Sunday, August 03, 2008

What It Is In The 21st Century

Though she bought $100 worth of items, Crissy paid just $25.30 with all her coupon discounts. Inside Edition

Okay, I guess I'll share this w/ everyone since everyone has been talking about the economy & coupon clipping! Clipping coupons DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN OLD MAID! It means you're smart!! Get w/ the times, coupon cutting is what it is in the 21st Century..LOL

Oh and if you're in TX, I would suggest shopping at HEB! DON'T SLEEP on alllll of the free things you can get! Their meat is fresh and all of their veggies are fresh also. Plus they have a chef in the middle of the store cooking GREAT food! DON'T SLEEP!!

"Pasta is always free, I haven't paid for pasta in years," says Crissy Thompson.

Crissy Thompson tells INSIDE EDITION she can feed her family of five on "$10 dollars or less on a good week."

Crissy's grocery bills were so low that her husband Joe thought something was fishy. "Once she did a $300 actual grocery trip for 2¢, nothing has topped that since."

According to Crissy, "He thought I was doing something illegal."

However, Crissy wasn't doing anything illegal and says you can do it too, calling coupon clipping "incredibly easy."

Here's how it works:
- She looks for manufacturers' coupons that she finds online and in the Sunday papers.
- Then, she combines them with already low in-store sales.

It all adds up to super savings!

"I've cut out a minimum of $200 a week," says the smart shopper.

Looking at a receipt from a recent shopping trip, INSIDE EDITION notes Crissy bought $100 worth of groceries, but she paid only $25 dollars!

"Not a bad day," says Crissy.

To show how easy it is to lower your grocery bill, INSIDE EDITION went with her on a trip to the supermarket.

"Cereal on sale for 2 for $5; I have coupons for two dollars off a box, so it will be 50¢ a box."

One of Crissy's best budget-busting examples happened when she actually made money on the purchase of two bottles of vitamins using a $6 coupon.

"So I'm essentially spending $3.40 and getting $6 taken off my total."

Using her method of combining coupon savings with in-store sales, she bought $50 worth of groceries but only paid $4! Best of all, she says her family is not deprived; they eat the same store brands as everyone else.

Crissy spends about 2 hours a week cutting coupons, but she says it's well worth the time. For more of Crissy's shopping secrets, visit her website:

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