Friday, August 15, 2008

Karrine & Random Ish.....

Recently I revealed that I have a crush on Karrine Steffans =) Yea, she's something like a HOT TAMALE! LOL @ TJCFresh, luv ya =)

Baby girl made a new video last night (Thursday) after returning from ATL to LA and posted it up! She shouts out "CathrynMarie" - check it out...

I think I REALLY want to go to her party on Aug 23rd yo. Someone in ATL should buy me a plane ticket and offer their couch..LOL...So join us on - &

CaT & Sean John Model Miguel Perdomo

Anywayyyyyyyyyyy - I'm off to Cali tomorrow morning, well this morning! Flight leaves @ 7am and I arrive @ 10:30am. I am having my 10 year High School reunion - Berkeley High Bitchessssssslols! LOL. I can't wait to see some of my old pals and forgotten ones..LOL...Ones I fcked w/ since Junior High and all that! It's going to be a chill weekend! I even plan on making a stop at the Berkeley Flea Market! Catch me on Ashby Ave ppl, lol.

Shouts out to everyone who has showed me today that I have amazing friends in Houston! You guys REALLY freakin rock! I feel bad for thinking that since my sister left I only had my cousin here but man! *smiles* I really took for granted the people that I know out here, meaning the movers and shakers. I am put in the box with some of Houston's Top folks and I have great relationships with them.

I must say, I'm excited to see Mrs. Osteen found not guilty - don't get me wrong, I'm not into their Church or anything like that. I can't do the inspirational speaking routine. BUT, that lil nappy headed ho of a black lady made us look BAD! Heffa said she lost her belief in Christ behind this "incident" - ARE YOU SERIOUS? She blew it wayyyyy out of proportion Story here

Man, I told myself I was staying awake cause I leave early..FUCK THAT..LOL..Im outtie!

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