Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Was I pranked or was it real?

Ok, so this morning on my way to the doctor - his office is literally 2 blocks from my crib - I'm walking and I notice this man laying passed out behind a moving van truck. My heart started racing REALLY fast and I snatched my phone out to call 911. I was too scared to walk over there because he looked dead but then again he looked sleep. I look at the whole scene a little more and I notice someone in the driver seat, so I'm like ok, dude must just be laying out because its hot and he is in the shade behind the truck. Keep in mind that the hazard lights were on and and the front hood is up, so I'm just thinking they were awaiting someone to assist them. But as I'm putting my phone away and walk past the front of the truck, I notice the driver is damn near sleep or passed out as well. OH and both doors were wide the fuck open. I'm in panic mode again but then some guy walks past me and he said "Man, I thought he was dead!", speaking of the guy laid out. I replied, "ME TOO!!, I was about to call 911". Then he waved his arms and said, naw, he is sleeping. Just let him nap." Who in the hell naps at 9:30 in the morning, with his legs hanging off the sidewalk and looking passed out, tho? I know it had to freak drivers out who were hitting that corner, its like the 1st thing you see when you turn onto that block.

I didn't call 911 and apart of me wishes I had. But then I kinda thought well maybe I'm on a hidden camera show and they are testing to see what people would do in certain situations. After watching that old man get hit in CT a few months ago and no one helped him (Video) I kinda felt News Stations would be out doing Samaritan type hidden camera things. LOL. Man, the ish looked TOO fake, yet it looked so real. So now I'm wondering if I'll see on the News of 2 dead Mexicans on the SW side or will I see myself on the News being someone who walked by and didn't help :/ *le sigh*

Was I a bad Samaritan and left my fellow Brother in need?

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Dr. Kiti said...

Girl, don't even trip, there's too much crazy shit going on in the world for you to be playing superhero and saving lives and shit. what if they were just playing...and you got played? I know you get that kinda crazy ass 'you've been warned' type shit in your inbox, cuz our grandmother is sending it to me too! Don't trip, they're all right.