Friday, August 29, 2008

Everyone else has an Obama post - here's mine!

One thing is for sure - no matter what the outcome is when election day comes, it is bitter sweet for the men & women who are more involved and making awareness of the importance of voting. I will say that a lot of campaigns have fallen off and "can't wait for it to be over" but over all, a lot of people are STILL determined to root on their candidate.

The sad part about all of this is the "HYPE". Last night my home girl pointed out that I used to say I'd vote for McCain and asked about me coming to the light. My sister also make cracks about my supporting Hillary & not Obama. Truth is, the McCain comments were JOKES because in the end I was going to vote for which ever of the two were the Democratic Nom; really, what am I getting out of getting caught up in two people who have the same views on most of the same things? It's not like I'm a delegate or a delegate cares what i think, they have their own thoughts & picked who they felt was best.

Many people would come across like I was wrong for not whole heartily cheering on Obama because he is living History and will become the 1st black president in office. I respect the man but again, getting HYPYED about it solves what? Getting caught up in the hype only left people hating Hillary in the end. Obama supporters hate her so much I was told today that if he put her any where on his ticket he'd lose supporters? BUT WHY? Seriously, why? Are you voting for the man or are you voting for what he is trying to do for us as a Country? Hillary made a BEAUTIFUL speech the other night and sooooo many people are saying, "fuck her". "she had to do that", etc etc. YO! ARE YOU SERIOUS! This woman is saying how we should UNITE & you;'re saying fuck her? TRUE she said and did some horrible things to Obama but those are tactics you must do to run for office. Maybe if you paid attention to previous elections instead of jumping on the bandwagon cause Obama is black, then you would know that type of shit happens! Biden said disrespectful things about Obama, even said he'd be "HONORED" to run "WITH or against" McCain because he felt it was best for the country! Oh but you forgive him, lol. A man who says he'd say fuck being a Dem, I'll be a Repub because Obama just is not ready! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm not saying start looking at Biden crazy because in the end, I don't care! I'm tired of being broke & I'm voting for Obama, dammit!

So now Obama supporters want to go out and do all they can to get new supports and register people to vote. I'd like to suggest that you FIRST let go of the anger in your heart. You going after new recruits trying with the "vote for Obama or die" mentality is like a Muslim trying to convert a Christian - never a good thing. You have to have UNITY within your heart & accept Obama for what he STANDS FOR & not what "he is"; a black man!

I was at the Improv last month & can't remember which comedian said it, Tony Rock or some one, but they expressed black folks are going to end up turning on Obama because of the pressure they are going to put on him. I'm not sure folks are aware that by the time he is able to make all of the changes he hopes to accomplish, it will be time to re-elect him. If its not done right away or in a timely manner, the Ninjas are going to act up!

I still believe Obama needs to make Hillary Sec of State, it will secure those votes that are up in the air - did you see the blk delegate on TV saying she'd would not vote @ all? Some say she probably wouldnt take it anyway because it's not even 2nd place anymore but to be honest, that position is a whole lot better than VP. The VP is only heard from when there is a tie, otherwise they are out in the fields shootin ducks and people in the ass (lol). Condi is always doing something or involved in something. Just a thought - time to think strategy since McCain has selected a woman as VP. the rich folks and woman are still up in the air. There are rich Democrats who will vote for Mccain because they want to STAY rich! Don't sleep, they are also torn. Not to mention I don't think a lot of black people will go out and vote becasue they will think he has it on lock & just get lazy. Bush didn't win 8 years in a rown for nothing, son!

Shouts out to my Ninja Hakimu for calling it 4 days ago, saying McCain would pick a woman - he even said Sarah Palin would be one of the picks:

McCain Will Pick a Woman for his VIP Or at least, he's got to be seriously considering it.

Somewhere between 25% and 45% of Hillary supporters haven't bought into Barack Obama yet, depending on who you ask... That's a lot of chicks.

Plus, McCain keeps putting out ads alledging that Clinton wants her people to roll with McBush, so reaching out to her people seems like a logical extension of that.

Maybe Obama not choosing Hillary opened a door for McCain to exploit her angry supporters... uh oh...

Carly Fiorina?

Gov of Alaska, Sarah Palin?

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas?

Condoleeza Rice?!?!

Will the Republicans being anti-abortion keep these women (they're all women, dude) from keeping up their stubbornness and saying they'd rather vote for McCain than Obama?

In the words of one disqualified Olympic medalist, "We'll see"

If he picks Mitt Romney, I'm going to laugh - considering he hates the guy. We'll see how much integrity he has/had/whatever.

Hakimu's Blog. Click HERE to read his follow up for his prediction. His blogs are always so insightful - I respect this dude a GREAT deal!

I am a DEMOCRAT and I approve this message! Oh yea, Big ups to Obama's speech last night! Not channelling too much of MLK is exactly what I was looking out for. I personally did not want to hear MLK's dream, I wanted to hear Obama's! RESPECT! F da haters aka Tavis Smiley


brran1 said...

I think that most people are so caught up in him getting this far, that they haven't prepared for him losing, because realistically, there is still a chance of that happening.

Clast said...

You're buggin. Obama could talk the Virgin Mary out her pannies if he wanted to.

Seriously though, Sarah Palin is under investigation for abuse of power. That kind of shit pisses off feminazis more than any man could. Which also means that Republicans aren't picking up any scorned HIllary votes for one simple reason: Michelle Obama.

Didn't you see all the angry lesbians in the crowd during her speech? Them carpet munchers were MOVED, son! MOVED! That woman has degrees from 2 of the most prestigious schools in the country AND manages her husband's life/their family. She's nice to look at too.

On a side note...I REALLY want to show Sarah Palin the sexual potency of the black man.

Clast said...


nah, what i said wasn't mean. i didn't mean "you're buggin" like in a "you bumped your head a lot of times against the headboard while gettin the gully gangsta on and now you're batshit crazy" kinda way. i meant you're buggin as a conversation opener.

seriously though, it's only shown in the media that the 2 parties vote for their respective candidates/bills/etc not when they cross party lines. that actually happens a lot, they just don't report it.

Cristal Bubblin said...

No Cat NO!! we weren't saying you should support Barack because he's BLACK we were saying you should support because he is the best chance we have of getting the country out of its current sitcheeashunz ;-). McCain agreed with 90% of Bush's decisions the past 8 years and Hilary...well...keep reading...

We weren't saying "Fuck Hilary" because of her speech last week. We said it because of the things she said and did DURING her campaign. As far as Joe Biden, he's well respected in the Senate and Congress, Hilary was never well recieved and refused to end her campaign after she was asked to by HER PARTY- THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. If she was VP no one would support Barack because they didn't want her in the white house if they did SHE would be the candidate.

Barack Obama wouldn't announce his Sec of State until AFTER he's elected so wether it's Hilary or not it wouldn't be a selling point.

McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was not a lock for the Hilary supporters because Palin is AGAINST EVERYTHING Hilary is FOR!!

McCain has problems with skin cancer and he's 72 years old. The question is IF he dies, God Forbid, will she be equippted to be the President?

It's really a moot point since she's about to be on trial and McCain didn't want her as VP any-damn-way.

Just wanted to clear those few things up..

CathrynMarie said...

YOU may not be saying the things uve cleared up but there are plenty of ppl who are.

A lot of ppl are voting for him cause he is black - why else would u see blogs asking why doesn't he show his blackness or comparing him to Jesus? its not because of what he represents but because of his color.

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