Saturday, August 02, 2008


Today I was feeling the sting of my boss telling me she wants to shut down in TWO weeks! Some of you may know how my Boss is, LOVELY lady! She's VERY inspirational and I love her to death. She has two younger children so her Mommy time w/ them will be great. We'll still be around but not like before, even though its been not like before for a minute now, LOL...

So yea, I have options I can reach out to but I'm HORRIBLE at asking for a "helping" hand, even though no one is doing anything for me really beyond saying yes or no - but still! So as I was saying - I had a moment and was on my Facebook page lookin at comments from Ainz and a quote I have on there stood out! It's from one of my favorite men in life, yea, Aaron Arnold! YES! HIM AGAIN, LOL!

"Only way to do something ground breaking is to create your own platform" - Aaron Arnold,

Instead of me feeling sorry for myself and what has been handed to me, I'm going to do something about it and excel to my highest ability.

Hope this motivates you as it has me today! Thanx Double A! And thanks for CARING!
watch video @ 1:08 mark for quote =)

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