Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trae The Truth called me *eek*

Welllllllllllllll - I guess my blogs are read by more people than I thought, aye? I removed my previous blog on Trae out of respect and for it never being a blog to hurt or discredit him. My blog was written with my own personal emotions and thoughts about a variety of things SHARED with me by VARIOUS persons - not one thing I stated was just said by ONE person, it was repeated and spoken upon by different parties. With that being the case, I didn't see it as personal or confidential information because MANY people were speaking on it so I added my disappointment of the events.

If you read my blog, you will see I am not a gossip blogger or even one that shares personal information. I have ALWAYS been someone who is loyal and trusted w/ valuable information or a regular bases, including my work and doing work for Platinum selling artists that has required me to obtain personal emails, etc.

With all of that being said - I was contacted by Trae today and he expressed his own disappointment in me for posting my blog. I'd like to say that I don't think I was allowed to get my views across 100% because he already had it in his head that i disrespected him and I completely understand why he would think such. He wanted to share with me the events of the night of the Ozone Awards, actually the weekend and previous encounters with Mike. I heard him out but in the end, it didn't change too much. I mean, I got to express my feelings to him some but he felt that seeing as how he came to my store for PARTY 93.3 events and that we have most of the same close friends, I should have contacted him. But again, I didn't feel I was reporting anything that wasn't already out there and spoke on by many people; I'm not a reporter, I'm a basic blogger.

Of course the jokes came when I said I took my blog down - hell, when I called my homie and said "guess what happened?" he replied "Trae beat you up"; yeah, the jokes have started. He didn't ask me to take it down but I told him I would and that was me offering. Overall I felt that the information that is in the streets is something he isn't hearing about so it was like it was news to him because he said my blog was the first negative blog he had come across. I don't see how that is when 5 CLUB DJ's hit me today speaking on worst things I stated - but hey! I guess Ninja's gossip just as much as broads.

I was told by soooo many people that I should keep my blog up, "Houston needs some drama blog, it's dead" "You shouldn't take shit down, wtf he gon do? You ain't Mike Jones" "You scary cat" - yo, I'm not scared! LOL - scared of what? He didn't come at me sideways, he expressed his points just as I expressed mine within my blog. I'm told I should put everything he said in a blog - but what is that going to accomplish? "Some big time Magazine may see your writing and offer you a job" Offer me a job for gossiping and hurting people? - no thanx, I'll pass.

I don't think he'll be doing anything with my store again, which is fine. It's not like any of the Houston rappers have tried to do anything since the PARTY 93.3 contract ended anyway - lol. Ninjas only came by to get on radio - never to do anything of their own for the people.

LOL @ me almost hanging up on him when he called. I thought he was someone playing on my phone because I kept asking "Trae who" and he just kept asking to speak to Cathryn. Ya'll know I'm quick to hang up on someone when I feel they are playing and I don't know them. But its all love though, I'm not mad - I understand he is mad w/ me still but there isn't much I can do about it. I apologized and that's all I can do - I'm a stand up chick and as I ended my last blog, I still fucks w/ Trae! =)

Here is a comment that was posted on the blog:

H-Town's Realest has left a new comment on your post "Trae needs a hug....":

I can't believe I am going to comment on this but this HAS to STOP!!!!
First there are multiple statements that are simply false... I would recommend that before anyone gets hit with a liable slander case and attribute someone with actions you first get the proof and make sure you report it accurate. I would also think before you speak negatively about someone you DO NOT KNOW, maybe you should take the time to talk with them first before you use an avenue so widely influenced with misconceptions. Trae is my boy and he will always be my boy. Real recognizes real and Fake (which also includes boppers) fades away.

WOW @ I would also think before you speak negatively about someone you DO NOT KNOW. Maybe my name is Mike Jones :/


Ainz Neal said...

Like coming from a New York it really that serious??? People talk everyday Cat just put out what people were saying. The street talks and dudes talk more than bithces. Real recognize real and all plleasseeeeee
dudes don't have no respect for each other period. We can beef with each other about non sense when we have bigger problems going on in the world today. WTF is a bopper???

yes said...

boppers are hood groupies

anyway i didnt read the blog post but still u dont owe anythign to that man, u can type ur opinion all u want, if it wasnt u sayin it it was someone else, so whats the big deal? ppl are gonna speculate and come to their own conclusions whether or not he said anything regarding the situation

the last think he needs to worry about is a blogger

Ainz Neal said...

thanks for clearing that

i agree with that comment 100%