Thursday, July 31, 2008

GQ Nominee

I'm starting to think I'm obsessed w/ this man! Ha! I kid, I joke! He is a good friend and I support great friends! Not to mention my growing friendship with him allowed me to network w/ friends of his and join, which allowed me to meet such amazing friends as Ainz Neal and Andrew Clifton Thomas and a host of other talented people!

Okay, back to Mr. Aaron Arnold! lol. Aaron is currently is nominated by GQ magazine ( for his work with the environment.

I would like to nominate Aaron Arnold, CEO of Music Is My Business ( Music Is My Business works with the UN's World Food Program to create a worldwide awareness campaign about global warming and end world hunger.

Mr. Arnold recently appeared on CNN for a live interview as they recognized him for being a “Young Person Who Rocks” which honors people under 30 who are impacting and inspiring the world.

Mr. Arnold is a former assistant to Sean "Diddy" Combs' executive. Prior to working at Bad Boy Records, Aaron was an Executive at Hill & Knowlton in New York. Upon a decision to pursue his passion for music, Aaron left the corporate world for a six- month internship at Bad Boy Records. Within six months, Aaron became a member of Sean "Diddy" Combs'. After a year’s time, Aaron moved forward to launch his own music company with the goal to change the way business is done in the music industry.

As the world's climate changes at an alarming rate the world's poor and hungry are most at risk. The World Food Program is already reaching some 90 million hungry people in 80 countries every year and is helping countries to deal with the effects of climate change. In order to raise awareness about the enormous challenge, they brought together a creative team to help spread the message about global hunger.

In July 2007, Grammy Award Winning producer, Bryan Cox, Music Is My Business (MIMB) CEO, Aaron Arnold and NFL Star Dhani Jones teamed up to help the World Food Program (WFP) to produce a powerful PSA. We are very grateful for the collaboration with Dhani Jones, Bryan Cox and Music Is My Business on this project. It is an example of the kind of broad alliances that are necessary to help those most in need - the millions of hungry people on the front line of climate change who are already suffering from the effects of drought, floods and natural disasters." said WFP spokeswoman Bettina Luescher. "Athletes, artists, and aid workers are joining forces so the world realizes everyone has to do much more."

"Music taps into the fabric of humanity, professionally, socially, it was important that the right music element and talent (Bryan Cox) be integrated into this initiative," said Aaron Arnold CEO, Music Is My Business. "It's a good feeling when we can use music to educate and raise awareness about global issues to which we are all sometimes ignorant."

This year, Music Is My Business will produce and provide the musical score for the animated campaign. The PSA will be translated into 80 languages.

Music Is My Business works with UN's World Food Program to create awareness about global warming and end world hunger.

I see you Double A! =)

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