Sunday, June 22, 2008

I won a trip to Florida!! YaY!

So I won a trip to Orlando to go hang w/ PLIES at some party for next Saturday via PARTY 93.3.....So I get the call and I know its the radio station - Kiotti, Crisco, its somebody callin Restricted!! I thought it was Crisco calling to harass me for not picking up my fonky PLIES prize pack that I won earlier this week for being a super Guest DJ w/ him :) So I started singing the song in the video below NOT KNOWING MY ASS IS ON AIR LIVE!!

Few lines from the video that I said:
I throw my money on the floorrrrrrr
I got this trick for you, are you a freak

YEA - Thanx King David...its you're fault I'm on air singin about some freak...LOL So when I realize its not a joke and when he realizes "Oh shit, CaT is that you?" Im screaming!! I FUCKIN WON!! He thought it was some random chick named Cathryn C........... not the Cathryn

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Ainz Neal said...

singing on the air SMH!!!