Monday, August 04, 2008

I have a crush on Karrine Steffans

Ok, its an inside joke, simmer down! Ya'll know I'm only bi sexual on Tuesday's..Ha!

CathrynMarie @KarrineSteffans I have a crush on u =)...LOL

KarrineSteffans Cathryn, stop being fresh!

@KarrineSteffans girl..stop frontin, u know u want me too..LOL..naw, u look great in ur vid tho! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!!

=) AGAIN, relax, I was teasing a fellow Twitter because he said he had a crush after watching her new video blog - which I must say is the ish!

If you're not on Twitter, get your ass on there! is on there nightly choppin it up w/ us. Check out her new video blog tho. If you're in ATL, be sure to check out the info for her "Dirty 30 Birthday Party". Click link for video

Oh damn, Tuesday is almost here =)..LOL follow me on Twitter


Fresh said...

that guy has a lot of guts to come out and say he has a crush on Karrine. Didnt care who knew, now thats wusup. I commend him... If only everyone were like him.

I wanna be like Mr. "fellow twitter"

Fresh said...

Wasnt worried about the snickers and the *giggles* lol... i know i know, it may seems juvenile to have crushes at this age but "5 grade cute" may be what the world needs. All this grown shit got the world fucked up. What a guy... lol

jose said...

haha, all I gotta say is:

"Cathryn, we love @jlvblogger so let's send him some love too!"


Anonymous said...

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