Saturday, August 09, 2008

Best Damn Photographer PERIOD

Renowned photographer Andrew Thomas Clifton (Evolutionvintage. com) has just come off the campaign road with Barack Obama, and will be shooting in Atlanta on various projects from August 10-20th. For booking information and rates and services email: . Mr. Clifton is only booking a small amount of shoots due to his availability in Atlanta so inquire now.

He will be shooting my Ninja RL of NEXT soon, to add to his wonderful collection of pics. I can't wait to see these pics - RL has been growing his hair and beard out, at the gym 2 times a day *whew*. I felt bad droolin over him the other day, lol. Naw, you look good Babe! =)

Drew, can't wait to get in front of your lens =)

"Invest in your career if you want to be the best" - Andrew Thomas Clifton

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