Cat! Pun intended! I especially loved the ending! :)

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Ok sooo where can I pick up a book??